06 May 2012 @ 10:44 pm
I - [phone]

[She thought it was about time she made her presence known.]

It seems I'm still a florist, despite being in a different house...I really should learn more about flowers. I know almost nothing. If anyone happens to consider themselves an expert, I'd appreciate a few lessons, per se.

And Carrie...if you can hear this, please give me a call back.

II - [florist's, all day]

[Rider is bored. But that's an understatement. Because throughout her day, she keeps finding increasingly bizarre ways to pass the time. First it's just reading. Then she tries to arrange a bouquet of flowers into different patterns...including an odd-looking snake. At one point she's slumped over the counter, (seemingly) asleep. She can be "bumped into" at any of these times.]
26 January 2012 @ 09:36 pm
 I - [phone, evening]

[She'd held off long enough. The last time she'd made a call was her first day in the town, three or so months ago. She didn't like using the phone lines in general, and she certainly didn't like appearing weak. 

But it was getting serious.

From the November event, she remembers getting dragged off by the cannibals after attempting to divert attention from Sakura, from the person she cared the most about in the world...and it had worked, but at a price. She'd been killed. Eaten. Ripped apart and eaten while still partially conscious. 

Part of her wondered if that was how her sisters' suitors felt when she came upon them with daggers and teeth, so many years back. 

It was a sensitive subject, to say the least.

Pardon. [Her voice sounds the same as usual, but there's an odd almost squishy sound, as though she's got water or something in the back of her throat.] I seem to have been revisited by the wounds I received last November, much like others I have heard today.

[She coughs, painfully, and the watery sound in her voice only increases.] If anyone is aware of a method of binding severe cuts and gouges, please inform me. I would appreciate the [hack-hack-cough] advice.

II - [around town - near midnight]

[Sometime only a smidgeon near mightnight, Rider starts wandering around. It didn't feel good to lie in her bed and wallow in pain. She'd felt worse before (granted, she'd had her divinity-embellished body and Servant status), so it was no excuse to mope.

Except she only seems to be making herself feel worse. 

Anywhere around the town, you can see Rider a) kind of staggering around, blood dripping from her coat sleeves, but generally keeping her composure, 2) half doubled-over on the ground, the bleeding apparently getting worse, 3) flat-out lying in the snow. Blood. Everywhere, man. I WARNED YOU ABOUT THEM CANNIBALS, BRO.