16 January 2012 @ 10:40 am
Action | Outside the house | Mid-morning
[Shura is not used to waking up in unfamiliar places at least when she spent the prior night sober and is even less used to waking up in unfamiliar clothes.

Obviously the best course of action is to tear out of the (her?) bedroom and run outside, quickly realizing that she really, really has no idea where the fuck she is. This isn't just some unfamiliar house. It's an unfamiliar town.]


[This is so not cool. She rips the top few buttons off her blouse with the intent of pulling her sword from the seal tattooed on her chest, only to find... it's not there. Her skin is as unmarked as a newly washed whiteboard.]

The hell is going on?

Phone | Afternoon
[After having someone explain the gist of things to her, Shura's on the phone and sounding surprisingly cordial.]

So, what can y'all tell me about this place? What's the best way for a lady to get by~

Action | Around Town | Early evening
[Not much to see here, just a redhead wandering the streets and taking in the sights. She seems to be paying particular attention to any hair care products in the windows of stores.]

((Oh my god HOW DO I MAKE ENTRIES IN THIS PLACE /edits forever))