16 February 2012 @ 06:31 pm
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[Action: outside 1763 Beaver Street; Lunch Time]

[During the past few days Gremio had found himself over stocked. Now he could be selfish and use it all up himself but he wanted to share. It was a stressful place being in this town and everyone could use a break. Also Gremio himself found he needed more things to do with his day.

So lucky for you Mayfield Gremio has set up a stand in his front yard. It's not dissimilar to a kids lemonade stand, only there is no lemonade. There are two choices, one is a stew and one is a soup, they both get served with home made bread and it very well may be the best food you have ever eaten. He is serving them in little containers that can be taken by the purchaser and each serving is a dollar.

He doesn't do anything in particular to get attention, he just sits back and waits. People will come when they wish to come.


I'm very glad those flowers are gone, I don't know what I would have done if my attentions had kept getting pulled away from the Young Master like that.