12 February 2012 @ 08:05 pm
First Thought(001): Accumulated Knowledge  
[Action, 7139 Brooks]

[Jace is rather confused about the unfamiliar settings. He really had no recollection of this place, even though evidence clearly states he's been here before, even as far as living a life here. Was this Ravnica? It certainly didn't feel much like home to him. He doesn't even recall even Planeswalking here. This begs the question: who or what brought him here? Moreso, it feels like something is missing...]

[Action, around Mayfield | Open]
[Jace is looking around, exploring the town. The architecture was more and more foreign to him, even the technology was above that of Ravnica. He'll occasionally stop and stare at someone for awhile, trying to get a reading on them. Sadly, since the town has taken away his connection to Mana entirely, he's coming up with zero results. Not even zero, he just feels completely unable to, no matter how much he tries. Something is definitely up here. It doesn't take a mind reader to know that there isn't something right with the drones...]


[Action | Park]

[ Ah, a body of water! The perfect thing to meditate by to see if he just needs a little rest. He'll find a nice bench overlooking the pond, and sit there, trying to clear his mind.]


I'm curious, this plane feels different than anywhere I've ever been before. What is it, and why do things feel... weird?