05 October 2012 @ 08:30 pm
Case: 028  
{{ →!Phone | Morning - Before School }}

Ne, ne... has anyone noticed we're a little off schedule?

{{ →!Action | Over by City Hall | Evening }}

[ The sun is quickly setting and Conan hasn't yet made it home. There's a good reason for it though as he's been watching city hall all day-even chanced skipping school to see if there was anything worth noting but as he had kind of expected, nothing happened. Eventually, he started to get bored and since he's still mostly getting over a nasty cold, fell fast asleep up in the tree he's been hiding in. Better hope he doesn't try to roll over. ]
20 September 2012 @ 03:37 pm
case: 027  
{{ →!Action | Mayfield Elementary | Thursday Morning }}

[ Conan isn't really feeling all that well today, he woke up with a dull throbbing in back of his head and by the time he's made the walk to school he's just about ready to pass out on the front walkway. He refrains though and makes it all the way to class before plopping down in his seat and laying his head down. Better make sure he doesn't fall asleep. ]

{{ →!Action | Anywhere | Friday Afternoon }}

[ It's Friday and school's let out for the weekend which means Conan's week is up. He's spending his Friday after school the same way he usually does and that's by taking a walk around town, making note of any changes or new faces and occasionally getting trapped in a short conversation with drone children about why he doesn't want to play baseball with them. ]

[ He's not looking so good though as he seems to be coughing and hacking an awful lot-sometimes he even has to stop in his tracks when a particularly nasty coughing fit happens. He leans against a telephone pole all but hacking his lungs out. ]

Damn... my head feels fuzzy.

[ The coughing is giving him a worse headache than he even had but he presses on. It's only a cold and it'll go away if he completely ignores it. ]

{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko | Saturday Morning }}

[ Ignoring a cold does not make it go away. Actually, ignoring a cold makes it worse and allows it to develop into something else entirely. When he wakes up in the morning he can feel his head pounding and upon stumbling out of bed he quickly discovers the pounding is worse when he's on his feet and even causes his vision to blur-he just might pass out if he's on his feet too long. ]

[ He tries to shake the headache away but that only serves to make it worse. This can't happen, he has somewhere to be today and he'd only stagger out into the street if he tried to leave now. He Forces himself to the kitchen in search of orange juice but only gets as far as the living room table before he stops to try and refocus his vision-using the table to keep himself steady. ]
15 September 2012 @ 03:44 pm
Case: 026  
{{ →!Action | Outside City Hall | Afternoon }}

[ Conan got a useful regain this time around-his glasses. Of course he knows just what to do with this gadget as he moves over to a window he's mostly sure leads into the Mayor's office. He removes his glasses and pulls off a small chunk of them and wraps it in a piece of chewing gum he'd been working on before pressing it down near the window-he's not putting it on the wall itself-he won't risk the chance of it shorting out or electrocuting him. ]

{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | Later in the day. }}

[ Conan's relaxing on the couch, having come home before curfew just as his housemates expect of him-or he seems to be relaxing-actually he's listening carefully. A little confused when the sound of foot steps meet his ears. ]


{{ →!Action | Mayfield Hospital | Evening }}

[ Nothing much to report just yet but since Sherlock's regain came in the mail today Conan's decided on delivering it to him personally. It isn't like Holmes wouldn't get it upon his return home but right now Shinichi is a little shaken and desperately needs a distraction-delivering Sherlock's regain might provide just that. Maybe, if he's lucky. He also stops by the master bedroom in the house to swipe the packet of cigarettes and lighter on the bedside table. ]

[ He pushes the door to Sherlock's room open and carries the package over. Sherlock will probably notice Conan's glasses are different today-still over sized but they look to be in much better condition and much better quality then the one's he's been borrowing from Mayfield. Another thing that surely won't go unnoticed--he's incredibly pale. ]

((ooc: You can catch Conan acting suspiciously if you'd like but stepping on the piece of gum that has the listening device wrapped inside is reserved to Gin.))
10 September 2012 @ 04:50 pm
Case 025  
{{ →!Action | Mayfield Elementary - Music }}

[ It's September and so that means Conan's back in Elementary, which means he's tried again to explain to his drone teacher that 'Duck and Cover' is pointless and only gave in when he was threatened with a note home to his parents-that was the last thing he needed. ]

[ It also means he has to face elementary music class. Generally, he'd choose to stay in the back of the class so no one could tell he wasn't really singing but this time a seating chart foiled his plan and his request to to be moved was denied. So he's sitting near the front and it's been made perfectly clear that faking it isn't going to cut it this time. ]

[ Apologies to anyone nearby him- he's tone deaf. ]

{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | After School }}

[ Guess what happens when you can easily recognize any pitch but, try as you might you just can't replicate it? Yeah, that's right-no one believes you're tone deaf. Which is why Conan ended up with a note home anyway. For some reason or another they thought he was intentionally disrupting the class by pretending to sing badly. He's more than a little unhappy and immediately hunts down a mystery book to indulge in. ]

{{ →!Phone | Filtered Away From Drones | Evening }}

Ne, I was just wondering-after what happened last week and since we got Grey-san's message... does anyone else think that he might have been why Mayfield was having trouble staying solid?

If you have any theories, I'd like to hear them!

(( ooc: For anyone wondering about his singing))
25 August 2012 @ 02:40 pm
Case: 024  
{{ →!Phone | 915 Bilko Boulevard | Evening Sometime }}

[ He's out of the hospital now and feeling much better. He'll even accept some visitors as long as he knows them. He's still not leaving the house though, better that way since he's still recovering. ]

Hi! I just wanted to let everyone know I'm back now, but I probably won't be going outside for a while. Sorry if I worried anyone.

But, that's not why I'm making this call. With things turning briefly intangible I thought I'd warn everyone to be really careful before they pick something up and try to avoid carrying it for too long. It might be kind of tedious to set something down every three feet but it'd be a disaster if someone dropped a pot of boiling soup on themselves, right?

And, if anyone has any ideas as to what's happening, I'd like to hear them.
22 August 2012 @ 03:58 pm
Case: 023  
{{ →!Action | Hospital | Afternoon sometime }}

[ Conan's propped up against his pillows. He knows he's not supposed to be using his left arm at the moment but that doesn't seem to be stopping him at all as he has it out of the sling and is holding his small pocket notebook, scribbling things down in it. ]

[ He pauses a moment when he feels himself sink a little farther into the bed. ]

Huh? ...YEEA-GUH!

[ Suddenly he falls through it, landing with a painful thud on his back side. Made more painful thanks to the ribs. ]
17 August 2012 @ 12:09 pm
Case 022  
{{ →!Action | Hospital | Morning | Locked to hospital Staff and People that know where he is }}

[ If anyone has noticed Conan's absence from 915 Bilko Boulevard it will have seemed as though he up and a disappeared and has been missing for several days. The truth is, that after a truly unfortunate encounter he's wound up at the hospital but no one really knows that except for the staff and, of course Sherlock, being the person that brought Conan to the hospital. ]

[ During his absence he's been drifting in and out of drug induced sleep. However, he's feeling much better today, his body temperature is back to normal and his head isn't pounding like it was. The last thing he can really remember is that he wasn't thrilled about going to the hospital when that seemed a bit obvious. Well, he's still alive so maybe Gin didn't want to risk looking for him... that or he thought that there was no way Conan could survive long enough to get help... honestly, even he's kind of surprised he didn't just die that night. ]

[ Now that he can think clearly again he's laying back in bed with one arm tucked under his head staring at the ceiling and contemplating his next move. He needs to find someway to deter Gin from just attacking him again. He's not really in any shape to do anything immediately as he is still recovering from a few broken ribs and dislocated shoulder. Not to mention his hands and wrists are still bandaged. ]

[ He wonders if anyone's noticed his absence, if they had they'd probably know he was still around somewhere since people who were sent home ended up droned. His next thought is if they would bother to look for him... It was certainly possible with a few people... he's really glad Ran isn't here. She'd have torn half of Mayfield up looking for him. That thought in mind though, he manges to get down from the bed and find a phone. Not fun with broken ribs. ]

{{ →!Phone | Hospital | Afternoon }}

[ He'd better made this quick. If anyone tried to trace it they'd need twenty seconds at least. He has less than that to make his call. ]

Uh-hi! This is Conan...I've been gone for a few days, but don't worry, I'm fine. Well, I've got to go, but just know I'll be a few more days.
12 August 2012 @ 08:58 pm
Case: 021  
{{ →!Action - 1449 Mitchell Road | Late in the Night }}

[ Conan isn't thinking straight. All he wants is to get off the street and find a phone. He needs to find a phone before he passes out and Gin catches up with him. He has no idea what setting his shoes had been on but at the moment he didn't really care. He was free! He'd escaped. Again. He stumbles all over the sidewalk and at one point even falls to his hands and knees-Or in his case forearms and knees as his hands are still tightly bound by cables. The sudden impact blurs his vision worse and sends a very unpleasant jolt up the injured shoulder. ]

[ He takes a few breaths and wills himself to push on, moving back to his feet and going a little farther before tripping and falling foreword again. This is never going to work. He's never going to make it back home. But damn it, he doesn't have a cell phone so it's not like-wait. Maybe-maybe he could borrow someone else's phone? If he's remembering correctly Mayfield doesn't have a shortage of them. ]

[ Somehow, by some miracle stroke of luck he manages to find a house and break the window before climbing inside-gaining a few extra cuts as he does. Conan doesn't seem to notice however, as he just lets himself fall heavily onto the floor, landing on the broken glass and just taking a moment to breathe. ]

[ Gotta get to the phone. Gotta get to the phone. A few more step Kudo. You can do this. With a mighty effort he gets to his feet, ignoring the glass shards he'd landed on and pushing himself to the phone-most phones were-were-Aha! ]

[ His hand tightens around the phone and stares down at the blurry numbers. H-how did you filter these things again? W-was it-? ]

{{ →!Phone (Probably a failed filter to Sherlock) | Late in the Night }}

[ At first there's nothing but heavy breathing-like someone fighting to stay conscious. ]

C-Can you... [ another breath ] ...can you c-come get me...?
06 August 2012 @ 01:24 am
Case 020  
{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | Shortly after Gin's post }}

[ His face is pale and he may have broken into a cold sweat as he slams the phone down-sitting back on the chair he had to climb up on and just stares at the phone. There's a million thoughts running through his head. ]

[ This can't happen. He had to be mistaken... right? It was just... someone with a similar voice... but no. He can't take that chance. He needs to know beyond a doubt if that was really Gin on the other line. ]

{{ →!Action | Outside 915 Bilko Boulevard }}

[ Conan is crouched down low on the porch and just watching the passersby. He's mostly concealed but you can probably see his red shoes and back of his blue blazer. ]
26 July 2012 @ 03:17 pm
Case: 019  
{{ →!Action | Grocery Store | Mid-Morning }}

[ To get back to Ran he had solve this mystery first. To do that he needed better leads then what he has and a just a few more pieces to the puzzle known as Mayfield. It's probably a long shot, but if someone like the Mayor or Jack Smith or Annie isn't just a drone then they probably suffer from something all living things do. Hunger. It's possible to stock pile food but eventually that food would run out and someone would have to replace it. And that someone just might know a little more than most of the residents. ]

[ It's for this reason you might find Conan stalking around the grocery store, he's not hurting anything as he's not touching anything but he's watching the entrance and other employees like a hawk. If you approach him, or he approaches you, he'll probably ask some questions. ]

{{ →!Action | Neutron Diner | Afternoon }}

[ The only time Conan has acceptable social skills is when he's being a manipulative little brat. He knows that most people will answer a curious child if they don't have anything to hide. So he just moves into the restaurant without a care in the world and moves over to the register, offering his brightest smile as he looks up at the cashier. ]

{{ →!Action | The Library | Afternoon (later) }}

[ He can be found over by the mystery section which isn't really much of a surprise. He's holding a book in his hand but he's been on that same page the past ten minutes and his eyes have been directed towards the front desk. ]

[ Eventually, he snaps the book closed and moves along the wall, aiming to get behind the desk once the coast is clear. ]

{{ →!Action | Outside The Library | Late Evening }}

[ It's already night fall and yet for some reason Conan never made it home. It's probably nothing to worry about, he's prone to making these disappearing acts and then reappearing hours later. This is no different, he's just standing around the library, keeping cover in some bushes as watches the door carefully. Waiting. ]
21 July 2012 @ 10:30 pm
Case: 018  
{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | Evening - Early, EARLY morning }}

[ Since returning to Mayfield Conan has locked himself in his room with any mystery books he could find. If he figured out the trick and murderer before he finished his book he'd toss it in a pile of books that couldn't hold his attention for long. If he is kept guessing until the end then he sets it aside on his night stand to read through it again and find the key details that point to the murderer. So far he has not come across such a mystery. Normally, he'd finish reading the book despite figuring out the trick-but this is different. He's only reading to keep his mind focused and off Ran. ]

[ He's been having difficulty concentrating on anything lately because he's been constantly worried about his childhood friend. He closes the last of the mystery books he'd managed to find and tosses into the pile with all the others before sinking down into his pillows. Ran would be okay... wouldn't she? ]

[ He takes a calming breath and tucks his hands behind his head, staring fixedly at the ceiling... ]

[ ... ]

[ ..... ]

[ ... ]


[ He wakes up in a cold sweat, immediately sitting up and breathing hard. What a Nightmare. ]

{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard's front yard | Morning }}

[ Conan's not in a good mood today. He's stille feeling jittery and shaky so to calm himself down as best as possible he's got soccer ball out and kicking it at the side of the house-when it bounces off he rushes to meet it and kick it again. ]

[ It helps. But he's obviously bothered by something as he keeps missing the small 'x' he drew on the side of the house with a piece of chalk. ]

((ooc: If you're curious about Conan's dream I've left a link to it as I wrote it out in a separate journal entry. Warning. It involves violence. ))
16 July 2012 @ 08:19 pm
Case: 017  
{{ →!Action | John Doe Park | Afternoon }}

[ Conan is droned today. This obvious because he was so polite at the breakfast table today and has a very empty look to his smiling face. He's discussing something with another drone boy- talking about how nice the weather is and how Mayfield is best during the summer. ]

[ Later he can be found blankly paying baseball. Another sign something is off since Conan is a soccer player and doesn't seem to care about baseball. ]

{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | Forward dated to 4AM }}

[ 'No... Ran no! Get away from him.. That guy's one of Them... one of the men in.... Black... ]

[ Conan wakes with a start. Memories come rushing back all at once and sudden wave of panic washes over him. It's pitch black and he can't see a damn thing. Where is he? What happened? Where's Ran?! Ran! ]

[ He starts to try and get up but there's something wrapped tightly around him. ]

Sh-Shimata! [ Was this the work of the organization? Had they somehow realized his identity? Is that why Bourbon was at the tennis court? Suddenly, he starts to struggle like mad, trying to free himself from whatever is binding him. He thrashes wildly around until suddenly there's empty space beneath him and falls to the ground head first, let out a cry of pain and frustration as that only served to make him dizzy. ]

[ Ran! Where's Ran? What has that bastard done with her!? He struggles against his binds once more but that only makes him dizzier-just how hard did he hit his head? ]


((ooc: Okay so. Conan is droned from Four in the morning to four in the morning. Drone!Conan tags will probably be the creepiest thing ever because Conan acting like a kid Not!droned is creepy enough.

As for his return, he has not yet realized he's back in Mayfield and so hasn't yet figured out the thing binding him is a regular blanket.))
12 July 2012 @ 04:10 pm
Case: 016  
{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | Early-Early Morning in the Kitchen }}

[ He knows pretty much anyone who knew he had this idea would object which is why he's up so early. He's brought in the milk but instead of just dumping it down the drain like he usually does he's set it on the table and watches it apprehensively. He has to do this-he has to know. But there's no way to tell what kind of milk it is without... drinking... it. Just the thought alone is enough to churn his stomach. But he won't get anywhere if he doesn't take risks. ]

..is there really no other way to do this?

[ He pours grabs the bottle and pours a very small glass which he makes a disgusted face at before taking it in both hands. 'Just... a little right?' He takes a deep breath and gulps down some air before starting to take a drink-managing to swallow very little of it.. He immediately spews it out though-coughing loudly as he wipes his mouth, traces of blood on his hand and in the spewed milk. ]

Well.. could have been worse. [ Cough-cough-hack ]

{{ →!Phone - Early Morning }}

[ Cough-hack-cough ]

N-ne! [ Cough ] G-Good Morning Everyone! S-Sorry [ Hack ] to bother you so early- [ Cough-cough ] but I was wondering-[ Cough-hack ] if anyone has a microscope I could borrow? [ Cough-Cough ]
10 July 2012 @ 08:45 pm
Case: 015  
{{ →!Action | 915 Bilko Boulevard | Midday | Locked to housemates }}

[ Conan has spent most of his day inside his room messing with his bowtie. He would have a good use for it but unfortunately Mayfield anticipated any plans he'd have had involving the voice changer as he just can't get it imitate either the Mayor's or Jack Smith's voice. ...maybe a different voice? He twists the dial to a voice he's used in the past, his own voice and brings the bowtie up to his lips ]


[ Flawless. He changes it back the frequency that he's sure the Mayor would fall in and tries again. ]


[ Nope. Just a hair too deep. He tries twisting it the other way and adjusting a few other dials. ]


[ Still no luck. Oh well.. maybe Mrs. Johnson's voice? ]


[ Nothing. Too high pitch. Stupid Mayfield. Feeling completely discourage he moves over to the couch and climbs into the armchair and sits like this while he tries to review his options and what he knows. ]

{{ →!Action | Outside 915 Bilko Boulevard | Afternoon }}

[ Conan's in a bad mood. This why he's bouncing a soccer ball knee to knee to head to knee. ]
24 June 2012 @ 12:38 am
Case 014 | [ Phone - Filtered from the drones ]  
To anyone that heard that message and was smart enough to record what you heard; I want to compare notes--as quickly as possible. I heard something about Code systems and it's imperative I know exactly what's going on.

What one man can invent another can discover.

...And Richard... who is he?

(( ooc: I am so sorry to be making another Conan post so soon but-but he's a detective and this is highly relavent to his interest. ))
22 June 2012 @ 10:35 pm
Case 013  
{{ A. →!Action & →!Phone | 915 Bilko | Morning }}

Good morning everyone! I was wanting to know if anyone wanted to play soccer today-it's nice enough. If you don't know how then that's okay-it's really simple and I can teach you!

[ Action ]

[ It's early in the morning and Conan is just slipping out of his house, a soccer ball tucked under his arm. Holmes the Kitten is curled up and sleeping contentedly out on the porch so he's doing his best not to wake the cat. ]

[ Feel free to ruin everything. ]

{{ B. →!Action | Edge of Town | After noon }}

[ Conan is squinting to see how far outside of town he can see-he knows from personal experimenting what happens when a person leaves that way but what about something inanimate? ]

[ He takes his foot off the soccer ball he was holding in place and takes a few steps back and bends down low enough to click his shoes up to the highest setting before rushing up and kicking the ball as hard as he can-and flies right out of town- ]

{{ C. →!Action | The Other Side of Town | After Noon }}

[ -Suddenly a soccer ball comes flying in from nowhere and smacks right into a parked car leaving a crater sized dent. Oops. ]

((ooc: Conan will be rushing to the other side of town in option C shortly to retrieve his soccer ball.))
02 June 2012 @ 11:25 pm
case 012 | AU!Conan Edogawa  
AU Information )

{{ →!Action | John Doe Park | Midday }}

[ When Conan awoke this morning he felt decidedly different. He couldn't quite put his finger on what but made a mental note think on it later. After getting Holmes-san some delicious cream he let himself out of the house and went straight to park to see anyone was around to play. ]

[ Instead he finds a set of footprints with which to practice his deduction on. Let's see... this person steps on the inside of their heel, most likely a woman's judging by the size and shape of the print... ]

[ Don't mind the seven year old stooped over the footprints with a magnifying glass. ]

{{ →!Action | Around Town | Afternoon }}

[ After the mystery of the footprint Conan finds himself moving through town in search of more minor mysteries he can practice his deduction skills on. ]
17 May 2012 @ 11:37 am
Case: 011  
{{ →!Action | Mayfield Elementary | During Class }}

[ Conan doesn't bother paying attention to the techer- drone or non-drone there is very little anyone can teach him that he didn't already know. He was in high school before he suddenly lost about ten years off his age so anything being taught in Elementary he was quite confident he knew. Really, not even high school level courses are enough to challenge him so if he tunes the teacher out for an hour or three he won't suffer at all for it. In fact, it's better if he tunes them out because several of the theories being taught will be debunked in the next few years. ]

[ Instead he uses the time in class to go over his notes. He makes a list of everything he knows, the results of several experiments, and a list of things that are still confusing him but he's sure will at some point fit right into the puzzle known as mayfield. ]

{{ →!Action | Around any street signs in Mayfield | After School }}

[ You can find the detective at the end of every street jotting the street name down in his notebook and occasionally flipping the notebook upside down. ]

[ On a rare occasion you might find him doing a handstand and looking at the original sign upside down. ]

{{ →!Phone | 915 Bilko | Evening }}

[ Conan has returned home and has his notes spread out all over the counter and frowns at them heavily. He checks over a few things and moves over to the phone, pulling it off the cradle to speak into it. ]

Hello everyone!

This is Conan Edogawa from 915 Bilko. Anyway, I never found the owner to that cat I asked about. If he's yours you can feel free to come collect him. You'll be happy to know that I've been taking really good care of him!

Anyway, if you've been droned lately and returned to home, may I speak to you? Similarly, if you know someone who is droned or was droned that returned home for a brief period of time I'd also like to speak with you.
07 May 2012 @ 02:02 pm
Case: 010 | Back dated to Friday (May 4th)  
{{ →!Phone | Afternoon. }}

[ Guess who's birthday it is! ....And then guess who doesn't remember because obviously Sherlock Holmes is far more important. ]

Um... I was just wondering if anyone has a copy of Sherlock Holmes: The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes? I don't have mine right now and I usually read it every year on the Fourth of May because today's the day Holmes and Moriarty went over the falls.

I can understand being skeptic about letting someone borrow a Holmes Book, but I can have it back to you by the end of the day.

(( ooc: To anyone I owe Conan!tags or Aoko!tags too, I will get on those after work. I just had to get this up on my lunch break. ))
02 May 2012 @ 11:24 pm
Case: 009  
{{ →!Action | On Route to Elementary | Before School }}

[ With every step the small detective takes it becomes more and more apparent that he hasn't slept much the night previous. He's practically dragging himself up to the school. He may have just had a bad night or maybe he stayed up too late with his experiments or note taking. ]

[ It doesn't matter what he spent the night doing, the point is he's far too tired to notice a familiar kitten trotting after him like he's its mother. ]

{{ →!Action | Around Town | After School }}

[ Something he hasn't done in a while is wander around town to make note of all the recent changes in either the residents or the town it's self. So feel free to notice a little boy with a note pad out scribbling things in on occasion, stopping to look things over and then continuing on his way. ]

[ Once again, he fails to notice the kitten following eagerly behind him. It stops when he stops and starts walking again when he does. ]

{{ →!Phone | Evening }}

Um... is anyone missing a cat?

(( ooc: Okay so. Until I can get somethings squared away with Conan have the adventures of Detective Conan and his kitty stalker :D ))
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