29 July 2012 @ 07:05 pm
14th Adventure  
[Action: 7135 Brooks St. Aurora's excited to see two things in the mail for her today! One is a large, flat package about 3 feet high and two feet wide, wrapped in paper; the other is simply an envelope. Curious, she opens the bigger of the two there on the porch. Inside is a portrait painting, done in Aurora's colorful, loose style of a serious-looking young man. He has dark hair and glasses, and an expression that suggests that Aurora had to do a lot of coercing to get him to pose for her. Upon seeing this, she gasp, surprised, and delightedly exclaims:]

Li! Wow, I can't believe it! Of all the things they could send back...!

[Oh, right, there was still something else! Time to open that envelope. Inside is nothing but a card with a picture of a generic cartoon ghost on it. How odd. She's not sure what it could mean at first, and it takes her a bit till the idea dawns on her.

Oh. Being able to possess people is part of her repertoire, even if she doesn't like doing it. But is that what this means? There's only one way to be certain.]


[Phone call, filtered from drones]

Say, um... Could I ask someone for a favor. It's kind of a big one! And, ummmm... you have to not be afraid of ghosts, okay? And I'm being serious here!

14 June 2012 @ 10:23 am
13th Adventure  
[Action A - Household, 7135 Brooks: Your kitchen is a total wreck today. Hurricane Aurora has passed though in an attempt to bake. There's flour everywhere, ingredients scattered, pots and pans overflowing the sink. The master baker herself is hovering (literally!) in the kitchen, looking over a recipe book. Her hair is tied up high on her head (as best as it could be), her apron has more flour on it than is probably used in recipes, and she's deep in thought as she mutters what she's reading aloud. ]

Let's see... oh no, did I add a tablespoon of the salt, or sugar?

[Being a ghost cook is suffering.]


[Action B: Brooks Street Out in front of their house, Aurora has set up a lovely little bake sale stand! It's decorated with colorful signs and flowers and streamers, and Aurora herself is all cleaned up and perfectly dressed. But the baked goods... Well, maybe they don't look as nice, but Aurora looks very excited for people to try them.

Here's the thing. Sometimes she got the recipe right. Sometimes she didn't. Maybe you got a good brownie or cookie, or maybe you didn't. Try at your own risk!]


[Action C - 1648 Albright Lane: There's a knock at the door! It's Aurora, looking a bit anxious and worried. She's carrying a small container of cookies, and she's looking to speak with Abel. Privately.]

27 April 2012 @ 12:36 pm
12th Adventure  
Locked to Tsukasa, 7135 Brooks )

[Phone call, open to all:]

Hi everyone! This is Aurora. Aurora Belle Jenkins. Some of you know me, I guess! I was living at 912 Bilko Boulevard just yesterday, but now it seems I'm at... 7135 Brooks. I'm not really sure why? I don't really get it! Oh, Kida, I'm sorry, but I guess they moved someone else in with you? Or replaced me with a drone?

Has this happened to anyone else? Just getting moved like this for no reason? I guess that's Mayfield for you...

Oh! So, I've heard talk of this prom everyone's going to. Like the homecoming dance in the fall, right? Is everyone going? That should be fun, but I guess I should to get a new one. People here make them, right?


[Phone call, filtered to Abel Nightroad:]

So, um, were you going to go to this prom thing...?

21 March 2012 @ 11:54 pm
11 th Adventure; phone call  
[Aurora sounds a bit worried and talks fast.]

Okay! Everyone! So there's spirits here. Or ghosts, or whatever you want to call them. A-Anyway, I'm not sure why they're here or how they got here, but... Can anyone talk to them? I can't just yet. I'm a ghost, so I might be able to understand their situation of I can talk to them.

Just... Just please don't hurt them, okay? They should be able to hear you, even if you can't hear or see them, so just try to be reasonable and calm with them, okay?

And if anyone does know what's going on, please let me know!

12 March 2012 @ 04:55 pm
10th Adventure  
[Phone call to all]

The weather's starting to get really great, don't you think? I'm glad! Snow is nice, but I'm starting to like how it's getting warmer. I'm excited to see what spring is like. That's when there's lots of rain, right? And flowers and insects... I remember a bit of it, I think!

Since it's nice out, I'm going to head to the park to draw! If anyone would like their portrait done, I'd be glad to do so, free of charge.

Oh! Tsukasa, was it? I promised you one so long ago! You can be first in line, if you want.


[Action: at the park]

[Aurora is sitting on a bench with room for two. She's working on some newsprint on a lap desk, doodling the scenery around her with chalk pastels. She hums tunelessly as she works, smiling to herself. It's quite a serene little scene. Feel free to approach her for a portrait or to see what she's up to.]

08 February 2012 @ 09:02 am
9th Adventure  
[Phone call filtered from drones:]

Is everyone doing better now? I was so worried... I wish there was more I could do for you all. It's terrible what they do to us, and I hate the fact that there's nothing we can do to stop it! But we'll get through together, right? We're fighting this together.

Oh! There's another holiday soon, right? Valentine's Day? The children in my class keep giggling and whispering about it, and they want to make cards. It sounds familiar, but I don't remember much about it. Can someone fill me in? At any rate, if it's a holiday, we need to be careful in case something happens again.


[Action A: 912 Bilko Blvd. Aurora's got some things in the mail today! One is a box, the other an envelope. Curious, she opens the box first to find her usual outfit inside. She's glad to see it! Considering it's what she wore all the time in the Afterlife, it's something familiar from home. After that, she opens the envelope, and inside is a blank card. How odd. Confused, and still looking the card over, Aurora goes to head inside... and passes right through the door. Startled, Aurora lets out a little yelp.

Oh. Oooooh. She gets it!

She walks back out onto the porch, straight through the walls. She's gotten the ability to be incorporeal again, making her closer to being the ghost she once was. She claps excitedly, laughing happily.]

[Action C: Feeling more like herself now than when she first arrived in Mayfield, Aurora is happily going about her business. You'll find her all over town, hovering a few feet off the ground instead of walking, passing through obstacles in her way. She'll be in the general store, buying food and stocking up on art supplies for her class to make Valentines. You'll see her passing through shelves, or poking her head through one to see what's on the other side. Hopefully she won't scare you or anything.]

31 January 2012 @ 05:18 pm
8th Adventure  
[There's nothing Aurora loves more than helping people. But in this situation, she's not sure what to do. It goes beyond anything she knows, but that doesn't mean she won't try something.

Any time this week, people who appear in front of the "hospital" might see Mayfield's friendly ghost there. She carries with her a bag, and a wagon. She can't do much to help people on her own, but she can help bandage them up, or get them home or to the proper hospital.

She'll be walking around the area, looking all over for people in need. Feel free to get her attention. Or, if she sees you there or in town while injured, she'll stop to check on you.]

Hey, are you okay? Do you need any help?

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