12 June 2012 @ 01:19 pm
[He woke up early, like most mornings, going from sleep to awake fairly quickly. He knew something was wrong from the moment he opened his eyes, the base looked nothing like this, in fact this looked to be the interior of a civilian human home, though how he fit in here, or it was reproduced with such detail at the right scale was not calculating out. That was when he realized the next thing that was wrong, he had no statistics or battle computers, in fact it felt like all he had available was his basic processor.

He heard a movement beside him, the shift of fabric, and turned his head to look, fully expecting to see Jazz there, unaware of the change in their situation. Instead he found himself looking directly into the eyes of a woman, she smiled at him when their eyes lock and she reached up, putting a hand on his cheek, greeting him with a good morning before starting to lean in, clearly intent on kissing him.

It was right then that Prowl had more than enough, falling back out of the bed as he pushed forcefully away from her, his eyes wide. He took the opportunity of her shocked look to jump up to his feet and look around the room for the way out. Finding the door he went straight for it, only just realizing that he had a human form, as he stared at his hand on the door knob. He looked around again and a mirror caught his eye, and standing there was a man with fairly Asian features with the exception of bright blue eyes.

Once changed into the kind of clothes that Spike and Sparkplug wore around, rather then the loose pants he had woken up in, he headed straight out of the house, not responding to the woman or the children in the house. Once outside he wandered around, trying to find clues of where he was, and more importantly, where Jazz was, as he could feel the other was somewhere near by.]