24 February 2012 @ 02:35 pm
01 l First dan  
[Home: Locked to 915 Bilko]
[When Ran woke up this morning she'd expected to make breakfast for her family then head off to school like any other day. The typical panic set it as it would for any new Mayfield arrival, though Ran didn't let herself stay scared and confused for long.

She moved past her shock of finding herself in a room she didn't recognize and entirely different clothes to a firm and immediate defense. Ran soundlessly placed herself by the door to the room she was being held in. Quickly determining it wasn't locked she waited until she heard someone walking by then swung open the door with the intent on slamming the wooden fixture into one of her kidnappers house mates.

Whether it connected or not, Ran left little chance for any retaliation. She followed up her first assault with a yell and a spinning kick to disarm or disable whomever was outside her room.

What a great first impression...

[Mayfield high school: before class]

[Standing in the entrance of the building is a rather perplexed girl holding her bag hesitating to step on the clean tile floors.]

Uhm, excuse me... [Approaching whomever passes by, about to enter the school.]

Do you know where the shoe lockers are? I'm sort of new here.

[Mayfield high school: end of the day]

[Now Ran's in the gym! Looking around in hopes of finding any sort of Karate club that she could join. She may as well stay active so long as she was going to be here, right? Though after a few discouraging attempts with the drones, she'll move right along into practicing on her own. ]


From what I've heard from everyone today this phone calls out to all of the town and since I'm going to be here for a while... [Her voice is only slightly distant despite the news. She's trying hard to keep a cheery persona.]

I thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself. Hello, my name is Mouri Ran.