13 August 2012 @ 05:41 am
5th Mental Baggage: Return to Mayfield  
 [Action: 5721 Cunningham Lane]

[Lili woke up a little dazed but realized she's not in that plane headed for Psychonauts HQ. This place looks familiar and not in a good way. She looks out her bedroom window and the color drains from her face.]

Not this again...

[Just to be safe, she focuses her mind on the nearby alarm clock. It glows blue before floating via telekinesis. Well, at least she got some of her powers back. She drops the clock on the bed and makes her way downstairs.]

Hello? Anyone here?

[She even goes outside to the yard and looks around.]

This isn't Stevens Road...then where am I?


Hey, has anyone seen Raz or Natalie? This is Lili. Somehow, I'm back and in a totally different house now. I guess whoever brought us here got bored and dragged me back here.
02 April 2012 @ 11:55 pm
20 ✿ i believe that pranks are much better than death [backdated to april 1st]  
[[truthfully, she had been preparing for the events of last year to repeat themselves as the man on the phone had told her. but, thankfully, her hopes were recognized, and the minute she finished reading her letter, she felt every bottled up fear flutter out of her in the form of a happy sigh. and then she questioned the fact of her "agreeing" to do this. and then the remembered it's mayfield, and mayfield does stuff like this because mayfield.

anyway. playing jokes on people? pranks? she'll do her best (although, she doesn't like the idea of making people cry, so none of that).

now, to find her targets.]]

locked to: chen, lili, inara, and the fair lady! )

[[action (after the fun "pranking" shenanigans]] // john doe park // open ]]

[[somehow, nia has found a way to prank herself. sitting in the park, she's having a little bit of a wrestling match with a tenacious piece of saran wrap. she can't seem to get it off her arms and/or torso. what a problem! what a pickle! what a conundrum!

although, she doesn't seem all too upset. she's laughing about it, in fact!]]

04 March 2012 @ 12:49 pm
4th Mental Baggage  

So...out of curiosity, does anyone know a place to practice psychic powers? N-not that I’m asking for myself or anything. It’s just for reference in the future.

[2240 Stevens Road]
[In the front yard, Lili can be seen using her telekinesis when there’s no drones around to start moving some snow out of the way. And every once in a while, she molds some of the snow into a snowball and chucks it at drone who’s back is turned to her.]

Hah. That never gets old. Now where was I...

[There’s a piece of paper floating in mid air that she keeps referring to before resuming her work. Pester her?]