20 June 2012 @ 08:52 pm
→ fifth shot.  
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[ action; john doe park, noon. ]

[ Jake isn't very satisfied with his life at the moment. Given that he's a prisoner in a world where adventures can't be made everyday, he's slowly growing more and more dissatisfied. He's happy that he gets to meet and talk to people, don't get him wrong, but there's only so many strangers he can scare away before he gets tired of even trying.

So, he figures it's about time to take his life into his own hands and make a name for himself. He taps into his knowledge of comic books and thinks of something he can do that's reminiscent to the likes of Spider-Man. It doesn't take long for Jake to realize he can't shoot web so that idea is shot to dark, but he's suddenly wild-eyed when an older woman has her cat stuck in a tree. Like the wannabe hero that he thinks he is, he wastes no time climbing up the bark like some kind of spider monkey only to--

-- come crashing down. The very unsettling snap of an arm can be heard and he yelps out with pain. He also came into contact with the ground in a not-so-friendly embrace, a stream of crimson going down his nose. Ow. With a broken arm and bloodied nose, he's just going to sit there until someone decides to be the hero that he fails to be. ]

[ phone. ]

'Ello, 'ello to anyone who's taken an interest in listening! I was perhaps wondering if one of you ladies and gents would like to participate in the.. what do you call it, the dreaded Truth or Dare game? More or less the dare part, but whatever works. And I do think it'd be interesting if we made it the moderate-to-risque level of difficulty.

Anyone up to the challenge? Hm?? Dammit, I am using this blasted phone correctly, right?
03 June 2012 @ 08:05 pm
→ third shot; AUfield  
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[ action; mayfield high, afterschool. ]

[ Poor Jakey. His moodswings were getting the better of him and the less kind side of the school body took notice. A young islander who was dealing with his demonic father messing with his personality had little to go off of except for elbowing the holy bejeezus out of someone, breaking their nose in four different places. Needless to say, the principal disciplined him as lightly as possible to avoid a bashing of his own and Jake found himself in detention.

Lovely, lovely detention. This is Jake's first time ever being scolded for his ruffianism, so don't mind him as his pencil taps against the desk impatiently before a loud SNAP can be heard as he breaks it into two. Yeah, it was getting worse by the hour. ]

[ action; bodine fashion, after detention. ]

[ After that boring ass routine of boredom, Jake is compelled with the desire for a nice, long coat. Oh, yes, that sounded fucking pleasant. To have an overcoat draped over his shoulders, maybe even a peg as a replacement fo-- oh god, he needs to resist the urge. Normal or not, he can't fight the urge to get fitted for some new duds. It took all of the money he had earned in the past month through allowances, but dammit, he needs this.

As his suitor is getting his measurements, Jake takes a nice, long look at the mirror infront of him and swears he sees flickering, colored splotches decorating his clothes... ]
14 May 2012 @ 10:35 pm
→ second shot; backdated to mother's day  
[ action; church of salvation, morning. ]

[ Jake does not call him the religious type by any means, but this particular Sunday had multiple reasons for him to go. Namely, he is required to. He can be the rebellious type and would have possibly bailed out early or skipped it on any other week, but this time it was different.

He never had a mother to show his thanks for on Mother's Day, but he definitely had a grandma! And she was so damn awesome that he had no problem expressing his gratitude for taking care of him as a wee lad. Now that she had bit the bullet and he is in an entire different place all together, he is burdened with the duty to still celebrate it.

But why did that require him going to Church all dolled up? Dressed in khahki pants and a button up with a tie, he is quite the charming fellow right now. It may prove to be disastrous if he runs into any women due to his sudden urge to be very kind to them. ]

[ action; annie's flowers, afternoon. ]

[ It's quite the popular joint today, for obvious reasons, so Jake is currently shuffling through loving sons and fellow males so he can get ahold of a batch of flowers. He wishes to get his "surrogate mother" something even if they haven't known each other for long. Alas, if someone else decided to run into him, he may decide to be kind and throw some flowers in your face.

Unless you're a guy. Ew, boys. ]
06 May 2012 @ 11:53 pm
→ first shot  
[ 1668 nelson street ]

[ Huh. Was this what that blasted Sburb game was like? He was almost positively indefinitely sure that his alien friend had spoken of it like it involved a lot more sci-fi elements. You know, creatures and fire and other various things that hurt if you walked into them. The dreadfully plain scenery of his.. "home" shows otherwise.

A alternate reality game, maybe? Okay, he could dig that, he supposes. It seemed like something Jane would have crocked (get it?) up with the old-school feel of the house. The pictures of him smiling gleefully threw him off, though. Jake surely didn't recall doing something like that. Even if this was supposed to be Sburb or whatever that damn game was called, he was as clueless as ever.

So to make up for this, he is going to trot about his "home" and wonder who and what may be residing in there with him. If that meant there is going to be an adventure abound, he couldn't wait to step foot.. indoors. ]

[ phone ]

Heh, okay, let's see if I know how to work this thing. You just blabber into it and hope that someone blabbers back, right? I'm afraid I haven't worked something this retro. Skulltops are my kind of thing, you know? Anyway, um, I seem to find myself at a crossroads as to what I should do with my entering of the game. If my best bro or Roxy or Jane hears this, that would be just peachy!

To be completely honest, I was kind of expecting me getting plopped into fire and brimstone. Like a civil war between good and evil occurring right in my shock and awe'd face. This game is not what I expected and everyone should be ashamed for leading me on like it was going to involve the use of my guns.

Which reminds me! Which one of you sneaky bastards decided to get crafty and become a sneak thief? Taking away things that are precious to me is inconceivable yet you've done it. The guns are one thing, but the movies and... well, just about everything is just too far!

Pardon me for the ramblings if anyone's listening in on this. I don't even know if I'm using this right. Someone let me know I'm not being a blasted idiot, please.

[ at john doe park ]

[ So he decided to venture out. What a spontaneous decision that was! Not really. Upon finding himself at the park, he takes a gander at the statue of said John Doe. What a strange fellow, yet somehow majestic in his bronze/iron/metal/whatever glory.

Jake wishes to have a statue made of him someday. Maybe if he beats this game. ]