19 August 2012 @ 10:18 am
✿action at the bakery

[ Since Hong Kong arrived back in Mayfield again he's been busy adjusting to his new job at the bakery. Unfortunately, inhaling eating half of the products probably isn't really part of the job description and when he isn't serving a customer all too often he can be found behind the counter contentedly munching on cookies or cakes etc. Oh yes, he definitely likes this job.

At least he has actually been cooking too though and there's now a number of new Chinese additions to the menu, including
the tray he's just brought out and is offering to you. ]

Would you like to try a cha siu bao? Careful, they're like, still hot.

✿phone call for Charles

[ Back at 912 Bilko Boulevard and Hong Kong is making a phone call in the kitchen to his old not!son.  ]

Wai. So like, you want to come round and eat with me and Taiwan? Or are you 'too busy' or whatever?