08 August 2012 @ 02:26 pm
regains and booze and some shopping.  
[Brooks 7138]
[ It’s the first time Rui has gotten mail from the town. Her ‘family’ has told her about regains, of course, and when she opens the two boxes she isn’t expecting them to be empty. Both of them. Completely empty. What the hell.

She turns on her heel and walks right into the house, slamming the door shut. ]

Hey, Yukihina! Are you the one who sent me empty boxes?

[Olney's tavern]
[ She’s walking into the bar (no surprise there, really, as she is kind of an alcoholic), dressed in Yukihina’s clothes as usual. She sits down at the bar, looking quite annoyed and quite an intimidating aura is radiating off of her. Whoever is working at the moment receives an annoyed look. ]

Give me something strong. And make sure it doesn’t taste bad.

[ If she gets bad booze now, whoever made it will be getting a taste of her forehead. Or fist. Whichever works best at the moment. ]

[Grocery store]
[ She might as well buy some food while she’s at it. She knows Yukihina won’t buy any (he doesn’t even have to eat after all), and someone needs to feed her daughters. She’s not going to go out of her way to be mean to them. Besides, even if her long-time friend doesn’t need to eat, she does. Not everyone’s an undead.

Everything that goes into the cart is things that will turn into healthy and good food for her family. All the unhealthy food in the store makes her frown. It’s insane how people can eat some of that food at all.

She makes a face at an extra unhealthy-looking package of what some people call food. ]
Someone needs to teach the people in this store to get rid of this stuff...

Why would they send an empty package? If there’s going to be something non-physical in it, least they could do is put some hint to what’s there. Do they think they're funny?
07 June 2012 @ 02:19 am
husband and wife? You've gotta be kidding me.  
master bedroom with Yukihina and Rui )

[action; 7138 Brooks Lane; living room; open to housemates]
[ Rui has put on the clothes in Yukihina's part of the wardrobe; hell if she's going to wear those clothes if she doesn't have to. Yukihina's going to have to put up with sharing his clothes with her.

She walks into the living room and throws herself on the couch, throwing up her feet on the table with a slam. ]

Explain. Now.

[phone; open to all]
[ She's angry, yes, and it's easy to hear. ]

Yukihina said I'm his wife in this place. What sort of ridiculous idea is that? Why would I marry Yukihina?

Okay, so I guess I'll introduce myself. I'm Hachiouji Rui. And just so you know, I'm not married to him. He's a comrade and a friend, but nothing more.

[action; tavern; open to all]
[ It's not surprising that she manages to find her way to the tavern when she's just been in town for a couple of hours. There's this thing with her and alcohol after all. She's drawn to it.

She sits down with a sigh at the bar. ]

Give me something stong. Something really strong.

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