19 April 2012 @ 12:32 pm
1-lost rose  
A. Action ERWIN ROAD 3472

[ When Zion awakens, he finds himself in a bed that wasn't his in a room that didn't belong to him but someone who looked like him. He shot up in bed, looking around the bedroom with a confused look. There were pictures of him and people he didn't know. He stands up and looks at his clothes, still in pajamas, weird....These were so tasteless. Wait....How did he get in... ]

What in the world....?

[He made his way over to the drawer and puts on some clothes. A black jacket white shirt and black shorts with boots. At least who ever this was had some taste. He silently makes his way over to the door and pokes his head out. ]


[ he pauses for a response before calling out ]

Is anyone here?

B. Action Around Mayfield Afternoon

Oh dear~

[ he mumbles softly, looking around. Maybe a self tour was a bad idea....Zion tried retracing his steps but it seems he's only gotten himself more lost. He sighed as he decided to ask for directions. Can't be that hard, hopefully they weren't too annoying. Once he spotted someone he put on his innocent act and made his way over. ]

Ah, excuse me? I seem to have gotten lost....Would you mind telling me where I am?

[ Maybe he could entertain himself a while before finding his way back. Ah choices, choices. ]

I'd hate to be out here all day~