15 February 2012 @ 05:37 pm
one. choose your own adventure.  
[ a. action inside 2239 Stevens Road ]

yeah )

[ b. phone (open) ]

Okay. Okay. Not panicking. Ahhhhh. Why won't my number work. Why won't my mom's cell work. It's okay, Mac, pull it together...You're done panicking...

[He kind of wheezes into the phone. He has no idea who he's actually talking to.]

[ c. action on the mean clean streets (also open) ]

[Nothing to see here, just a morose and somewhat twitchy kid walking to school. His not!mom told him he had to go, and gave him a bookbag to carry with him that he hates purely on virtue of it not being his tried and true backpack, which he also couldn't find this morning. But he is basically done with panicking for now, at least.]
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