12 May 2012 @ 09:47 am
[First Hat Trick] [Stranger in a Strange Land]  
[Master Bedroom of 1764 Beaver St]

[The first thing that Patrick notices is wrong is that he's in a comfortable bed. He doesn't sleep much in beds these days - there's his mattress on the floor of the bedroom of his house. There's the cot up in the attic of the CBI building, and the sofa down in the pen ... but he doesn't wake up in beds.]

[He also doesn't wake up in a twin bed, with the other one occupied by a woman with her hair in curlers.]

[...He decides immediately screaming probably isn't the answer. Besides, it might wake up the strange woman and god knows what sort of crazy she might unleash on him.]

[So, quiet as a mouse, he crawls out of his bed and to the closet to grab some clothes that are -- well, not his but close enough. He forgoes the ties to stick with his normal jacket-vest-pants combination, but keeping his shoes off so he can sneak across the bedroom without awakening the strange brunette.]

[Living Room of 1764]

[He's escaped downstairs, but not before discovering there are two more closed bedroom doors - and the decorator here decided to go with the bad side of the 1950's.]

[He's shoving on clothes when he notices something over the mantlepiece. A portrait. A family portrait.

And he's in it. With the brunette. And two children. He walks up to it and squints, before muttering.]

...What. in the name of. Molly Malloy. Is going on?

[Right. Right. Time to call the police.]

[Phone, open to all]

Hello? Hello? Aaaaah, I'm just trying to be clear here - am I in a real place? I just need to know if I've been kidnapped for nefarious purposes or if I'm just having a mental breakdown? [a pause] Again.

[Out in the Town]

[You might just see a spiffy looking blonde man on the late side of his thirties, just going into his fortieth year, walking around and ... well. Poking things. Poking flowers. Poking sign posts. He's feeling them out to see if they are in fact real or if his mind is playing tricks on him.]

[He's also peering at people very intently when they pass by. He's especially staring hard at the drones, his lips pressing together and his blue eyes going a little harder and more intent.]

[There's something very wrong here, and those people, Patrick has found, are one of the ones that are tickling his Spidey Senses.]