16 July 2012 @ 02:31 am
☆ 01  
A: 3476 Erwin Road, master bedroom

[This is not his bed. This is not his ship.

This is definitely not someone he meant to be asleep beside, but hey, it's still a warm body, and Jim is a cuddler in his sleep. This will make for interesting introductions.]

B: phone

Hi, can I get an operator please? [Silly captain, this is Mayfield, no operator for you. He's only going on what vague notions he has of the twentieth century anyway, so he's not having a whole lot of luck with this.

Give him a few minutes of pressing buttons, and then he grumbles his complaints.]
I was pretty sure these stupid things weren't that hard to work, come on...

C: between Erwin Road and the fire station

[Jim had plenty of training for plenty of things, but firefighter training? Not something he remembered doing. However, drone chid seemed pretty insistent that Daddy was a hero and needed to go to work, so, hey, who was he to argue with a cute little thing who was encouraging him to further explore the crazy town? He should be recognizable by the slightly bewildered expression of most newcomers.]