11 March 2012 @ 09:50 pm
Initial Calibrations  
Locked to 462 Stone street.

[Garrus has waken up in what he though were worse conditions before, you don't spend time on Omega 3 as long as he did without at least trying the Ryncol, but something was different. This bed felt different from his bunk on the Normandy, softer. Larger. Also, there was a distinct lack of the collector aesthetic of creepy glowing walls and things trying to kill him. Slowly he crawls out of bed only to fall over at his first attempt to stand up.

His legs, they aren't working right. They felt like they were backwards. Maybe they defeated the collectors and the all got a little bit too drunk partying. Yeah. That's it.

After a few more tries Garrus manages to slowly stumble over to a light, flipping it on to see the full horror at what has happened.]

Oh my. This is... interesting.

[He stumbles out into the living room, cautiously looking around and picking up things, jumping at the littlest noise.


[A man with a deep voice picked up the odd contraption and calls out sound both angered and annoyed.]

Shepherd? Joker? Anyone there? This- Ceberus did this, right? You would think they would be rich enough to create more than one species body. Unless Mordin was somehow involved. Either way, I may have to thank them later, maybe give them a gift at high velocity. Multiple times. If I can ever find my guns.