29 November 2012 @ 02:58 pm
Phase 6 - Purger  
A prelude of song for none to hear )

[Action - Anywhere in Mayfield]

[No, stop this! Please! I can't take this anymore!

Her internal plea holds no weight against the imposed control overriding her body, her emotions fighting in vain. It's been like this ever since she woke up the next morning, her body seeking out anything still alive to kill, defenseless or not. It's like she's locked up in a cage, just like being a drone, but that's different from now, her being sent to murder without a reason of her own. Helpless, all she can do is watch herself commit these acts in her own horror.

Unfortunately, Song Magic feeds on emotions very well — in fact, it's the very thing it needs to thrive.]

Was quel erra, exec sosar "Boom"!
Was quel ra, exec sosar "Boom"!
(In this lasting stress, I execute the magic of "Boom"!)

[If you heard this chant, a language that sounds like a bizarre mix of many known Earth languages, you might have also seen a pink and rotating ball of light held in the air over a girl in simple 1950s clothes. It's about as wide as a bus, and can be easily felt as magic of some sort.

Whatever the case, its mass is being sent at the ground you're on, with intent to kill you as well as anyone else nearby, whether you're aware or not.]
23 September 2012 @ 11:30 pm
Phase 5 - The Girl Who Sang At The End Of The World  
[(OOC: This post contains some Hymmnos font, it can be found here, but it is not necessary as the english writing for it is also provided, but it helps aesthetically. If you choose not to get it, you'll simply see the english writing for it twice. Aurica will be able to use the language from this point on, so expect more of it in the future.)]

Some flavor text here )

[On this Sunday afternoon, a tower will suddenly appear in the backyard of 458 Stone Street. Even if you don't notice or care about the tower, a sound will be heard from it a few minutes later, a song that might have a slight calming effect. It reaches for many, many blocks, the voice amplified by the tower's structure. It is up to you if you can hear it, though, as you could just be way too far away to hear it clearly or properly.]

♫ BGM: RE=NATION (Lyrics)

Negawakuba, kono uta wo, yobikikase, tamae,
      (Please, listen and receive this song,)

yuruku fuku, akatsuki no, kaze to narite;
      (that becomes the lazy wind of the dawn;)

Madoromu inochi, kooreru, yume ni,
      (Please, release the drifting and lost people,)

tadayohite mayoeru hito tokihanachi tamae...
      (whose sleeping lives are still in frozen dreams....)

[There is silence for many seconds, as if whoever is singing it is hesitant to continue. The tower's features then glow alight, its operation beginning and the voice returning just as serenely and vibrant.]

Amatsutahi kuru tori wa, futata ni, tada mukafu.
      (The birds that are flying together with the sky go towards the sunlight.)

Shiro ni azayagu tsubasa, saki ni, kibou no asu, tsutaete.
      (The white and shining wings are announcing a hopeful tomorrow to the future.)

Was yea ra waath near en hymme RE=NATION mea.
Was yea ra waath near, en hymme RE=NATION mea.
      (I'm very happy to sing my song of rebirth for a life.)

[The singing continues like this for a few minutes longer. If you're near enough or have decided to come check it out, the tower will look much like this, but not nearly so big and the greenery at the base is missing. The top half is denser than shown here, with it resembling more like a castle tower, as well as an observatory at the top floor where Aurica will be. The height looks to be about 10-20 floors tall, roughly. A long antenna at the top of the observatory marks the structure much taller, however.

In the greenery's place on the bottom, A large door with carved markings much like a Sumerian script or structure looked can be found, but no useful way to access it will be apparent at first. The only ways to interact at this point would be to either:

A.) Try to get her attention at the top of the tower, or
B.) Wait for her to come back down after the song finishes. We can handwave the interim if you prefer!
C.) Alternatively, you can try your hand at the door anyway, or just observe the tower if you're inclined to technology you haven't seen before.]
10 September 2012 @ 02:30 pm
Phase 4 - The Beginning Of The End  
Ar Tonelico 1 post-game memory and Mayfield-induced nightmares here for reading )

[A.) Thursday, September 6th, Morning/Afternoon - The Dairy Portal, Locked to Chen & Dakki:

Aurica walked down the street, tailing the unfamiliar robot-thing that was claiming to be Dakki, her not!mom from the last time the girl was here. She was warned to not follow, but she couldn't help herself; as much as she wasn't sure to trust her, she wanted to know what was going on.

Though, with her acting just like how her drone self would, she couldn't ask directly, either. Not that she thought Dakki would tell her, at any rate. Mothers are nothing if not caring for the security of their children, real or not. She stepped out from a corner, eyeing the portal that her supposedlynot!mom was preparing to enter.]

[B.) Sunday, September 9th, Morning/Afternoon - The Church of Salvation:

Normally when one prays in the church, they close their eyes, don't they? It's what one does when they reach into their soul, to feel for what they believe in to support themselves. Something to feel good, wholesome. Better.

If one would look closely at the girl sitting there on the empty pew, they might just see that she had her eyes open briefly. If one pays attention for longer though, they could notice that the girl didn't close their eyes at all, all that time.]

[C.) Sunday, September 9th, Afternoon - The Post Office (Feel Free To Intercept At Any Point):

If you decide to walk anywhere near this area today, one might find a girl in Mayfield-style clothes dragging herself along, arms lifeless and head bowed, her posture somewhat off-balance. As she passes by the Post Office itself, she stops and looks up towards it for some time, before she lowers her head again and continues to walk by, her pacing uneven.]

[D.) Sunday, September 9th, Afternoon/Evening - John Doe Park:

It's a casual day for living, and that means recreation in the park for a lot of people. Some are having fun, playing games, and others are relaxing, just taking in the sun and air. Aurica will be one of the latter, seemingly, as she's propped up on a bench. Most of the bench actually, as she's lying down on it, an arm lazily hung downward and a finger twirling around some grass on the ground.]

[E.) Sunday, September 9th, Evening - Phone:

Most of the time people talk on the phone if they're on it. You might be yapping away, with whatever important things or otherwise talkative conversation you're expressing, but there's someone listening in to these things that won't be very cheery. It'll be a surprise if the person even talks at all to you, really. Though, she may not be in the right mind to appreciate you trying to talk to her. You won't know until she starts talking to you.]

[F.) Monday, September 10th, Morning/Aftenoon - Mayfield High:

There was a better step in her feet today, the girl with the long braid that bounced around as she walked through the crowds of students into the faculty office. When Aurica heard that she had to go back to school, she was a little happier. That is, until she found out that one of her favorite teachers no longer taught there. In fact, the drones acted like he never existed.

She moved as fast as she could to the music room, opening the door, and it was... empty. Save for the piano that sat there at the front, where she both heard and played music that touched her deeply.

For those that roam the halls today, you might hear musical notes being played, and if you want to follow it or know where the music room would be and have a reason for being there, you might find the girl there at any time of the day, randomly poking at the piano keys.]

[G.) Monday, September 10th, Afternoon/Evening - Front Porch of 458 Stone Street:

Neighbors or those walking by could see a girl on the steps of the front porch to the house. She's sitting there, back hunched over and arms folded over her knees. She's been there since the end of the school day, not budging at all. In fact, if you come across the residence or look out your window later on, you might see her still there. Did she even eat dinner?]