11 February 2012 @ 03:09 pm
>Kanaya: Regard Oneself As An Unfailure  

*Kanaya's voice sounds strained and exhausted. But that's usual, these days.* ...in a momentary lapse of its customary cruelty, it seems that this town has seen fit to return to me a Matriorb.

Then... it truly is possible for us to rebuild. If I can actually manage to accomplish my trusted duty this time and protect it instead of succumbing to the swiftly coursing waters of abject failure, our race might be able to rebuild.

This is all kind of monumental, to be honest, and I'm not quite sure how to-- or what I should be doing.

*A pause* I'll think of something.

In the interim, if we are acquainted and you have no desire to become a meal I would like to remind you all to please stay away from my hive. Because I am very famished right now.