01 January 2005 @ 04:54 am
[Action; 306 Miller Street]

[Iceland wakes up in an unfamiliar bed in a somewhat familiar looking house. He's definitely not home. If he was, Mr. Puffin would've woken him up by then. He looks around the room curiously until his eyes fall upon a family picture on the wall. After studying it a bit closer, the realization hit him like a cinder block. A really heavy cinder block.]

Oh no...

[He was here before. Probably not the same exact house, but definitely the same town. Except...it had been at least 37 years since he had to even deal with this place. In a way, he was kind of happy to be back in this town. At home, he had to deal with a financial crisis. So in a way, he was glad for the break.

With a sigh, he got dressed and even tried making a makeshift bow from ripping apart a dreadful looking shirt. He walked over to the kitchen to go make breakfast.

So everyone at 306, there is one line-faced nation now cooking some bacon. All's good right? Except, upon closer inspection, the bacon looks like it's pretty burnt. Ice isn't even noticing as he appears to be caught in his thoughts. You probably might want to stop him before he sets the house on fire.]


Does anyone know if they sell black licorice here? Or does anyone have some they can spare?

[A pause. Was there something he forgot? Oh yeah.]

I'm back. Did I miss much?