17 July 2012 @ 04:07 pm
Five: In Which Klaus Leads a Mundane Life  
A. Action (Grocery Store)

[It's time for Klaus's usual grocery trip to stock up on waffle ingredients. Sure, he's buying more than that, but that's really all that's important. He has therefore filled his shopping basket with about five boxes of waffle mix, as many bottles of syrup. They are all different brands. Baron Wulfenbach is going to be running an experiment when he gets home.

Bother him and ask what in the world he's doing with that much breakfast material?]

Phone for Garviel )

Action for Hiccup )
29 April 2012 @ 03:18 am
Four: In Which Klaus Finally Snaps  
A; Action for Lu )

B; Anderson Lane, Afternoon

[Klaus has spent nearly two years in Mayfield hoping against hope that when he finally went back to Europa, things would be salvageable, that he wouldn't be going back to find the world in ruins and everyone he ever cared about dead or gone. He's already suffered that once, and it was devastating enough the first time.

He never realized how much worse it would be to go back and find himself as Lucrezia's helpless pawn, as her biggest tool in her plan to destroy everything he ever worked to build. He never realized how much more painful it would be to have to watch things spiral downwards into destruction and know that he was absolutely helpless to prevent it. There are only so many loopholes to orders as tight as hers, and the more he makes use of them the more he can be sure she'll close them round his neck like a noose -- or even worse, Gil's neck, because she plans to use his son just like she's using him and he cannot stop her.

Add to all of this that his talk with Mayfield's Lucrezia did not go at all well, and the town has a very angry Klaus on its hands. The stress and anger and helplessness has pushed him into Madness, and not the usual strange but benevolent Madness friends might know from his moments of SCIENCE! This Madness is a Madness born of rage and despair, stronger and deeper and far more destructive than anything he's ever exhibited before. The town is very lucky that Disciple's mobile agony and death dispenser isn't finished, or things would be even worse than they already are. As it is, there have been two small explosions from 729 Anderson within the past half hour, and a whole lot of shouting to boot. Someone (Lu) was stupid enough to let Klaus get to the garage and all of his weapons, and now he's on the lawn, menacing his own soldier clank because he needs to hurt something and it was closest and dumb enough to actually engage him.]

Mutiny, mutiny, mu--


[Aaaand there it goes, cut neatly in two by his six foot long Skiff-forged sword. He can fix it once he's calmed down, but right now, it just feels good to cut things into little bitty bits.

Approach with caution, Mayfield.]

[OOC: Anyone's welcome to tag in, though as a warning Sparks in this stage of Madness are very dangerous, so let me know what you are/aren't okay with in terms of getting beaten up by a seven foot tall brick wall of an angry Baron. Only Garviel and Signless will be able to snap him out of it, though others are welcome to try.]
22 April 2012 @ 04:11 pm
Three: In Which Klaus Learns The Song Of His People [Poison Joke]  
[This is the problem with being a scientist. When one notices something different in a controlled environment -- that is, a whole new species of flower suddenly popping up everywhere -- one simply can't help but pick a few and take them back to one's lab as curiosities.

This doesn't usually result in one drastically changing species, but there's a first time for everything.

Really, it makes sense. Looking at the people he associates with and who have outright adopted him, he's practically already a troll.

A sudden change in species is not going to keep Klaus from his work, at any rate. He did, after all, promise Disciple an updated Mobile Agony And Death Dispenser, and he intends to deliver (not to mention it's given him a nice, distracting project to work on for the past few weeks). Anyone passing by 729 Anderson will find him on the pavement outside his garage with a very large feline-looking robot and a whole lot of tools. Working on it with horns and claws hampering him is a little difficult, but he's making do.]

Gottverdammt horns, can't even get under the chassis...
13 April 2012 @ 01:23 am
Two: In Which Klaus Hits Negative Levels of Dignity  
For 729 Anderson )

B. Phone

[Those of you used to deep, manly voice from this particular number will instead have to deal with a high and slightly nasal female one. He is so, so sorry.]

I would like to apologize in advance for anything I -- that is, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach -- might do today. Or rather, what a certain woman might do while in control of my body. I suggest that everyone stay away from her -- that is to say, me -- until further notice or whatever is going on is reversed. Red fire, this whole thing is ridiculous...

C. All Day; Around Town

[Hey, you! Random Mayfielder! There is a very pretty, very short lady with physics-breaking hips determinedly trying not to fall over. Klaus is used to being a brick wall, after all; his whole balance has been thrown out of whack. He's still trying to move like someone with a fundamentally different body type and it shows. Oh boy, does it show. It also doesn't help that the only shoes for feet Lucrezia's size in 729 Anderson were spike heels.

Yeah, there he goes. Ouch. Help him up, y/n?]

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14 March 2012 @ 03:33 pm
One: In Which Klaus Runs Errands  
Action for Signless )

Action for Hiccup )

C; Action: Downtown

[Despite being very inebriated at the time, Klaus remembers promising Disciple a large feline clank to ride around on and possibly eviscerate people with. He needs a new project anyway, and any excuse to go and buy new hardware and tools is a good one. He's coming back from doing that now, his loot in the arms of a brass clank that somehow manages to be even taller than he is. There's rather a lot there, including what looks very suspiciously like a chainsaw.]

...And if I moved the hydraulics systems like I want to, there will be far more room for expandable blades...

[The clank doesn't acknowledge anything Klaus is saying, mostly because it isn't sentient, merely programmed to respond to and follow direct orders. Anyone else care to comment on his babbling?]

Phone for Dist )