18 July 2012 @ 12:53 am

Tell me, what would you do if the town returned something to you that you didn't want? Say, a painful reminder of the past or a momento from someone you cared about. Would you deal with it or just hide it all away?

Action, Miller Street:

[That phone call wasn't a random question -- the town had given him back two painful reminders of his death. The first wasn't visible at the moment. He held the other in his hand: the dagger Claudia stabbed him with. It's a ceremonial dagger, pretty aside from the bloodstain on the blade. He wasn't happy about it in the least, especially not after the carnival. Vincent chose to walk down the street, clenching the dagger in his hand. Aside from his clenched fist, he looked somewhat calm, peaceful even. Talk to him at your own risk, he'll be especially acidic with his words.]
13 April 2012 @ 02:16 am
4. What has science done?!  
A: Action for 310 Miller Street:

[The moment Vincent wakes up is when he realizes something is amiss. He can see clearly. That's never been the case. He gets out of bed and notices that his room is different...and everything else about him. Oh, what the fresh hell was this? There were no mirrors in the room, meaning...Heather. No way in hell this could be right. He rushes into the bathroom to check his reflection. Well, well, today certainly got more interesting.

"Heather" will be downstairs for a little while, dressed a bit more feminine than usual.]

B: Action: High school

[To start the day off, it's time to make life miserable for everyone around "Heather". In class, he'll be throwing wadded paper at the teacher and generally mouthing off. Her desk will also have this drawn on it in red permanent marker.]

C: Action: Around town

[Better make the most of this chance while he had it. "Heather" is specifically seeking out people with dogs, gushing over them.]

D: Action: Diner

[How better to make life miserable for Heather then to fuck up her work life, too? If you're at the diner, expect your order to be wrong and nothing to be served in a timely manner.]
02 April 2012 @ 11:48 am
3rd Hatred - Your Pranks Shall Be Avenged [Event!]  
[A harmless old man is out and about on April Fools day.

Totally harmless.]

Vincent )

Elizabeth )

Inara )
21 March 2012 @ 03:16 pm
03. Something strange  
Action: around town

[Vincent caught wind of the hauntings plaguing the town. It's a natural consequence of someone so interested in the paranormal. He doesn't seem bothered or even frightened by the ghosts he comes in contact with. They're intangible and aren't immediately harmful. They're a far cry from the monsters that lurk in the Otherworld of Silent Hill, but they're still interesting.

He'll be walking around, keeping just far enough away from the ghosts to be out of harm's way. Feel free to approach him or ask why the hell he's so calm about this.]

Phone, later:

Are these...ghosts around the town usually here or is this a new occurrence? If they're new, does anyone know where they came from? I've never encountered actual ghosts before. They're much less...frightening than expected.
11 March 2012 @ 04:48 pm
Action for 310 Miller

[Vincent got his hands on some radioluminescent paint (red, to be specific). He's decided to play a rather cruel joke on Heather, but everyone in the house will see this symbol painted on every mirror in the house. He'll be playing innocent in the living room, reading.]

Action at the Church

[Being a priest of an...interesting religion, Vincent decides to pay a visit to the church in town. It's certainly better decorated than the last one he was in, but it lacks the sheer size. A shame, that. He'd had a hand in building it.

He'll be walking around, just quietly observing everything about the church. He seems to be paying specific attention to pieces of art. He also appears to be readily approachable, so feel free to talk to him.]
07 March 2012 @ 10:37 am
01. Not a normal reaction  
Action for 310 Miller

[Upon waking up, Vincent quickly realizes two things: 1, he's not dead and 2, this isn't the Church. He's not laying in a pool of his own blood on a floor of metal and broken tile. Either this is the afterlife or Silent Hill decided to play a trick upon him (though the surroundings were much nicer than that of the Otherworld). Well, nevermind that. He's got living to do, after all. He doesn't look out of place in the clothing he's been given, but it's not nearly as nice as he's used to. He takes time to check out his surroundings, finding the pictures of his new "family" slightly disturbing...now he's a father of three?

...Including one Heather Mason. Maybe he
is dead and she died, too. He would have to question her about it later. The other individuals in the pictures he didn't recognize from anywhere and that struck him as particularly strange. Just what's going on here? Instead of being bewildered, he's fascinated...Except when he encounters his drone wife. While her behavior's fascinating, her insistance and demeanor rub him the wrong way. He finds it entertaining that she actually goes away when he tells her to, though.

He takes the time to explore the house and any open rooms.]

Phone, sometime later:

If there's anyone else out there, can someone tell me more about this place? Is there any information of its history...a library, maybe? I find it...fascinating.

The people that act so...strange here...What's wrong with them? And, one final question: does the name "Silent Hill" mean anything to anyone here?