19 January 2012 @ 12:49 am
Third Flame - It's difficult to run from your problems when you can only stumble  
[Outside the fire station, afternoon]

[He had gone in to work early today and stayed late. Of course, not much had happened since he started and they let him out to 'go home and check on his family' or have the day off or whatever. It just meant going back to that house with those drones with too much time to think. So instead he'll just wander around for a little bit. If you know him, you'll see he is pretty distracted.]

[Olney's Tavern, evening]

[For once he isn't sitting at the bar of his usual haunt. Instead he's sitting off to the side, more in a corner of the tavern than anything else, eyeing the drone waitresses funnily and probably drinking a little too much. Join him for a drink?]

[Phone, late night]


[There is a bit of a pause on the line and when he speaks there is a rather evident slur to his speech.]

S'what would you do if you-shit...

[There was a crash and some more swearing. He was pacing his living room in the dark, drunk.]

Say there's this person you wanna ignore but you can't but you should but at the same time shouldn't. And you've had ah, um, past with them. Cept you couldn't feel things before and now you can. What the fuck am I supposed to do...

[He just groans.]

Why you gotta always make things complicated...

[The phone gets dropped after that and soon the line goes dead.]