21 October 2012 @ 12:03 pm
Second Twilight (both options are Action]  
[Riku has been trying to gather as much information about the town as possible for the past few days. Needless to say, the drones do not say a lot that is useful. He also lacks a weapon and, well, a baseball bat does not seem exactly the best thing to carry round.

a) Riku can be found in the afternoon, standing outside the City Hall, glancing at it curiously. If the Mayor lives here then there’s a good chance that there is some information hidden in there, right? Except it would not be a good idea to just barge inside in broad daylight. Not with those dronings about.

b) Yesterday, Riku had gotten a call from some drone guy yelling at him for slacking off his job at the bowling alley. Last time he checked, Riku did not have any such job. His ‘parents’ had told him off for apparently not attending as well and a couple of drones in the street had asked him why they did not see him there. Because of that, Riku figured that it would be probably safer to just go.

So today is Riku’s first day at work and his first task is to do a bit of sweeping. His ‘boss’ pays him, which is good. Today, he has the task of cleaning up one of the aisles, which would not be so bad..

If some drone kids had not decided that it would be fun to try and chuck some bowling balls at him. Hi, guys. Have some silver-haired guy trying to duck or dodge (and sometimes falling over as a result) every time a bowling ball ‘accidentally’ comes his way!]
04 October 2012 @ 05:45 pm
First Twilight  
Action A - 769 Bunker Street
[World-travelling was not a concept that was unfamiliar to Riku. However, they usually happened because he wanted to and did not involve waking up in a new world with no warning whatsoever - the last thing he remembered was that he went to sleep in his bedroom. Which this room certainly wasn't. The pyjamas were not his either.

To make matters worse, he could not summon his Keyblade or cast spells.

However, Riku is not the one to panic easily and after grabbing some baseball bat from the closet in the room he had woken up in for protection, he starts to explore his new surroundings. How did he get here? Had he been kidnapped?

As Riku wanders down the corridor from 'his' room, one of the pictures on the all catches his attention. It is him as a child standing in front of a house he does not recognise with two other children. The girl Riku is certain he has never seen before in his life, but the boy.....]

Hang on a minute....is that Sora?

Action B - Around Town
[Riku is later seen in town, trying to take in his new surroundings. Passers-by may find a silver-haired boy glancing at several places - the shops, the City Hall, the Post Office....trying to take a mental note of them. Bother him?]

Action C - School
[Riku is not someone who likes being forced like a slave or prisoner, but there could be an advantage of going to school. For starters, he could find some non-drone classmates or teachers who he could ask for more information about the town.

Thanks to having explored the town earlier, he is pretty late for classes. Oh, well. As he is putting things into his locker, one of the drone girls calls him.]

Hey, Riku!


Are you coming to Charlie's party tonight?


You don't know? The whole town is talking about it, silly! [And with that, the drone girl gives a wink]

Oh...yeah. I remember. [Trying not to draw suspicion among the drones]

Well, I hope you come. You'll be missed if you don't. [And with that, the drone girl gives a wink]

W-wha-?! [The drone girl just gives an empty giggle and walks off. Trying not to look too weirded out, Riku returns to his locker. Say hello? Troll him? Tell him off for being late for class]