28 October 2012 @ 06:59 pm
canon update → back from droning  
[ Madoka had been droned for 24 hours. She spent that time wrapping up her canon, and returning just in time for the finale. Lucky girl. ]
[ 1333 Benny Road ]
[ When Madoka comes down for breakfast she is not only different from the droned girl from yesterday, but seems to be an entirely different Madoka! Bright, smiling, and full of confidence as she waves to her family members. ]

Good morning! Sorry, I guess I was gone for a while? What's the date?

[ action | probably your house! ]
[ After getting some breakfast in her, Madoka heads out to check up on all of her friends. Yup. All of them. Chances are that at some point during the day you will find Madoka on your doorstep, knocking and then offering a cheerful greeting. ]

Hey! Sorry for showing up so suddenly, just wanted to check... Is everything okay? I hope my drone wasn't mean to you the other day...

[ Phone ]
[ And then later in the evening... Madoka finally makes a public phonecall. Sitting in her room, looking over her stuffed animals and clothes with a nostalgic smile. It's been so long since she could try on "real" clothes... it's so strange to even hold them like this. ]
Oh, hello! Sorry to bother everyone so late in the evening... This is Madoka Kaname. It seems I was droned for a while...? I was wondering if there was anything I could be doing to help out around town? You know, in case anything came up while I was gone?
19 July 2012 @ 02:35 pm
☆ Pink Hair Ribbons  
[ action ☆1333 benny ]
[ Madoka decided to do her laundry and clean her room properly. She's been a bit on edge since the Carnival and can't get the traumatizing images from the fun house out of her head, so cleaning the new outfits she regained seemed like a good way to clear her mind. One of the things she decided to do today was wash all of her collected hair ribbons and do up her hair with the ones from home, hoping it would make her feel better.

Little does she know, someone has become "popular". And that someone is her.

[ action ☆malt shop ]
[ Another way to clear your mind is buying yourself to a treat, right? Madoka thought so too! So she broke out her savings and went to buy a milkshake. Just as she was about to pay for it,  a drone boy stepped in and got it for her. ]
Eh? Um, well-- you don't have to, I um... I have the money... [ And then another drone offered buy her a snack to go with it.  ] What? No... no, that's okay, I really couldn't...
[ Suddenly, Madoka finds herself sitting at a table with a bunch of drones. It hasn't occurred to her yet, but she seems to have become "popular" overnight. She's surrounded by milkshakes of all flavors and a bunch of drone kids talking to her about things she doesn't know much about. And as uncomfortable as this makes her, she doesn't have the heart to ask them to leave. ]
Sorry, um, I... I'm not sure... what's popular and what's not um... the clothes you're wearing... l-look fine... [ Someone come rescue her. She doesn't know how to handle this. ]

[ action ☆ around town ]
[ Okay, really, what's up with the teenage drones lately? Madoka is carrying a few shopping bags because she made the mistake of window shopping, which turned into "real shopping" when her admirers came to her rescue. She is also walking around town in stealth mode, ducking behind lamp posts and into shops when she sees drones coming. This is how you solve problems. ]
What's wrong with them today? Why is everyone treating me this way... I-I'm not cool at all. Maybe Mama was right about these hair ribbons...

[ phone ☆ ]
[ And after a hard day of being a popular girl, Madoka collapses on her bed and picks up the phone. ]
Um... I know this is a weird thing to ask about um so... please forgive me... Have the drones ever treated anyone, um... strangely? They keep asking me for fashion advice and talking about records... I don't know any of that stuff, though, so um...

Can someone um... give me... advice? I want to help them... if they're asking, I want to help... Even if they're drones... If they're counting on me then I want to be able to give them good advice!
31 May 2012 @ 02:55 pm
☆ It's Another Sweets Day  
[ It makes her feel sick to her stomach. For most of the week, Madoka has been trying to confirm that Rin Okumura isn't droned. That wouldn't be fair. They were going to bake together and she never got around to learning more from him.

On Thrusday, Madoka is performing a familiar routine; walking around school with a container full of cupcakes and passing them out. It was hard to be cheerful at first, but baking was something that Rin liked so she feels a bit better to be passing out baked goods on his behalf.

[ Action ☆ Highschool ]
[ Iiiiit's cupcake day! Madoka will approach anyone and everyone, offering them cupcakes with a smile. But she's also going to be visiting every teacher, even the droned ones, and leaving cupcakes on their desks. ]
Um... Congratulations! On a whole year of school! Thanks for all of your hard work..!

[ Action ☆ All Over Town ]
[ Madoka was upset to find that her cupcakes didn't last through school, but luckily she'd actually considered this possibility... That's why she made cookies. She's visiting every business and offering cookies to everyone she sees working. That silly smile has never faded. ]
H-hello um! Sorry to bother you, but... Thanks for all of your hard work! In Mayfield... um... W-want a cookie?

[ Phone ☆ ]
[ After a long day of making sure to give out all of the sweets she made, Madoka is exhausted. It can probably be heard in her voice as she picks up the phone. ]
Good evening, um... I'm sure that I missed some people, so please let me know if I did, but I just wanted to say um... Thanks for all of your hard work in Mayfield. I've been here for a year now... And I would never be able to get through this without everyone... I really appreciate everyone working hard at their jobs and school and looking out for each other when things get bad. If it weren't for all of you then I don't know what I'd do... So really, thank you.

Um, and... School lets out soon, right, um...? I was wondering... if anyone wants to do something with me this summer...? Is that weird of me to ask?
07 May 2012 @ 01:01 pm
☆ → denial  
[ It's been days... weeks... Madoka hoped at first that it would wear off and everything would return to normal. Homura being droned was just too much. She knows now that everyone else from home is dead. Homura was her last source of comfort when it came to that fact, so Madoka tried to deny that the droning wasn't going away. As the time went on without Homura returning to normal Madoka just began feeling guilty. Homura made a wish for her sake. She's protecting her back home. And Madoka can't even keep her from being...

Madoka might be slow and naive, but she's not stupid. It finally clicks that this isn't coming undone.

[ Action ☆ School ]
[ Despite being absolutely depressed, Madoka is her usual happy self for most of school. She's even baked up another batch or seven of cookies-- mostly to distract herself while at home-- and is handing them out to anyone she sees. She doesn't want to be sad... so she won't be sad. It's as simple as that. ]
Good morning! Um, I know it's a strange time... but here! Um, Happy Monday!

[ Action ☆ School ☆ Lunchtime ]
[ But then lunch comes and Madoka ultimately breaks. She isn't even in the cafeteria for a whole minute before she spots Homura's drone and excuses herself. Still, she doesn't want to both be depressed and starve... so Madoka relocates. After wandering the hallways for a good long time, she finds an empty one and tries to hide out of sight. She opens her lunch container, looks down at it, and immediately closes it again. She doesn't want to get tears in her food, even if they're silent tears. ]
I'm sorry, Homura-chan... I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry... Nngh... [ She hangs her head and covers her mouth. ] D-don't cry here...

[ Phone ☆ ]
Homura-chan is... [ And that's all Madoka can say on the matter. ] ... Please, um... Look out for her. She's a good girl... a really nice person, and strong, so... Please be nice to her drone...

[ Action ☆ 1333 Benny Road ]
[ First Madoka sulked around the garden for a bit! She's apparently growing some vegetable plants in an open space and can't let her depression keep her from looking after them. Neighbors might notice her hard at work immediately after school, mumbling to the flowers to help them grow.

And then she finished gardening. Madoka only takes time to wash her hands before going to her room and locking the door. Yup. Guess who's sulking amidst a pile of stuffed animals? Madoka is. She doesn't even come down for supper.
16 April 2012 @ 09:16 pm
☆ → more cookies & questions  
[ For the most part, Madoka handled the bodyswaps very well. Aside from worrying her head off, anyway. And that one thing with Belphegor.

Despite her worries, Madoka originally attempts to just keep her cheerful attitude up. For most of the weekend she pretends nothing is wrong and tries to ignore the problem. But come Sunday evening, Madoka is beginning to think that's a bad idea.

[ Phone ☆ Sunday Evening ☆ Fail!filtered from Bel ]
um... I'm sorry to bother everyone so suddenly, and at this hour of all times... I... I bought some flower seeds.  The books in the library were actually really helpful too, so I think I know what we could plant now for home gardens, if anyone is still interested. [ She laughs nervously, almost letting herself get off topic and sweep the issue under the carpet.

Then sighs. Be tough, she reminds herself, because you need to figure this out.
] But um... more than that, I... I have a question... I guess it's sort of a strange thing to be asking so suddenly and over the phone of all places... [ She breaths in deeply. ] Can you... I mean, if a person... If a person has... k-killed... someone else... people who kill others, are they... is being friends with those types of people bad..?

[ Action ☆ High School ☆ Monday ]
[ Come school time, Madoka will have come to her conclusion. She bakes cookies first thing in the morning, puts them all in a plastic container, and hurries to school. For no particular reason, except maybe to give herself courage, she'll pass out these cookies to people she sees in the hallway all morning and afternoon. So even if you don't know her, expect a shy pink haired girl to approach you and hold out the box. ]
Um... Hello, are you... Do you have a moment to have a cookie?
[ And after building up her courage, Madoka will track Belphegor down and tap his shoulder. Too scared to say anything or look him in the face/bangs. ]

11 March 2012 @ 06:11 pm
☆ → spring flowers  
[ It's spring time! Madoka waited a whole week after the March weather change, to be sure that it wasn't going to snap back to winter. Then she counted up her savings, woke up early on Sunday, and headed out. ]

[ Action ☆ Flower Shop ]
[ Madoka can be found browsing the store in search of seeds, bulbs, and potted flowers she could transfer. She's holding a list of flower types that she feels she could look after reasonably and comparing the names and prices. ] Hm... I've never planted in America before... I hope that the weather will stay this nice. I wonder which flowers will grow best here... Where would I find vegetable seeds, I wonder...?

[ Phone ☆ ]
Um, good afternoon, everyone! I'm sorry to bother you all... I was just thinking that... well, it's spring! The weather is a bit warmer... and the flowers are beginning to bloom. I was thinking that it might be nice to begin planting some flowers... This is usually a good time, I think, since it's not too cold...

We could plant in the gardens outside our houses too, um... vegetable gardens, maybe... so if we can't buy from the stores again then we'd have some of our own food to rely on... It might take a while, but maybe it would be helpful...? I'd like to help out... and gardening, um, is something I'm a little bit good at? Just a little bit...

Th-though, I've actually never planted in Mayfield before... does anyone else like gardening? I wouldn't mind some tips... I really do want to be helpful.
24 February 2012 @ 11:48 pm
☆ → it's not valentines day anymore  
[ It deeply troubled Madoka that she had failed to hand out all of her Valentines Day chocolates. Flowers had happened, resulting in her becoming so forcefully distracted that she didn't get around to it. The logical option should have been to hand them out the very next day, but Madoka was too shy an embarrassed.  One day went by. Two days went by.

Nearly a week...

The chocolates sat in her room, mocking her with their untouched wrapping. Madoka sat in her room Thrusday night and stared at the poor chocolates. She was never going to hand them out at this rate. This was silly. She shouldn't have expected someone like her to pull this off. Her homemade chocolates probably tasted terrible anyway...

... No! Don't think that way! [ Madoka took a deep breath, gathered the remaining chocolates, and headed to the kitchen. ] I have to stop thinking like that..!

[ Friday ☆ High School ]
[ Madoka melted down her chocolates, made some extra, and brought a fairly large bag of homemade chocolates to school today. She tried to give them all cute icing pictures and made her close friends extra-special chocolates, but she is handing them out to anyone. Yup. Anyone. Even if you've never met Madoka before, she'll approach you and offer you a chocolate. If you're a friend then she'll probably spend most of the day trying to track you down. ]
Um-... um, I know it's late, but... but Happy Valentines Day-- er, um... Happy... February?

[ Friday ☆ Around Town ]
[ With whatever she has to spare, Madoka will be visiting the various shops of Mayfield and, once again, offering her chocolates to anyone that she sees. ]
Um, good afternoon! S-sorry, is this an okay time...?
11 February 2012 @ 10:59 pm
☆ → back on track  
[ action ☆ 1333 Benny Road ☆ backdated ]
[ Almost a week ago, Madoka woke in her bed from a nightmare. She'd been killed, but it took replaying the horrible memory over and over in her mind for the fact to sink in. She'd died. Being revived couldn't erase that fact, no matter how much Madoka internally begged her memories to stop playing over and over.

But she pulled herself out of bed
and started the mechanical routine for school, as if nothing was wrong. She'll have kept this up all week, only taking the time to cry when she feels she's alone. ( If you want to backtag an instance of this, just make an action reply! )

[ phone ☆ ]
Um, excuse me for bothering!  I'm glad that everything seems to be okay now, I really am. But... but, even though it's been a while, something has been.... been bothering me, I... It's about something that... that happened, I um... [ Madoka hesitates. She wants to talk to someone about how scared she was, and sort of still is, in regards to being killed. But as the words start writing themselves out in her head she realizes it... She's being so selfish. Her first thought is of Mami and Madoka immediately starts tearing up. ] I um... I wanted to... I'm just not sure how to feel, I...

[ Mami has died. Her friends have probably suffered. For her to be freaking out over this is selfish, right? When they've all bee so strong... But does treating it that way mean she thinks Mami would be silly to cry?
Madoka lowers the phone, her voice getting softer.

That's, I...

[ She goes quiet... then speaks up, her voice shaking despite all attempts to sound tough. ] I just wanted to check up on everyone! Even if things are fixed, I want to be extra careful from now on... I was wondering if someone could teach me a bit more first aid? The things I learned as a Nurse's Assistant at school really aren't any good in such situations... Oh and um! With Valentines Day coming up...  Has anyone made plans yet? For what to do? I'd like to try doing something instead of just watching, for once, um... Please, call me back if you have time!
31 January 2012 @ 02:31 pm
☆ → almost spared  
[ To put it lightly, Madoka's spirits were dashed. The people she usually counts on for support are either suffering or missing, leaving her with no one she feels comfortable leaning on. But her spirits "were" dashed. Rather than despair, Madoka has decided to try using herself for support. She always relies on others and can't this time... so maybe, just for a while, she can toughen up and be someone everyone can count on. ]

[ Phone ☆ ]
Um, sorry to bother you all... This is Madoka. Kaname Madoka. Though I know some of you have forgotten me... I can't do much. I'm just a nurse's assistant and my work at the hospital here isn't very useful but... but I'm okay, I'm not hurt, so I won't waste that. Please, if there's anything I can do to help you, or even anything I can get for you or um... people you'd like me to check up on, I'll do it!

And um...  [ deep breath ] If anyone with medical experience needs an... an assistant! I want to help, so please! I don't want to just stay by and watch this anymore!

[ Action ☆ Around Town ]
[ True to her word, Madoka will be going around town trying to offer her help. She's left a note on the counter of her house to alert her housemates that she'll be out. If Madoka knows you then you can expect her to visit your house, no matter how often you'd already spoken this week. She's checking in every store and down every street for people who need help and will stop for anyone who looks hurt--- so don't be shy about traumatizing her with your injuries. ]

[ Action ☆ Last Action of Madoka's Day ☆ Reserved ]
[ Unfortunately, Madoka's luck has run out for this event. She had just picked up some gifts from the grocery store with the intention of bringing them to some friends she saw earlier, desperate to give them something to be at least a tiny bit glad for. But she won't succeed in delivering her get well gifts. ]
16 January 2012 @ 09:45 am
19 ☆  
[ Action ☆ Benny Road ☆ Early Morning ]
[ The sirens contributed to Madoka waking in a panic. She checked the time and half-heartedly checked the date but contributed the missing three days to her being freaked out and not seeing correctly. Madoka puts a blanket over her shoulders, still wearing her girly pajamas, before opening the front door and peering out into the street. If she sees anyone else on the street or coming out of their house she'll hesitate before calling over. ]

E-Excuse me, um... do you know... do you know what that sound is?

[ Phone ☆ Morning ]
[ And now she's just groggy and tired. It was hard to sleep through the sound, especially when she was scared to death. But even so, Madoka is a trooper and she's trying to seem energetic. ]
Um... g-good morning. Sorry to [ yawn ] call so early... Did anyone else hear that last night, um.... and maybe know what it was about? I hope no one else had trouble sleeping... Please, let me know... [ yawns again ] At least I have the weekend to catch up on sleep...

[ Action ☆ School ]
[ But SOB it's actually Monday and Madoka has no weekend to look forward to. She came to school with determination--- determined to stay awake during all of her classes, even if she was exhausted. She's wearing her school's uniform from home and has been trying to keep herself awake by doodling in her notebook but, ultimately... she will be nodding off in every class. You may even look over and see that Madoka has rested her head on the desk to sleep or you may even see her fall backwards out of her chair. It's not going as planned. ]