13 February 2012 @ 10:30 pm
dvidešimt aštuoni; action {February 14}  
A; Bakery {locked to Russia}
[Lithuania had managed to avoid the flowers the previous day and the morning of Valentine's Day; given Mayfield, magically appearing flowers were definitely suspicious. It wasn't until he was at work that, distracted by Russia's near-daily visit, he'd ran right into some hyacinths. And, well, with Russia right there and all when it happened...

Well, the first sign is probably when he shoves a drone that was about to make small-talk with Russia over a table and then beams at the other nation.]

Were they bothering you?

B; around town
[Lithuania abandoned work as soon as Russia left the bakery. After all, it was far more important that he stay close, given that he'd decided that he was absolutely in love with Russia and, nearly more importantly, that anyone who tried to get in the way of said love needed to be injured at the least.

Now wherever Russia is, Lithuania is too, following his trail like either the world's most doting puppy or a vicious guard dog, depending on how people approach them. Lithuania's really quite good at staying on his trail, given how Russia seems to be trying to make Lithuania lose said trail. But Lithuania would never let Russia out of his sight; nothing is allowed to get between them and that includes whatever shyness Russia might be having.]

If you walk too quickly you might trip, you know!

(OOC: Option B will get you Russia and Lithuania. It's like a package deal! Wait for us both to tag in when you reply unless you specifically say you only want one or the other.)