29 August 2012 @ 01:32 am
2nd Cameo: That Period when you grind before the big fight  

Alright, this is pretty much the part of the storyline when things are chill, but shit can go wrong at anytime. You don't need RPG experience to know that the best thing to do is group up with other people so you don't die in a horrible fire or some shit like that, so I'm doing all of you a favor and offering my services.

The name's Asagi, wandering protagonist and gunslinger extraordinaire. I've got looks, 1500 levels and enough bullets to tenderize the fuck out of whatever gets in the way. I don't have enough of my things to blow up the entire town, but believe me when I say I provide the best fucking support fire you're never seen before with my pistols alone.

Since Mayfield doesn't use a turn-based system, a traditional party should have a tank to absorb damage and hold threat, DPS attackers to dish out the damage without getting too much attention, and healers to make sure everyone stays alive and provides rezzes when necessary. I've calculated my stats and I can manage an easy 50K DPS without even trying, so keep that in mind when you're looking for someone to put a few holes in enemies before they put too many holes in you.
20 July 2012 @ 06:45 pm
1st Cameo: Make way for the Queen of Games!  
Action: Outside 7135 Brooks

(Okay, so things were pretty boring outside of the carnival that left. Asagi's come to accept that, but apparently it meant people were getting things back, so she's been frantically checking the mail for things addressed to her when lo' and behold, stuff! One of them is a package, so once she opens it up...)

Oh, fuck yes! Mommy missed you two so much~

(Yes, she's talking like this to her twin pistols. They've been with her since day one, so getting these back is just wonderful. The other thing, apparently a letter, holds nothing but a photograph of some...light orb thingy? The hell's that all ab-

And suddenly, the words "LEVEL UP" briefly appear over Asagi's head, accompanied by a brief fanfare sound effect. The girl stands there in shock, knowing exactly what just happened.

My levels! Holy shit, I got my levels back! I am in business now! Ohohohoho!

Action: That place everyone likes blowing upJohn Doe Park

(Hope you weren't planning on a peaceful walk through the park today. Because this girl is pretty much going on a field day with her regained guns Just ignore that transformation part and the poor video quality. Yes, that is her normal firing speed and no, she doesn't seem to be stopping to reload. Care to jump and find out what the hell's going on?)