23 June 2012 @ 01:12 am
zesentwintig - this time  
A - 1447 Mitchell for [personal profile] achromous 

[Canada had been back for a few truly happy weeks for Holland.  He was just so glad she was back, and Hilda too, and he'd tried to spend a lot of time with both of them, even if he was incredibly bad at telling them directly how badly he'd missed them.  He supposed it could look really pathetic, the way he enjoyed living like a human being, and not a nation.  Good thing he never really gave a damn about what others thought.

This morning, a good-morning kiss from Canada had him waking up, again, happy.  As happy as he could be in Mayfield. 

. . . that is, until she called him by that human name the town had given him.  It wasn't her.  She wasn't there, again.  After literally pushing the drone away, he'll go down the hall, long and purposeful strides giving away how worried he truly was.  

He'll stop at Hilda's door, knocking a bit too loudly, a bit too fast - desperate, really.  Please be there.]

B - The Pharmacy

[Glad, at least, that Hilda was home, he didn't want to stay in the house with Canada's drone.  While he doesn't stay at work, co-workers will notice Holland come into the pharmacy, prepare a prescription of very high strength barbiturates, then leave with them.  He will not say hello.

He'll be using them to sleep tonight, hoping the sedative will do it's job. Falling asleep alone in the house had been hard, when he thought of his housemates being droned.  But Hilda was there; he reminded himself of that often, now.]

anywhere in town

[He'll visit a few places today, walking by himself.  The flower shop, the hardware store, and he'll stop at the pet store to get a new toy for his rabbit.  He'll also look at all the other pets.  

Anything to make him feel better.  It wasn't as though he weren't used to people coming and going; he was a nation, he'd been alive for over a thousand years.  

He just really, really, really hadn't wanted Canada to be droned.  What if she didn't come back?  

If it's any indication of how much he's been affected, and how he's feeling, Holland actually looks sad and upset.  It's plain as day, right on his face, the neutral expression only trying to surface now and then when anybody talks to him.]

D - for 846 Goldberg

[There is a tall, irritated-looking nation sitting on the porch.  He hasn't knocked on the door yet.]

07 June 2012 @ 12:15 pm
Fourteenth Pokéball ☯ action  
A; 1447 Mitchell Road
[Hilda wakes up, looks at her calendar, and realizes she's lost a few weeks. It's a little scary, to think that she could go to bed one day and wake up so much later, like some fairy tale, but everything in Mayfield has that sort of quality to it. She reaches for and finds Liepard at the foot of her bed, sinking her hands into his fur for reassurance. Then, still in a nightgown, she pads downstairs to see if anything happened while she was away.]

Good morning...?

Mayfield streets
[There's no better way for Hilda to get her mind off of things than physical activity, so she's taken her bike out today and is currently zipping along the sidewalks at top speed, though Liepard is easily able to keep pace just behind her bike except when she goes down hills so quickly she can hardly keep her feet on the pedals and the bike pointed forward.

She'll swerve to get out of the way of anything that doesn't see her coming in time, but it's not going to be the most graceful stop.]
15 May 2012 @ 09:01 pm
vierentwintig - Mother's Day  
[It was startling to wake up this morning.  Not only did he feel off, Mother's Day marked just past a year since he'd arrived in Mayfield.  A year of time . . . it was a short amount, to a nation, but long to be away from his people and home regardless.  

. . . and then Holland remembers last Mother's Day.  A day where he spent the majority of it being compelled by a certain girl with bright pink hair to do whatever she asked.  He hadn't seen Nena since . . . was it Valentine's Day?  Possibly, since he remembered feeling as though they were good friends, under Mayfield's influence.  After all, the last time he'd seen her before that she'd shot out the windows of his house.  He still had the gun she'd given him, too. 

And that's why he's going to try as hard as he can to slip out of bed and out of the house without meeting Canada or Hilda.  It doesn't really go as planned though.]

A - for housemates at 1447 Mitchell Rd.

[Good morning.  That was just the sound of notdad tripping over a polar bear in the hallway and falling down half a flight of stairs.  The hell, Kumarie.  She was usually in bed with him and Canada.]

B - Open to all - around town

[Now that he's feeling about as awkward as he possibly can, it would be a great time to run into any other ladies he's gotten to know in town.  He might even be compelled to wave a greeting, only to quickly shove his hand in his pocket and look away, embarrassed.  

What, he didn't say anything.]

C.  Belgium's house -  5718 Cunningham - open to all residents

[He just wants to see his sister.  And maybe bring her half the tulips in his front yard.  It wasn't half, but it was a lot.  Holland might even let himself into the house and arrange them all in the kitchen, where he'll start to make something tasty, stirring something on the stove.]

15 April 2012 @ 02:21 am
Thirteenth Pokéball ☯ action  
1447 Mitchell Road {backdated to Friday}

[Hilda's always been one to sleep in late, and when she does wake up it's never a quick affair. She does, therefore, notice something seems weird, but she can't really figure out the details just staring at the ceiling. The ceiling does look a little different, though. It's like the sun is coming in through a different window, maybe. Is her room bigger all of the sudden?

She tries to blink the exhaustion away and figure out what's going on.]
02 April 2012 @ 07:12 pm
4th Coffee  
[Well, Maladict likes to think simple pranks are above her, but given what people have been saying about the last time the census went out, she might as well give it a go]

[Action; Nia]
Nia's prank )

[Action; Elizabeth]
Elizabeth's Prank )

[Action; England]
England's prank )

[Action; Panty - 3AM]
Panty's prank )

[Action; Hilda]
Hilda's prank )
24 March 2012 @ 10:01 pm
Twelfth Pokéball ☯ action  
A; park, day
[As soon as Hilda had, quite against her will, submitted the census she'd received in the mail, she had taken off. There wasn't anywhere for her to really run away to, and so she was quickly drawn to the park, with its wooded area perfect for getting lost in. She could remember what happened last time Mayfield had given out censuses, and she didn't want to do that again. Even if Mayfield didn't repeat, what if it was similar but just worse? The only thing she could think of to do was train her Pokemon even more. She could only hope she'd still have them when whatever happened happened.

If you're in the park today, it looks like it's been hit by a hurricane in the right areas. Trees knocked down or torn to bits, water everywhere, cactus needles embedded in the plant life... It should be easy enough to find her by following the noise and destruction, where Hilda has all six of her Pokemon out, sparring against each other or practicing on the trees and plants around them.]

B; park, night
[In the end Hilda hadn't gone back to her home. She had spent countless nights out in the wilderness at home, so she's not scared of spending the night in some park, and laying balanced between Samurott and Liepard, looking up at the stars, is at least a little comforting, even if none of the stars are the same ones that she knows from Unova.]

What do you think, guys. How much longer will we be stuck here?

[Of course, her Pokemon have no answer.]
22 March 2012 @ 07:00 pm
A - 1447 Mitchell Rd.

[Holland had regained a good number of things in almost a year of time in Mayfield. He had two rabbits now, his old friend Poffertje and another one of his pets, Soesje, both rabbits named after cream-puff like pastries. At least Poffertje was happy; he needed a lady-friend.

He'd also gotten by with comforting items like his pipe, his scarf, and even his coat . . . and this morning he gets something more. There is an envelope shaped like a card in the mail, and when he opens it on the porch, he's greeted by a picture of a field of tulips. For a moment he's distracted by the flowers, the relaxing colors and they weren't laid out too badly either . . . it definitely looked like something from home.

And that's when he hears the loud crashing and shouts from the kitchen. He'll run into the house, only to be met with an enormous pile of tulip bulbs filling the kitchen.

He could use those. ]

Don't damage them!

B - Mayfield Elementary School

[Holland is going to walk his new notdaughter Romana to school. In the cute little dress that Canada picked out, with her cute little pigtails she's. . . well, still Romana, but cute. Eat your heart out, Spain.]

C. Phone - Morning

For anybody who knew Italië Romana, she's back now only she's very small and she's living in my house now.

Spanje, you can't come over.

D - The Pharmacy

[Holland is hard at work, or hardly working depending on the time of day. For now, he's stocking shelves, a seemingly endless job. Now would be the perfect time to talk to him and ask him about his awkward personal life.]

E - Phone - Afternoon - to all

I'm staring a gardening business, because it sounds like a lot of people want to learn. You can come to a free demonstration at my house, 1447 Mitchell Rd. at 10 A.M on Saturday. Free pancakes.

[ooc: There will be a log for this. Also he may or may not have discussed the pancakes with Canada beforehand. . .]

15 February 2012 @ 12:53 am
Eleventh Pokéball ☯ action; February 14  
1447 Mitchell Road
[Hilda has left small packages of chocolates for Canada and Holland on the table for them before she left for school. Canada's is held by a polar bear stuffed animal and Holland's has a rabbit stuffed animal.]

Neutron Diner
[Hilda is decidedly more flirty as she skates around today, winking at anyone over about sixteen or so and lingering at the cars she serves. Cinccino is running around after her, looking rather confused by Hilda's behavior but not really able to do anything about it.]

Hey, do you need anything else?

[That's said in the flirtiest way possible.]
25 January 2012 @ 08:11 am
Tenth Pokéball ☯ phone  
It's really weird... When I went to look at the machine, I checked, there wasn't a label or anything on it. Did one appear after so now we know what it does? People are talking about how people are... Staying dead now. Are you sure Mayfield isn't just turning off reviving again on its own to keep us arguing with each other? I mean, Mayfield changes things around all the time, doesn't it?