08 May 2012 @ 07:09 pm
18th Cinder: The end in the distance  
1 Action, 852 goldberg. Morning [ Shana explodes out of the front door, flames and overpressure causing a huge burst behind her. Apparently, the revelation of Wilhemina's permanent droning hasn't gone over well. She flies up and into the sky in a crimson arc of flame, a cry of agony the only evidence of her existence, a scant few seconds after the explosion, leaving only embers in her wake. ]

2 Action, School daytime [ Shana seems almost drone-like, going through her classes with a dull stare, only speaking when spoken to, and eating with no gusto at all. ]

3 Action, Park Afternoon [ Shana is still somewhat broken and staring, just lost without her friend and mentor, walking aimlessly through the park. She is holding a piece of melon bread in her hands, but can't even manage to eat it. ]

3 Action, Zemekis office building, Evening [ Shana begins to cast a huge Fuzetsu, or kekkai or seal-like structure over this part of downtown. Those with magical abilities can likely detect and move in it, and interact with her. If they dare. ]
07 February 2012 @ 12:41 am
17th Cinder: For whose sake?  
[ To say that the last little kink in Mayfield's existence was disturbing and frustrating for Shana is to be understating it. So, in lieu of any more useful release activity, like hunting Rinne or Crimson denizens, Shana is trying to eat herself rotund. (Given her contract with Alastor being in full effect, this is rather unlikely, but she'll give it a good go regardless.)

As such, Shana is eating in multiple places throughout town.

First Location: The Park [ Shana is eating melon bread on a bench, several discarded wrappers sitting beside her, and rather less cute eating noises can be heard as she busily digs in. ]

Second Location: The School [ Shana is eating the tasteless lunch provided by the drone lunchladies with rather ferocious gusto, and woe to anyone who dares steal her food. ]

Third Location: Home [ Shana is continuing the quasi-compulsive eating at the dinner table, taking huge portions even of Wilhemina's less-than-stellar (And less than edible cooking without complaint]

Phonecall, filtered from drones and the town authorities, as well as the smiths.

Mou! Did we learn anything at all this time? I mean... we know now their system is imperfect, but we still don't know what powers the mechanism of resurrection anymore, unless someone saw them fix it. Did anyone manage that?