28 August 2012 @ 08:59 am
[Things in Mayfield have been weird since Ema's return to it.

Much of her free time has been spent experimenting with/taking down empirical data concerning the apparent lack of stability of the town's stasis functions. When the respawn system was destroyed, the death-and-rebirth cycle had been irreparably damaged. There's no reason for her not to hypothesize that something similar is in play here.

The arrival of a certain letter has increased her level of concern, so to the phones she goes.]

This is Ema. Ema Skye. For those of you who don't already know: I'm back. I don't have any of my things from back home, but I have my sense again. It's enough.

[A pause.]

I'm curious what observations everyone has about recent events here, scientifically speaking. That letter especially.

Does anyone who works in the library want to talk about the librarian? I don't really know anything about her except for what's in the letter. If I'm going to seriously consider jumping through a portal to assist her, I feel like I should be better informed as to her current state.

[Action A - around town]

[Seeing as Ema currently had no form of employment, she's spending her day as she's spent most of her days since things in town started becoming strange: camping out in various parts of town and taking notes on what she sees. Already, she has a notebook full.]

[Action B - 462 Stone Street]

[Ema is gathering scientific data on the loss of structural integrity of physical structures around town. While she doesn't have a clear grasp on why the walls sometimes allow objects to pass through them, she's doing her best to at least attempt to establish data on its frequency.

As such, she is currently walking into her front door. Repeatedly.

Sometimes, she passes through. Just as often, however, she ends up hitting it full-force with an unpleasant whack. She just keeps reminding herself that this is for science. Sometimes, science looks silly to an outside party. And sometimes, science hurts.

She seems to have recruited her drone children to help with the experiment. They're walking smack into the door as well, thanks to mommy convincing them that this is a game. Whereas she yelps every time she hits the door, they're giggling.

At least someone's having fun with this.]
01 May 2012 @ 09:11 am
~forty-nine~ [how has it been two whole years?]  
[The arrival of May is a mixed bag for Ema, emotionally. On the one hand, the nice weather that comes with the springtime is very welcomed; it reminds her of southern California and home. On the other, it means that her tenure in Mayfield has reached another annual milestone. Two whole years in this place, and overall she doesn't feel like she's come out any better for it. After all, they're no closer to getting home than they were when she first arrived. It's not enough for her to want to give up, but it's pretty disheartening.]

A [Phone]

This question's directed at people who have been here longer, but anyone's welcome to answer.

How do you deal with being stuck here without losing sight of what's important? Getting out, getting home--or at least somewhere safer than here--making sense of what's going on... It's easy to get complacent after awhile, scientifically speaking, and I think it's something best avoided. So, I'm looking for advice.

B [John Doe Park]

[If Ema's going to deal with the fact that it's been nearly two years since she first arrived in Mayfield, she's at least going to take advantage of the nice weather while she does it. She's sitting on a blanket in the middle of the park, surrounded by books and notes written by her hand and others'. The major difference two years has made is the accumulation of data, however little sense it makes.

She's generally ignoring passers-by in favor of reading everything over and making new notes where appropriate (and on munching out of the bag of snacks next to her). People are welcome to help her, but they're going to have to make a concerted effort to get her attention.]

C [Puzzle Party Death House]

[After spending much of the day reflecting on life, data, and the universe, Ema wants to do something to forget about things for awhile. As such, she's knocking on the door of a very familiar home.]

Edward? I want to go to Olney's, and you're coming with me.

D [Olney's Tavern]

[Time to get her drink on. She'll be getting progressively drunker as the night progresses.]
13 February 2012 @ 09:07 am
~forty-eight~ [feeling minty fresh!]  
[Ema wakes up on the morning of February 13th alone in the guest bedroom of her own house; after the mess that was yesterday's D&D game she was in no mood to spend the night with Edward. And that's fine. Monday mornings are hard enough without added temptation to stay in bed.

She trudges to the kitchen to start up the coffee, hit strong with the scent of mint once there. Oh, right. She has a bunch of mint on the counter. Idly, she makes a mental note to figure out what to do with it later in the day. For now, coffee and breakfast and getting ready for work take precedence.

As she goes about her day--work, errands, visiting friends--she's feeling a heck of a lot more flirtatious than usual. In her mind, it's mostly harmless and nothing to be concerned; just because she's in a relationship doesn't mean she's dead, after all. There's absolutely nothing wrong with some social flirting.

Or social kissing.

If Ema knows you and/or finds you attractive, she'll approach with a smile.]

How has your Monday been so far?
30 January 2012 @ 05:17 pm
~forty-seven~ [Fixed(?)field]  
[Outside of the hospital]

[Ema comes to consciousness slowly, slumped up against the hospital's external wall. The fact that she's awake at all comes as a surprise, given that she's pretty sure she recently died in Edward's arms from months-old injuries. Has the regeneration system been put back into place?

If it has, it's still broken. She feels cold. Her wounds seem to have healed over, but the bullet wound in her forehead is still scabbed over. She's pale and almost lacks the energy to even follow through with simple actions that she wants to do. When she finally brings herself to check her pulse, she finds that it's weak and slow. Low blood pressure. Slowly-beating heart.

Scientifically speaking, then, she's only barely alive. And currently lacks the strength to pick herself up from the ground and walk home.

She's going to need some help. Unable to do much more than occasionally call out to nearby people ('Help?'), there's nothing much she can do except wait for it to come.]

[1492 Kramden; Phone]

[Somehow, Ema's made it home. She forces herself to take to the phone instead of falling asleep on the first horizontal surface she finds.

Her voice is quieter than usual, but it's unmistakably her.]

Things are really messed up, aren't they?

I just want to let people know that I'm all right. I'm alive again after... whatever restored me. But I'm weak, so I'm not going to push my luck. If anyone has new information that's come to light in the past few days, please share it with me. I was dead for awhile.

[A pause.]

Everyone? Scout? Sideswipe? Ai? Nina?


Please tell me you're all right.
26 January 2012 @ 04:48 pm
~forty-six~ [Brokefield]  

To whomever destroyed the machine in the Dairy, I'd like to say this:

Investigate before blowing things up like an idiot. You'd have saved everyone a lot of trouble.

[Yeah, she mad. The creeping headache that she's had since coming out of her droning isn't helping her mood.]

[Action A: around town]

[As the day goes on, her headache is accompanied by an ache in her chest that almost resembles a heart attack. Erring on the side of caution--there's no respawn, after all--she decides to go to the hospital and get it checked out.

All tests come back negative, and the doctors laugh her out the door. "Silly, hysterical woman!" they say. "Maybe you've been working with patients for too long, you're beginning to think you're catching things from them!" Never mind that she knows cardiovascular disease isn't contagious.

So, angrier than she was in the morning, she's talking a walk to let off some steam. And munching. So much munching.

If you get too close, even by accident, she's throwing one of her snacks at you.]

[Action B: 726 Anderson Lane, closed to [personal profile] questionauthority]

[Ema's head and chest pains aren't getting any better, so she's decided to hide out with her boyfriend for awhile. Maybe if she gets some rest, she'll be able to kick the pain and feel like a human being.

Although a big part of her doubts it. Really, what she wants right now is to not be alone--needing peace and quiet is just an excuse.

Knock knock.]