13 April 2012 @ 03:01 pm
↻ 3rd Fulcrum | Missing one huge thing...or well, a pair of them ↺  
[1129 Taylor Road]

[It was just another plain ol' day in Mayfield as usual. Not that Fujino minded, since being normal is great thing, heck yes! However, something was off when she woke up. Aside from the change in wallpaper and the fact that there's another bed, it didn't really click...right up until she got up to a mirror to straighten herself out.]


[Brb, searching through the house in a state of frenzy.]

[Taylor Road]

[To residents of Taylor Road, or anyone just passing through the area, there will be a man dangling from the edges of the window in an attempt to get out of the house. Also, there is a halberd in a bush.

...he should be fine. Maybe.]

[Mayfield High]

[To any faculty or students roaming around, hope you don't mind a tall, panicky-looking dude quickly tapping you on the shoulder. Or, if that isn't enough, he may even try to grab your shoulder to get your attention.]

Um, excuse me! Did you happen to see a guy with spiked, fluffy brown hair?

[Anywhere else]

[Now that Fuji-Spain is slightly less panicky (by...not that much), she'll be running around until she spots someone and comes right up to them, with a halberd in tow. Personal space, what's that?]

A-ah, hey! If you don't mind, may I ask you something?

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03 March 2012 @ 04:42 pm
↻ 2nd Fulcrum | FUJI, NO! ↺  
[Action; The Park]

A) [For some reason or another, there's a strange, short-haired girl up in a tree whilst scoping the place. She seems intent on looking for something for whatever reason it is.]

B) [A few hours later, she'll reach for a stray pack of cigarettes lying on a bench. She inspects it thoroughly, before she takes one out and is about to put it in her mouth.]

[Action; Mayfield High]

[What is the heck is a loli doing here? No one knows for sure, but she's waiting outside of the classrooms, as if expecting someone she knows to come out. However, she'll run up to something every once in a while, and poke it (or them).]

[Action; Here, There, EVERYWHERE]

[She's running around all over, pestering drones, pets...anything out of sheer curiosity, no matter how dangerous they look.]

Hey, hey! I wanna ask you something!

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11 February 2012 @ 01:56 pm
↻ 1st Fulcrum | Return of the Tits 2: Electric Boogaloo ↺  
[950 Beulah Street]

[She's not sure how she left or how she returned. All she knows is that once she wakes up, she knows exactly where she is. The lingering smell of beer, the gaudy colors of the house...it's just as she had remembered.

There's a nagging feeling in her gut that something might be off, but for the time being, she ignores it, choosing instead to get up and wander around the house, checking to make sure everything is in place like she had last seen it.

[Action | Beulah Street | Early Morning]

[Once she's done looking over the house, she'll come out to glance around the neighborhood, curious to find out if there's some new neighbors.]

[Action | Whichever street she's in (please specify) | Late afternoon]

[By afternoon, Fujino will be walking around in Mayfield, still as curious as ever, and maybe even bumping into someone else by accident. In which case, she'll take a bow and apologize profusely.]


...I feel sort of strange. Did I miss anything?