13 August 2012 @ 12:10 am
13 - A Little Bit Louder, A Little Bit Worse  
[Morning - 1762 Beaver Street]

[The morning was already off to a bad start when Doofenshmirtz realized that his grind guard was missing. Again. Just like that time he got taken to...

Wait. Mayfield. He remembered, now. He'd spent a few months in a horrible 50s town, hadn't he? With zombies and cannibals and zombie cannibals and B-movie monsters and horrifying vampire ladies and milk. Was he there again? Opening one eye and peering out at the world confirmed it. Yup. Not his bedroom. Not his tower. Not his bed, and not...]


[Not a real person in the bed with him! Now suddenly very awake, he flings himself out of bed and out of the bedroom and down the hall and down the stairs...]

...okay. Okay, yes, plenty of distance, that's quite enough... ooof.

[Well. Here he was. Somewhere horrible, in someone else's pajamas, and hungry. That last part, he was sure he could fix. Best to start small and let the rest come together after that. First he'd make some breakfast, then he'd get all of the other fiddly details like location sorted out.

Housemates, feel free to catch him in the kitchen making pancakes and bacon, or at any point before that.]


So. I, Doctor Heinz Doofenshmirtz, have been brought back to this terrible place! Apparently they weren't done with me? Ha! I am not done with them! They were kind enough to let me keep some of my things! Kind enough and foolish enough! There will be no delaying or being lazy this time, no no... this town will be feeling my wrath immediately! Ahahahahah!

...oh. Barton? Toni? Gohan? That platypus at my old house? Are any of you still around?
16 February 2012 @ 02:12 am
12 - Really, Really, REALLY Evil Love  
[Action A - February 12th, At and around 457 Stone Street]

[Doofenshmirtz hates flowers in the spring. He also hates flowers in the not-quite-spring. And he really really hates not-quite-spring flowers that won't go away when you throw them out. Or crush them. Or toss them over into the neighbor's yard. Hyacinths, hyacinths everywhere (along with others, yes yes), and they just would not go away!

He's getting really stressed out. For serious.]

[Action B - February 13th, 457 Stone]

[It probably just made things worse, all of that flower-handling. There's traces of pollen on his lab coat. His nose is a bit stuffy from all of the scents. But he's feeling good, today. He's feeling very evil, moreso than usual! Housemates, you'll find him in the garage, doing his usual tinker and mutter and laugh menacingly to himself thing. The Bald-Inator has been disassembled and is being reassembled into something smaller, and hand-held.]

Yes... ah yes, ahahah, she will love this, it will be just like she had said! Marble! AHAHAHAH! A town full of statues, JUST FOR HER!!!

[Action C - February 14th, 1652 Albright]

[There's a Doctor Doofenshmirtz at the door. A box of lovely pastries from the bakery is hooked in one arm, while that shiny new Inator of his is in the other. He knocks, and grins a really quite terrible grin while waiting for the love of his life to come let him in.]

Solaris! My darling! You have inspired me, on this most dreadful of holidays!

[He was looking for Lust. Really. He really was. It's not his fault that she never actually gave him her real name....]

[Phone - February 14th, late afternoon]

This is a warning to ALL OF MAYFIELD! If any of you are to so much as attempt to harm a surprisingly resiliant hair on my darling's head, you will pay dearly! If you so much as look at her funny, you're getting added to my garden gnome collection! I mean it! I am not joking! Oh, ha-ha, yes, let's all laugh at Doctor Doofenshmirtz, he's so wacky....

You will not be laughing when I am done you!
05 February 2012 @ 09:46 pm
11 - Fresh Buttered Destruction  

They said we get to destroy this place, didn't they? Yes! Yes they did! EXCELLENT! The the lot of you, you are going to help me! And it will be fun! And delicious. Be on the alert! Have your butter and your jam and your various other condiments and toppings at the ready! THERE WILL BE BREAD.

[Action A - 457 Stone Street]

[Mad science does not have to make a lot of sense or be particularly explicable. It just has to be MAD and INTERESTING. And Doofenshmirtz certainly thought that his Bread-Inator was both. It was also the only fully-constructed Inator he had at his disposal. It only took about an hour of effort to rig up a seat atop it, and to rewire the aiming mechanisms to be accessible from up there. It took him another ten minutes to find his goggles. And then he was right to work, taking aim at objects all over Mayfield and blasting them with an improbable ray. All the while, he's cackling and muttering and just plain grinning from ear to ear. This is some SERIOUS evil here, oh yes.]

[Action B - Around Mayfield]

[Maybe you're leaving your home. Maybe you're heading down the street. Maybe you're blowing something up, as seems to be the exciting thing to do today. But suddenly a blast of light will arc down from in the distance, and hit something near you! And then there will be overpowering smell of fresh, warm bread.

That's what a Bread-Inator does. It turns things into bread. Lamp posts into baguettes. Houses into fluffy loaves of white bread. Playground equipment into rolls fresh from the oven. Eat up, Mayfield.]