03 March 2012 @ 11:53 pm
second fall | candy? I think you mean sweets  
[Action A | Albright Lane and nearby | early evening]

[Guess who's 'wife' brought back a cake from the bake sale?  And guess who has a sweet tooth?  Only problem being that the young England had a penchant for fighting wars, claiming countries, and sailing the seven seas as a pirate privateer.  His wife's probably regretting it now, as he tied her to the chair when she caught him piercing his ears with her earrings.  He's looking rather less well kept than usual as he takes to the streets, his shirt half undone, wearing a big coat that's not really a replacement for the one that he once had.

He's actually on the look out for any other Nation's houses to try and claim, but since he's only been here a couple of days, he's not doing too well.  If you're unlucky enough to live near him, you might get a knock on the door.  Should a drone open it, he'll push his way past to have a look who lives there, and he has no qualms about taking anything that catches his eye.  If the person who opens the door act a bit more, well, human, he'll grin at them toothily.

Ready to join the British Empire?

[Action B | Around town | late evening]

[Having given up on claiming his fellow Nation's  houses, England's decided to head for the second most important thing: alcohol.  He's fully intent on planting the British flag on both the tavern and the liquor store (metaphorically, anyway, he hasn't had time to sew one).  And he's acquired a gun and a hat from somewhere.  He strides down the street, confident in himself, smirking at any one who dares pass him as he purposely heads in their direction.]