18 April 2012 @ 10:49 am
First Sanjou  
[A. 850 Goldberg Street]


[Carefully feeling his way out of the covered front, he pushed his head out of the entrance, followed by the rest of his body, inching along with a mutter of 'Inching...'. Soon, he was out of the doghouse to stare at it. It had a nameplate of 'Momotaros' on the front and he exclaimed,] I AM NOT A DOG! I don't even like dogs.

Augh. Where am I anyhow? This is way too white. [Storming towards the back entrance of the house, he opened the door open.] OI! Ryoutarou?! Where are you? Bear?! Brat? Perverted Turtle? Anyone?!

YAY! Momotaros is awake! Come here boy, come here!


[But too late, the drone kids had pounced on him and were treating him like the beloved family pet, much to his dismay when he was also given a food bowl with Momotaros scribbled on it, complete with water dish and dog food.]

[B. Anywhere in Town - Morning]

[Finally free of the kids, Momo had decided to take a walk. People were treating him like an animal! He wasn't an animal, he was an Imagin! But there was a lot of humans who were patting his head and going 'Who's a good boy?' and so on and so on. And none of them seemed to recognize that he was a walking, talking horned vaguely oni-like thing.]

Man this sucks. Where the hell am I or when the hell am I, how do I get back?

... Oh right, Den-Liner! This must be the past, so all I need to do is get on board!

[Checking the time in a store shop window where an old fashioned clock ticked off the time, he sauntered through the door at 9-9-9 -- and got shooed out by a shopkeep with a broom.]

Okay, okay, I'm going, I'm going! Ugh. [Feeling around his 'pockets' he frowned.] Huh, where's my Rider Pass?

[C. Diner]

[Figuring that the shooing was a fluke, Momotaros went to the nearest place that served coffee, and he plunked down what he figured was currency at that time at the counter.] One good coffee sir!

[Seconds later, Momotaros is bodily heaved from the door as he flew like a flying fish into the street.] No dogs allowed!

I AM NOT A DOG! How many times... eh?

Bark bark! [Oh look, drone dog. Momo did the only thing he could.]


[D. Anywhere in Town - Evening]

[It was rapidly cooling that spring evening, and Momo was getting cold. Really cold. He was shivering as he tried to find his way back to Goldberg Street. Sneezing, he found a box nearby.]

... it's something. [And he picked it up to head across the way for a park. Time for the return of MomoHobo. Shelter, check. Now he needed fire.]