06 June 2012 @ 08:05 pm
゜゚*❀*゚ ゜ One  
.: at 1485 Kramden Road :.

[It would have been a peaceful and uneventful Mayfield morning, given the mild chaos of the past few days, were it not for the loud clanging of pots and pans accidentally crashing onto the floor. A complete accident. Honest. The kitchen itself is not a disaster zone at this point, but it's well on its way to becoming one, courtesy of a young girl who's far too used to using magic at this point to do without it now while making breakfast.

There's anger, confusion, and a slight fear. But most of all, there's hunger.]

All of this would be a world easier if I could just get my wand back!

.: Downtown Mayfield :.

[There's a girl on a borrowed stolen just for a little bit really bike stopping every once in a while to squint at the shops for any familiar faces, or even any trace of magic. Please excuse her if she crashes into you.]
19 April 2012 @ 05:34 pm
[Action at 845 Goldberg Street]

[Well. This was...certainly unexpected. Joshua's accustomed enough to traveling to different universes, but not involuntarily, and definitely not in a manner that would leave him completely without his powers or even his own clothes. There's also the fact that he woke up at all, considering that a Composer who fell asleep on the job did not keep it for long, three week Games nonwithstanding.

Still, he's not one for panic even in the most unusual of circumstances, so it takes him only a few seconds to brush off the initial bewilderment before he hops off the bed and starts taking in his surroundings, picking up a picture frame on the drawer nearby. He doesn't recognize the other three people in it, but that's definitely him posing in the idyllic scene of a family vacation. An alternate version of himself, most likely? Then again, he's been to plenty of parallel worlds in his time and he's pretty sure that there is no universe out there that would cause any iteration of himself to make such an unironically cheerful expression.]

Hmm. Is this the part where I'm supposed to say 'curiouser and curiouser', I wonder?

[Action around Mayfield]

[Clearly, more exploration is warranted here. Not that Joshua seems to come across as a newcomer to the town, an amused expression remaining firmly on his face even as he's getting more unnerved on the inside. Not only is he no longer in Shibuya, or even in the same continent, but apparently he's not even in the right time. That said, the only time that calm look disappears from his face is when he's rifling through the racks at the clothing stores, wrinkling his nose in distaste.]


[After he's done strolling around town, he finally picks up the phone.]

Mayfield, is it? All right, I'll bite. When does this little Game start to get interesting, or shall I be looking to make my own entertainment here? I do so hate to be bored.