27 April 2012 @ 11:35 am
1st Warz  
A )) Phone

Aya-tan isn't here. [ There's a pout in his voice. ] I want him to be here. I can't protect him if I'm not by his side, right? There's not two of me, after all.

It seems I can't change this, either... [ Then his voice changes to cheerful. ] Anyway! I'm Hyuuga! Nice to meet you~! I work at the Butcher's, apparently. Come talk to me for fun or something like that~

B )) Around Mayfield

[ He is looking around town. For candy, actually. He is craving his lollipops! He needs them! But he is completely lost. Give him help? Give him the wrong directions? ]

C )) Butcher's Shop

1: [ He's found his way to the place he's supposed to work at. When he first gets there, he will stand there quietly watching until someone appears. Possibly someone else who work there. ]

Excuse me~ Do you know what I'm supposed to do~?

2: [ He's gotten the gist of what he's supposed to do. And when anyone enter, he'll cheerfully greet you as if he didn't arrive this morning. ]

Hello~! Welcome~!

((ooc: I apologize for the shortness of this entry. I think it's my shortest intro ever... But this is Hyuuga's intro, finally. It's well overdue. ))