24 October 2012 @ 08:23 pm

Heya everyone. So, Halloween's in a week and I happened to notice the great lack of jack-o-lanterns on everyone's front stoops. How are we going have an amazing time trick-or-treating if everything isn't festive?

Come on, everyone. Where's the spirit? I'm totally going to set up a community pumpkin carving festival in the park this weekend. Maybe we can trade costume ideas, too. I'm dressing up as a cat. Meow~

Oh! Rin! When you hear this... [Marisa sounds a little nervous.] ...wanna come over for dinner? Mom makes the best roast. We can, um, finish that... project for school.

[1125 Taylor]

[Marisa is diligently carving pumpkins outside. The designs are a little... odd though.]
16 September 2012 @ 04:32 pm
[Action - Closed to Reimu Hakurei (backdated to after Day 7 portal collapsed)]

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[Action - School (forward dated to the 20th)]

[With everything that had happened, Marisa had failed to report to school when she was supposed to. After three days, Mayfield made sure the witch went to school. They droned her.

Dressed in the typical fashion of a Mayfield teenager, the blonde (lacking her trademark braid) was in school perky and attentive. 'Marisa Slick' was a very popular girl. In fact, she was running for Homecoming Queen not that Marisa Kirisame herself knew this. She was a senior after all. The droned witch could be found either in class or handing out fliers and buttons in the hallway. She's especially interested in getting any other Popular students to support her.]

[Action - 1125 Taylor (forward dated to the 21st)]

[After coming out of her second droning in one week thanks to the permanent death of her girlfriend, Marisa immediately took herself down into her lab in the basement to work on something dangerous. Her research was the only way she could cope right then, drowning herself in something she could control to ignore the things she couldn't. And it seemed, given she was working with vampire blood, her own lack of self-preservation was kicking in.

No, she wasn't going to use it on herself, but the hamster in the cage nearby might not be so lucky. Sitting unopened on the table next to the caged hamster was a familiar style of envelope addressed to her.]
30 July 2012 @ 10:51 am

Okay, I can't remember all your addresses, but who of us from Gensokyo have enough back to put up a good danmaku fight? With Mokou gone, I need to find an alternative.

[A: Action - Grocery Store]

[Marisa is pushing a cart around the grocery store filling it up with random food stuffs. There's literally no rhyme or pattern to what she's picking out, making it nearly impossible to figure out what she's planning to cook. Or for how many people.]

[B: Action - Church]

[Marisa is sitting in the second pew from the front with her boots resting on the back of the one in front of her. Looking bored, she tosses a star bullet repeatedly up into the air and catches just as one would a ball. Eventually, she'd be approached...]
14 July 2012 @ 05:54 pm
[Action - Outside 1125 Taylor]

[Anyone on Taylor Street will find a very odd sight: one house covered in vines. Doors, windows, chimney, roof, everything was covered in vines. Thankfully, whatever had caused the vines to form did so when there was no one inside the house.

Sitting in the lawn, with an opened box 2ftx2ft in size, is one Marisa Kirisame. She's facing the house and watching her 'father' (the drone of one Spades Slick) standing at the front door being very confused as to why it won't open as he continues to pull on the door knob.

Every now and then, the witch giggles. She doesn't seem terribly concerned by these events.]
10 June 2012 @ 10:37 am
23rd ☆  
[Action - 1125 Taylor (housemates)]

[Marisa is sitting on the couch with a project before her. Spread out on the coffee table are a couple small spools of purple thread, a pincushion with some sewing needles, scissors, bits of purple cloth of various types and durability, and the pieces of a certain purple beret-hat-thing that suffered fatal laser damage during the weird time when Marisa thought she was a vampire hunter.]

Ouch! Damnit...

[The witch hissed as she managed to stick her finger AGAIN with a sewing needle as she attempted to repair the hat. Into her mouth the finger went, a few others already had small bandages wrapped about them. This wasn't working very well; Marisa sucked at sewing. Just ask the stuffed bear-thing Marisa gave Rin.]

Oi! Mion! You home?!


Zombies. Again.

...someone needs to get more original. My suggestion for those of you that have never dealt with zombies before? Don't get bitten. Simple as that.

Anyways, Django? If you're not still pissed at me, which I totally understand if you are, I kinda have your gun. Figure you might wanna go shoot some zombies in the head with it or something. [Preferably not her, but she won't blame him if he does.]

[Action - 1664 Nelson]

[Yes, there are zombies around. Yes, some of them are now smoking piles of lasered flesh. But Marisa knocks on a certain door, a hand holding something hidden behind her back, and waits. She hopes her attire - still the vampire hunting clothes with the cape - won't cause a bad reaction, but she wasn't going to wear any of the drone clothes. Not for this.

Looking down, Marisa scuffed the toe of her boots on the stoop. She... she didn't like having to apologize for things.]
09 May 2012 @ 10:25 pm
22nd ☆  
[Phone - filtered AWAY from Ciel, Merem, the Scarlet Sisters and the standard drones.]

Yo, Mayfield, Marisa Kirisame here. I have two really important things, ze.

First! ...I need someone to teach me how to tie a tie. The, uh, suit kind of tie.

Second! We all know the Prom is coming up. I'm sure you're all getting tired of hearing about it. But! This is different. This is me announcing the After-Prom Party. Now this is for the, quote, teenagers - meaning those of us that are forced to go to high school, so I know not all of you are actually teenagers. But you get the point.

Anyways, it'll be at 1486 Kramden. [Which is the house of one Arcueid Brunestud if anyone recognizes the address.] There will be all that stuff After-Prom Parties are supposed to have and there won't be any stuffy sticks-in-the-mud spoiling the fun there. So there will be good refreshments~

And that's it!

Oh. One more thing. Patchy? Thought I'd let you know I'm gonna go do something dangerous. [Hear the grin in her voice?]

[ooc: Post-Prom Party at 1486 Kramden is approved by all players with characters at that house.]
01 April 2012 @ 10:01 am
[Action - High School (locked to Feferi)]

[Marisa had been given a specific target for this pranking thing and she really didn't like him much. Not that she's really talked to Eridan before, but the tarot cards had pretty much told her he was a douchebag and, well, at least Feferi didn't make many excuses for him,

So, the witch waited at the school gate for Feferi. She needed to get certain info from the troll. A normal person might have been bothered by the idea of lying and deceiving a friend, but not Marisa Kirisame. It's not like she was going to harm the troll.]

[Action - High School Lunchtime (locked to Reimu)]

[Marisa had prepared for this. She'd been planning this joke on Reimu before she even got her letter, so this was just the icing on the cake. Or cookie, as it was.

The witch was sitting at their usual table with her awesome lunch (because Marisa had the most awesome lunches ever thanks to Ciel) and a container of star-shaped cookies. Some had white frosting, some had yellow frosting.]

Oi! Reimu! Hurry up and finish, ze. Ciel made the best cookies today. [says the witch as she takes a white frosted one and bites into it.]
26 March 2012 @ 09:59 pm
[ooc: This call comes after the mist becomes really apparent.]

[Phone - filtered AWAY from the Scarlet Sisters]

Okay, so there's this creepy red mist outside. Don't worry about it. This is a Gensokyo thing and I'll handle it. Seriously, if you're planning on getting involved, trying to stop it and all - don't. I'll handle it.

I don't give my word often, but I am now. I'll take care of this, so just leave it be. There are strong people that will get in your way if you try to stop this. And they will stop you.

But I'll stop this.

[Phone - filtered to Patchouli Knowledge]


[Marisa knows what she has to do, but...]
19 March 2012 @ 11:05 am
[Action - 1125 Taylor]

[Early in the morning, before school, Marisa takes the time to place a multilayer ward about her residence and its yard. It has three specific wards, powerful wards - one each to bar The Major, Bazett, and any troll with tyrian purple blood from the property. There is also a subtler ward cast that will target any non-resident (Merem isn't affected) that tries to significantly harm another while on the property through a combination binding/paralyzing effect. Those with a strong enough magic ability could break the wards, but the general feeling about them is that it would be a bad idea with how well they are woven.

The casting can easily be felt by anyone with the slightest bit of magical sensing.]

[Action - School]

[Marisa is sitting in the cafeteria, completely ignoring her yummy homemade lunch, and seems to be working on a map of sorts. Her brow furrows as she wads up the paper and throws it at the nearby garbage can - missing it - and starts over again. She's going to end up going through a lot of paper at this rate.]


So... I can't remember where everyone lives. Like the addresses and how to get to some place. [It pains her to have to admit this.] I need you all, if you're my friends or allies or just people I like to bug - especially everyone from Gensokyo - to remind me.

11 March 2012 @ 02:37 pm
[Action - 1125 Taylor]

[Marisa is down in the basement gathering important materials for the spell she was planning that night. The chief thing she was doing? Opening up all the thermometers and barometers to drain the mercury out of them into a flask.

This, of course, means at some point her thoughts drifts from the mindless task to the spell in question, how Patchouli would react if she ever finds out about it, and ends up snapping one of them, cutting herself.]

Ow! Damnit!

[So, bleeding from the nice slice in her hand, fingertips stained with mercury, Marisa comes upstairs to wash and dress the cut.]

[Phone - Filtered to Rin Tohsaka]

Oi. Rin. I want to do it tonight. Sundown. You gonna be ready?
26 February 2012 @ 02:51 pm

So, since he's a little shy, I'm calling to let everyone know that Pope Alessandro is going to have a meeting this afternoon in the Park to talk to those of us that believe in non-Christian faiths. He wants to understand the other religions out there, like Buddhism, Shinto or some others, like any good religious leader should do!

So, come down to the Park at 3pm and talk to the Pope. Maybe everyone will get some understanding out of this.

[Action - Park - Afternoon]

[Marisa had picked Alessandro up from his house in the car and drove him to the park. Now the two of them sat on a bench by the statue of the mayor and waited to see if anyone showed up for the meeting. Marisa knows she railroaded the Pope into this, but she really thinks he needed to talk to the non-Christian people of faith and learn that calling them heretics just isn't nice.]

[ooc: Replies to the action prompt will be from Marisa or Alessandro. If you want one of them specifically, toss it in the subject, plz!]
21 February 2012 @ 03:04 pm
[Outside Mayfield Elementary]

[After school lets out for the day—or a little before, Flandre was proud of how very sneaky she was—Flandre can be found clambering all over the playground again, making full use of her claws and her wings.

But she’s a bit more careful this time! She looks around before she starts sliding down things like pipes, watching for people approaching. If a person is spotted, the vampire promptly sits on her hands and furls her wings away and looks innocent.

Right next to whatever she just put giant scratches in the paint of.

…no one really taught her how to use the fireman pole okay.

((OOC: Chronologically the thread with Marceline goes first. Also there may be bats in your thread instead of tiny vampires because everything’s better with bats.))
20 February 2012 @ 02:36 pm
16th ☆  
[Action - School]

[Marisa is sitting on top of the table in the cafeteria, legs crossed, as she's finishing up telling a tale to the other students sitting around her at lunch.]

...and that's why you need to be careful when you see lots of flowers just suddenly appearing all over the place, like they did here, ze. They could be a bunch of dead people just waiting for a lazy shinigami to take them across the Sanzu to Higan.

[Action - Makeout Point - Evening]

[Anyone attuned to the flow of magic with the capacity to sense it feel a surge coming from Makeout Point. In fact, this sudden concentration feels VERY much like Shana's Guren no Souyoku Unrestricted Method that grants her wings of flame.

Only it doesn't feel quite right. It doesn't feel like fire, but... starlight? A shimmering yellowish glow can be seen from the Point.]


So who wants to go to the Drive In? It's almost dark and I feel like seeing a movie on that really big screen with popcorn and some friends and b--

[She cuts herself off. No, no drinking tonight because... The phone is partially muffled as Marisa yells something back into her own house.]

Oi! Ciel! I'm taking the car tonight. No, I'm not going to drink. Yes, I know how to drive. And no, you're not stopping me. I already got the keys, ze.

[And back to talking on the phone.] So who wants to come with me? No boring people allowed.
12 February 2012 @ 02:10 pm
1st Spellcard: Transcendence of Faith "Armed Only With Prayer"  
Action A: 842 Hastings Boulevard; locked to housemates

(Greetings, housemates! You have a new daughter/sister in your home who's understandably worried about her new location and the loss of her powers; unlike typical Mayfield newbies, however, Reimu here has gone and pretty much littered decorated the entire house with paper charms to ward off the evil that brought her here. You just might see her writing up a few more charms or hanging up the finished ones, but she's taking as much of her shrine as she can into this new place.)

Action B: Outside 842 Hastings; Open to all

(With the house now buried protected by charms and seals, Reimu, in an unfortunately gray plaid dress, sits outside her home in a state of meditation and prayer. With her hair bow gone, her long hair flowed with the wind. While she should investigate the area, the lack of her power and even her normal clothes made her feel vulnerable. With her shrine gone (again), the yin-yang orbs missing and the Hakurei border nowhere nearby, Reimu resorted to prayer as her only means of leveling her mind so she could think rationally.

Translation: this is the best time to annoy her and disrupt her with whatever you want. Fellow Touhou girls are more than welcome to taunt greet her and tease comfort her regarding the formerly powerful miko of Hakurei losing everything but her sense of self.
05 February 2012 @ 09:23 am
15th ☆  
[Action - DOWNTOWN]

[The moment the call was heard, Marisa was out the window in a flash, racing across Mayfield skies on her broom. She's always been an impulsive girl and she was tired of seeing her girlfriend constantly sick and on the verge of death. She was angry at what had been done to Flandre... to Rin... to Arcueid. So Marisa did the one thing she was REALLY good at.


Marisa still lacks Master Spark, so they aren't giant lasers of DOOM, but the buildings of downtown will have lasery death rained down upon them.

Odd note, to anyone watching: Marisa seems to be taking pains to not directly hit any drone that might be out and about...]
23 January 2012 @ 01:50 pm
14th ☆  

Don't... I know you all will want to... But... [she groans] Bad things... Bad feeling...

[The hungover witch is freaked out right now.]

Patchy... I need... in fifteen, okay?

[Action - 340 Brady]

[And true to her word, fifteen minutes later, Marisa stumbles into 340 Brady with something wrapped in a towel under her arm. She has her normal black and white clothes on, though they're wrinkled like she slept in them (which she did), but her hat is suspiciously missing.

She's terribly hungover and shaky. At least she was smart enough to not fly over.]