22 August 2012 @ 08:32 pm
Cade's Birthday! (Give gifts to the children of Mayfield!)  
(NOTE: Feel free to post multiple times for the different subjects!)

[A. Phone]
[Cade sounds more chipper than usual, especially compared to how he was last week.]
"Hey everyone! Cade Masters, Adventurer, here, and it is my birthday today! Because of all the weirdness around town, I was thinking of cancelling my little birthday cookout, but I just received a nice little surprise that changed my mind. Clever little Winry Rockbell was able to use the plans I drew up a while back when I was... uhm... smarter for a few days to make a bunch of really neat toys for the children of this town. So, I was thinking instead of you giving me gifts for my birthday, we could go around town together and then..."
[Cade switches to his theatrical voice.]
...and then afterwards we can go back to my place and have a little cookout! Barbecue some steaks, knock back some beers, and just have fun and take out minds off this damn place for awhile.

I figure we'll head out on the toy run around 5 pm, so if you want to help with that, show up before then!"

[B. 305 Miller; before 5 pm]
[Cade has tidied up the house, and prepped tables in the back for the cookout later. In the living room is a table with a big box of toys. Cade has the left the front door open, and eagerly comes to greet anyone who arrives.]

"Hey! Glad you could make it! Can I get you something to drink?"

[C. Anywhere around town]
[Cade is going to the house of every child he knows of that has been stolen from their homes and brought to Mayfield, as well as to the house of any child his party-goers might suggest. He is smiling happily as his group goes door-to-door, perhaps more happy than he has ever looked since coming to this wretched town. Perhaps you are one of the party-goers accompanying him? Or perhaps you are a child, receiving a gift from a group of strange (and possibly slightly drunk) adults who showed up at your door?

[D. 305 Miller; evening]
[After returning from the toy run, Cade will fire up the grill and cook up some meat, while hopefully some of you will lend a hand in getting out the other food (it's already prepped, it just needs to be set out on the tables outside). There is plenty of booze to drink and people to talk to, so have fun!]

[E. 305 Miller; after the party]
[Every party ends with a clean up. Cade is happy to do it on his own, he doesn't even mind if Jenny goes to bed before he does, but at the same time he will also be grateful for any help and a chance to wind down. If you want to talk to Cade in private, this might be your best chance today.]
13 August 2012 @ 09:48 pm
Adventure Whatever: Cade's Finally Cracking a Bit  
(Summary of the past few weeks: Things have been going gradually downhill for Cade since the carnival and his trip to the other Mayfield. Some of his closest friends here have been droned (and there's no way to even try to avenge them), Cade's high hopes of finally finding a way out have been dashed, and he put it all on the line with Jenny only to be accused of being an unfaithful womanizer.

These past few weeks, Cade has done his best to maintain his cocky facade, still strutting about with his big dumb grin and swagger... but to the observant, it seems a bit more forced than before. (And to any telepaths or empaths in town, Cade's current feelings of loneliness and helplessness seem right-out debilitating. Cade hasn't really hit on any women in town at all, and is always looking for some chance to help someone out with something, anything, so that he can feel useful.)

[A.305 Miller Street]
Cade is up before Jenny this morning, making sure there is coffee ready the way she likes it before pouring himself some cereal. He crunches away at the stuff so loudly that he almost doesn't hear the knock at the front door. When he goes to inspect it, he finds multiple boxes on their porch. Two are labeled, "for Cade Masters": a long slender box and a tiny square box.

He calls upstairs to Jenny, "Hey, we got some more deliveries from the post office!"

[B.Phone - unfiltered]
"Hey everyone, it's my birthday on the 22nd, but most of the people I know have been well... droned. But I'm always up for a little celebrating anyways, so I figured I'd have a little cook-out at my place, free food, free beer, all are welcome! Let me know if you're interested.

ALSO, just curious, does anyone here ever get anything they didn't own back home from the postmaster? I thought we only gained things back we have before, but I got something today I don't remember ever having back home..."

[C.305 Miller Street]
Later in the afternoon, Cade is making a huge racket in the basement. If anyone comes down to investigate after a loud *CRASH*, they will find Cade half buried in a pile of clockwork machinery.

[D.Phone - filtered to Winry Rockbell]
"Hey, Winry, if you can hear this, mind if I bring the stuff for our little project over today? I got all the clockwork and stuff packed up and ready to drive over to whatever house you're living in."

[E. Around Town]
Cade is looking around town for ways to be useful. Carrying too many groceries? Cat stuck in a tree? Car broken down? Cade will be there to help, whether you want it or not!

[F. Your House]
Later in the day, Cade will even be dropping by the houses of friends and neighbors, just to check in.

"Hello? Anyone home?"
11 June 2012 @ 06:36 pm
Zombie Adventure!  
Backdated to Saturday, June 9.

[A. 305 Miller]
[Cade has been a bit mopey the past few days. He feels sore this morning; he was up late trying to figure out the toy diagrams his alternate counterpart had drawn, and then he had slept on the couch (not because Jenny made him this time, but because he had more trouble sleeping in that bed recently).

He is up early, and makes some coffee, groggily drinking it as he looks out his front window. A couple cars drive by, then one driving unusually fast swerves and crashes into the tree in the front yard. The impact crushes the front hood, and the horn blasts non-stop, surely waking everyone in the neighborhood.]

"Holy cac!"

[Cade drops his coffee to the ground in shock, then runs out front to help. His heart pounds in his ears as he runs into the front yard.
However, the two in the back seat of the car get out first, and start loping toward Cade, while the two in the front start crawling out of the crushed remains of the car.
Cade had explored enough cursed tombs to recognize them immediately. Gray skin, decayed flesh... these were the undead. He immediately pivots and runs back into the house to grab his sword, screaming warnings to the house.]


[Just then, one of the zombies crashes in through a window.]

[B. Phone]
"Hey everyone, Cade Masters here. Is anyone else being attacked by zombies? I have both the ability to cure wounds and diseases and have experience fighting the undead, so if you need help, just let me know!"

[C. Anywhere in town - Fight Option.]
[Cade's been pulled into a battle with the zombies. If you are watching, you may hear him yelling "FRIGIS" while slashing and stabbing a zombie repeatedly with Frostbrand, then delivering a solid kick that shatters the creature's near-frozen form into zombiesicle chunks.]

[D. Anywhere in town - Medic Option.]
[Cade is searching for the sick and injured who need medical treatment. He's been doing a lot of healing today, but he'd rather die from overuse of the White Well than give up. He's looking pretty exhausted by this point.]
07 June 2012 @ 09:41 pm
Non-Adventure; Cade gains his healing magic back  
Cade in uncharacteristically bummed. He had something really... special going while he was his alternate self, but now things are worse than before. He now has to go about his day trying to snap out of it.

[A. 305 Miller Street.]
[When Cade opens the front door this morning, there are two packages there. One is for him, and the other is for Jenny. He takes them inside and sets them on the table.

Upon opening his package, he finds his rapier, which his alternate had traded in for his healing powers. Now he has both. That's good, he guesses. He sighs, and looks at Jenny's box. It is much smaller.

Cade calls upstairs.]

"Jenny... you have a package. I think it might be something from your home."

[B. Phone.]
"*Sigh* Hey everyone... it's Cade Masters.

I just thought everyone should know that I have some powerful healing magic now. Diseases, poisons, wounds, you name it, I can probably take care of it for you. I won't charge you or anything either, so if you need it, or have any questions, just give me a ring."

[C. 339 Brady Lane.]
[Cade knocks on the door of Brady Lane. If anyone could use his healing, its Mika. Plus it will make him feel better to see his friend.]

[D. Olney's Tavern.]
[Cade is back at work, serving drinks. His heart isn't in it like usual, though.]
05 June 2012 @ 09:24 am
AU Adventure, Part 2!  
((In this Cade's history, his mom grew tired of putting up with her husband's crap when Cade was only 5, and fled with Cade to Caisleain. She enrolled Cade in the academy their, where Cade received a better education and learned how to act the part of real gentleman. He focused on white magic in his studies, and became a healer when he was older.

Cade is now very polite, always opening doors, helping old ladies across the street, and basically being a big boy scout. He is no longer a skirt-chaser, and his accent has changed from sounding slightly Irish to sounding very English (South Hampshire, specifically). He grooms and dresses himself well (usually wearing a suit and tie), and in his spare time he builds toys for the children in town.))

[A. Phone.]
"Good morning everyone! How are you today? I hope all is well! If anyone needs any help with anything or healing or just want a listening ear or anything else, let me know! It'd be my pleasure to help!"

[B. Your house, if you are or have non-drone children.]
"Good day! I've got a new batch of toys made, I thought little ___ might like one!"

[AUCade has found out about most of the young boys and girls in Mayfield in his AU Mayfield history, and has made a regular habit of making toys and giving them out from time to time.
Cade is towing a cart full of different intricate clockwork toys of many different types: tiny turtles that really swim, brass dragonflies that really fly, trains, submarines, and a variety of other things.

[C. Coffee shop.]
[It's tea time! Cade is enjoying a cup by himself, but he'd happily welcome any company!]

[D. 305 Miller.]
[Cade is relaxing happily at home, reflecting on how well these past few days have been going for him, even if a lot of people have been acting strangely lately.

He is currently listening to the radio as he relaxes on the couch, but if any housemates come by, he'll be eager to attend to them.]
02 June 2012 @ 12:12 pm
AU Adventure Part 1!  
[BACKDATED to June 1]
((In this Cade's history, his mom grew tired of putting up with her husband's crap when Cade was only 5, and fled with Cade to Caisleain. She enrolled Cade in the academy their, where Cade received a better education and learned how to act the part of real gentleman. He focused on white magic in his studies, and became a healer when he was older.

Cade is now very polite, always opening doors, helping old ladies across the street, and basically being a big boy scout. He is no longer a skirt-chaser, and his accent has changed from sounding slightly Irish to sounding very English (South Hampshire, specifically). He grooms and dresses himself well (usually wearing a suit and tie), and in his spare time he builds toys for the children in town.))

A. [305 Miller]
[Cade is lying in the warm bed happy and content. Unconsciously, he scoots in closer to Jenny, and holds her in his arms in the "spoons" position. He smells her hair and sighs contentedly, then his eyes snap open and his heart drops into his stomach.

Oh dear! How did he get here! This is most improper! Jenny will not be pleased about this!]

B. [Around Town]
[Cade is walking around town, smiling and whistling brightly. At any given opportunity, Cade will be helping out where he can like a big old boy scout. Need help across the street? He's there! Kite stuck in a tree? He'll get it! Need help carrying your groceries! No problem! Want to borrow $5? Sure!
No matter what he is doing, he'll be very polite and proper about it, and talk in the most charming Southern English accent.]

C. [Jonathon's Tools]
[Cade is buying a variety of things, mostly tools for fine work, little springs, cogs, and other bits. Is he making a clock? Care to ask him what he is up to?]

D. [Phone]
[For those who don't have memories of AU Cade, you probably won't recognize Cade with the Southern English accent.]

"Hello all! I'm looking for a good supply of clockwork pieces, cogs and springs and such. I tried over at Jonathon's, they had some of what I needed, but otherwise I seem to be out of luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!"

E. [Your house]
[Cade is just dropping by to see how you're doing! It is important to be a good neighbor!]

"Good day friend, how are you today?"

F. [Annie's Flowers]
[Cade has decided to buy some flowers for Jenny. What should he get. Roses seem like a bit too much. Maybe he could use some advice on this?]

"Excuse me, I could use some advice on flower selection! If it isn't a bother, that is!"

G. [Grocery Store]
[Cade is buying the following things at the grocery store today: white wine, spaghetti noodles, tomato sauce, basil, garlic, oregano, marjoram, parsley, ground pepper, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, ground beef, unsalted butter, a loaf of bread, cake flour, sugar, cocoa powder, a brick of semi-sweet chocolate, baking soda, baking powder, salt (kosher, if they have it), buttermilk, milk, eggs, vanilla extract, cream, whipped cream, and some strawberries.

If you want to talk to him, he'll be very friendly, and happy to talk about cooking and baking!]

H. [305 Miller - Again.]
[Cade is home early and cooking up a storm. A chocolate cake is in the oven, and spaghetti sauce is on the stove. Cade is hand-making some meatballs. The whole house smells delicious.]
12 May 2012 @ 11:39 am
4th Adventure: Lucky Again!  
When Cade woke up this morning, he felt fantastic. He wasn't too sure what it was, but things just seemed to work out for him this morning. The paper boy was running late this morning, but Cade walked outside just at the right time to catch it mid-air. He puts on his pants and finds $20 in his pocket. And that box of bagels he got? Two extra cinnamon raisin bagels in there.

'This is going to be good day', he thinks. 'I'm going to make it count.'

((Cade is once again blessed by Idamra. From this point forward, it will be fairly noticeable how absurd Cade's luck is.)

[A. Phone. Filtered away from the Drones.]
"Hey everyone, this is Cade Masters here. You know, Adventurer Extraordinaire? I'm putting together a couple things, and I'd like to know who is interested.

First off, how many people in town use a sword? Does anyone besides me use a rapier or a similar light blade? I'd kind of like to find some more fencing/sparring partners, maybe even create a... league of swordsmen and swordswomen.

Second, who else is a musician here? I can sing and play the guitar pretty well on my own, but it'd be nice to form a group, band, troupe... whatever you want to call it.

Third, who here has any sort of... super ability to create things? Back home, some wizards were able to 'fabricate' pretty much any item as long as they had all the necessary raw materials on hand. Is there anyone like that here?

Finally, if anyone in town needs some dance lessons, I'd be happy to help. I know prom is coming up, and apparently on some worlds you poor folks don't dance nearly as much as where I came from.

[B. Phone. Filtered to 1490 Kramden]
"Is Ilsa there? I'm looking for some help for a friend who had some very traumatic experiences with ghosts, and I'm looking for someone who is trained in both psychology and in dealing with the supernatural..."

[C. Annie's Flowers]
[Cade shows up to Annie's flowers with a carton of assorted chocolates today. He struts in and sets them out on the counter for any of the employees to enjoy. He then looks about.]

"Is Olivier here today?"

[Hopefully Olivier isn't too sour about the flippant attitude Cade had when he was last here with Jenny. Maybe Olivier forgot about it?]

[D. Hiccup's Forge]
[Cade has come by, as agreed, to show his rapier to Hiccup and get the ball rolling on having some fencing épées made. He looks about the place curiously.]

"Hello, Hiccup? You here, lad?"

[E. Hardware Store]
[Cade is browsing door handles and locks. Feel free to bother him while he shops.]

[F. 305 Miller Street]
[Cade is feeling particularly ballsy, and has replaced the door knob to the master bedroom with one that can be locked/unlocked on one side by pushing and turning, and unlocked/locked from the other side by a key. He keeps one key for himself, sets the other on the kitchen table, makes himself some coffee, and waits for Jenny to come home.]
25 April 2012 @ 10:28 pm
3rd Adventure: Cade buys a car!  
When Cade got his sword back from the postmaster, a lot of his memories got replaced with false ones from Mayfield. Many of these involved driving, and with there being no horses for sale in this town, Cade is beginning to think he should get a car...

[A: Used Car Lot]

[Cade thinks this place looks very legitimate! They have cars and everything, and not even that much rust!
Surely, one of the fine gentleman working at this establishment will be willing to help someone, who is completely and utterly new to cars and car-buying, make the best choice for his dollar!]

[B: Downtown Mayfield]
[Who needs silly driving lessons? Cade is doing just fine, driving for his first time around Downtown Mayfield! Sort of...
Well, that stop sign looked like it needed to be replaced anyway.

Just make sure you are looking both ways before crossing the street today, ok? And maybe stay off the sidewalk, too.]

[C: Greased Lightning Garage]
[Cade pulls his slightly dented Plymouth into the Greased Lightning Garage. He might have a dent or to that needs fixing now.
Also, are cars supposed to make so much smoke come out from under the hood? It makes it really hard to see where one is going...]

[D: The Malt Shop]
[Cade sure worked up an appetite with his little automotive adventure today. Some sharp looking fellow the other day was telling him about the wonders of "shaken milk milkshakes", and so he is eager to try one out. He may have to ask the opinion of another random customer on what he should try first...]

[E: 2239 Stevens]

[Apparently, its going to take a lot longer to fix his car than Cade expected, so he's walking home. On his way, he passes through Stevens street, and remembers his friend who he accidentally stabbed the other day in a tragic case of mistaken identity.  Cade decides he should see if he's home, and make sure Frostbrand didn't permanently screw up the poor guy's leg.

Cade knocks on the door of 2239 Stevens. Anyone home?]
22 April 2012 @ 10:02 am
((WARNING: At some point during a thread here, Cade will touch the poison joke flower. It will make all of the clothes Cade is wearing or puts on turn invisible, though only to the eyes of all adult characters other than Cade! So, while Cade, children, drones, etc. will all see him as normal, any adult character will see him as naked.))

A. The Flower Shop
[Cade has returned to the flower shop with a box of delicious pastries to try and make amends for his behavior the other day. While he is there, he will spot a strange blue flower that somehow managed to get into one of the bouquets...]

B. John Doe Park
[Cade is now under the curse of the poison joke, but completely unaware of it, walking about apparently naked to the eyes of all adult characters. He decides that since he is not getting to do much adventuring here in Mayfield, he better keep in shape! So, Cade heads over to the park to do some stretches and warmups first. He can be seen doing standing hamstring stretches, hip adductor stretches, jumping jacks, etc.

C. Around Mayfield
[Cade, still oblivious to the Poison Joke, can be seen jogging around town, really working up a sweat. He may smile and wave at you as he goes by.]
18 April 2012 @ 11:37 pm
Second Adventure - Cade Masters  
A: Olney's Tavern
[Having finally learned to use a phone, Cade has received an irritated message asking why he hasn't show up to work. Apparently he's a bartender?

He was only scheduled to work the afternoon shift today, and he discovers that Olney's Tavern is quite quiet at the moment. Still, maybe he'll get to know someone else who works at the Tavern, or maybe he'll get to serve some friendly new faces! (Ladies' drinks are half-off when Cade is serving!)

In the mean time, he'll just keep polishing the bar and the glasses and everything else until he can see his own reflection in every possible surface in the place.]

B: John Doe Park
[Cade found a (cheap) guitar in the attic of his home, so he might as well do something he is good at until he gets his weapons and magic back...

So, after work, Cade sets up in the park to play songs and tell stories to any who will listen.
...and if there aren't any, maybe he'll just amuse himself by playing music to raise his <i>own</i> spirits. (He'll play his world's version of "Whiskey You're the Devil" and similar songs til he gets requests otherwise.)
13 April 2012 @ 10:18 pm
- First Adventure (Backdate to late morning, Thursday)  

(Backdate to late morning, Thursday)

[ action -- 305 Miller Street ] 

[The morning starts peacefully enough at 305 Miller Street. Birds chirp cheerfully on the branches of the Carolina Ash in the front yard, the sun shines gently in through the bedroom window, and, most importantly, Cade and Jenny have not yet woken up.

Cade is the first to wake up. Groggy, and recovering from a night of heavy drinking, Cade's usual obliviousness is amplified ten-fold, so he does not immediately recognize that anything is wrong. He first notices his strange, 
flannel pajamas, but shrugs it off as he sits up in bed; it isn't the first time that he's woken up wearing unfamiliar clothes. He then notices the attractive blonde stranger sleeping next to him - again, not a first. However, the fuzzy pink nightgown she's wearing does cause Cade to take a double-take, as the realization of the strangeness starts to work its way through the thickness that surrounds Cade's head. In all his travels, he's never seen clothes like these. As he blinks his bleary eyes a few more times and his vision clears, he realizes he doesn't know where he is at all. While this too is not unusual, the foreign furniture and decorations does make Cade wonder if he somehow wound up in another country...

The woman stirs, wakes, and there is much angry confusion.

As the confrontation unfolds, it all begins to make "sense" to Cade.  He's in a strange land. His equipment is missing. Hispowers are missing. He's been physically (and possibly mentally) altered, and is stuck in a room with an attractive woman who inexplicably seems to be unimpressed by all his Cade-ness. AND the room is filled with images of himself and this woman with children, made by some magical process he is not familiar with. Clearly, he is dealing with... INTERPLANAR DEMON CULTISTS... who are performing some sort of... twisted forced mating ritual! That steals magic (somehow). They must be stopped! 

Any who happen to be near 305 Miller street at 10:30 am that day are treated to the display of Cade jumping out of second story window, using a tree branch to slow his fall, before running off down the middle of the street, laughing a hammy laugh and shouting.]

" Fear not! I shall venture out and conquer these evil... evildoers!  HA haha HA!" 

[ Noon-ish -- Around Town ]

[Cade wanders into the middle of town, looking for the source of this evil. At first, you see him confront several drones, whose eternally eerily cheery attitudes and plastic expression alert even the very oblivious Cade that something is very wrong.]

" These poor people! Clearly their minds have been dominated! I was likely only able to resist thanks to my superior intellect!"

[Cade continues to dash here and there in town, looking for someone "suspicious-looking" he can jump to conclusions over. (Or anyone who looks like they can be helpful, really.)] 

[ Afternoon -- Flower Shop ]

[Cade has begun to realize that most of the residents are innocent people who are victims of a sinister plot. As a paladin of Idamra, it is his sacred duty to help them! But of course, he must first make a proper introduction to these people. With no sword, no hat, no cape, Cade looks for something he can use as a prop... 
When he sees the flower shop, he takes it as divine providence. He doesn't have any gold on him, all these pants have in their pockets is a leather-envelope-thing filled with green pieces of paper. Surely, they won't miss one red rose.
Cade walks by the outside display and slyly grabs a long-stemmed rose from a bucket. "Smooth," he thinks to himself. "Who could have possibly noticed?"]

[ Early Evening-- Olney's Tavern ]  

[Cade does not look good. He has a black eye and other visible injuries. Clearly, his day has not gone as planned. He limps into Olney's Tavern, and looks for a place at the bar.]
"Rum? Whiskey? Lantern-Oil? Please gods, tell me this town at least has something decent for me to drink!"