12 July 2012 @ 04:29 am
4th Party!  
[Taylor Road 1130; early morning~morning]
[ This is ridiculous. JK's been trying to sleep for several hours now, but whenever he wakes up, haunted by nightmates. He's woken up from them several times already and it's just early morning. He doesn't remember the exact details, but it's got him shaking and feeling horrible every time.

So he's given up on sleep now. Actually, he's decided that he won't sleep at all. Not if it only leads to him being so scared. As if dying wasn't enough, why does he have to have nightmares too?

He crawls out of bed and goes downstairs. He pulls out whatever alcohol he can find in the pantry, bringing it with him into the livingroom. He flops down up the couch, puppling up his legs and opens one of the bottles. He's going to spend what's left of the night drinking. ]

[Taylor Road & neighbouring streets; around lunch]
[ He got packages today. Two of them, and rather big, though one is definitely bigger than the other.

When he opens them, he finds the bigger one containing his clothes; colourful and shiny. In the other is various bracelets, earrings, and all of the jewelry he owns. Wow. At least that's something in exchange of dying. Not that he ever wanted to die, and he doesn't want to do it again. Never ever again. But at least getting his wardrobe back brightens his mood, and he is happy to change into some of his most brightly coloured clothes.

After he's changed, he walks out on the street, greeting and winking at people who pass him by (he's not really in that good a mood, he's exaggerating. But at least he feels better than this morning) . Maybe you stop to properly talk to him, maybe you greet him back and just continue along your way or maybe you ignore him entirely. Either way he's noticed you. ]

[John Doe Park; afternoon]
[ Still refusing to sleep, JK's not in that good mood anymore. It disappeared thoughout the day. He's not up to moving around that much right now. He's sitting on a park bench, staring at the ground. He sort of wishes that humans didn't have to sleep at all, but that's impossible. He traces patterns on the bench, trying to concentrate on whatever he can see. ]

[Anywhere and everywhere; evening]
[ He's starting to get tired, and he figures sitting still will make it easier for him to fall asleep. So now he's just wandering around town, window shopping even though everything is closed for the day and focusing all his attention on that. Whatever keeps him from falling asleep with be much appreciated. ]

(ooc: this is during the 12 btw, since I never know what day it will be dated when I upload this time of th day (aka 5 in the morning). In case it gets dated the 11th.)
11 June 2012 @ 02:06 am
3rd party!  
[action; 1130 Taylor Road; locked to housemates (backdated to June 6th)]
[ There's a package for him today. And it's quite big, too.

He eyes it curiously, before setting it on the table to open. When he gets it open, he lets out a happy yell. ]

My guitar!

[Phone; open to all (backdated)]
Hey, I got my guitar back! This is the whole thing with getting your stuff back when crap happens, right? [ He knows something was up with Bazett and Date earlier, but did anything happen to him? ]

[action; anywhere; open to all (zombiefield, saturday)]
[ JK really regrets going outside today. These zombies are really, seriously scary.

Which is why he's running away from them, as fast as he can. He's scared as hell and has lost track of exactly where he is, so he's running around trying to find his house, but this far, no luck. ]

Oh come on go away go away please not me leave me aloneeee!

[ Okay, so the shouting makes him quite easy to spot. ]
02 May 2012 @ 01:46 am
2nd party!  
[ACTION; 754 Partridge drive; locked to Date]
[Okay, prom. JK doesn't really need a date to have fun, and he doesn't like anyone like that here.

But he might as well ask someone, though it doesn't have to be romantic or anything. He knows just who to ask. He  got the address already, so it's just to go there. Finding the house with the ship, he comes up and knocks on the door. ]
Hellooo, Date-saaaan?

[ACTION; John Doe park]
[ Guess who's training his dance moves? JK is, though he doesn't have any music.

Will you stop and watch or join him? Or maybe get in the way? ]

Hey, anyone got some colourful accessories they won't be using at prom? Or shiny things, that works too.
25 March 2012 @ 06:01 pm
1st party!  
[Action; Taylor Road 1130; locked to housemates]
[ There's a curled-up ball at the foot of the bed, rolled up in blankets. With a start the ball uncurls and a boy sits up, staring around the room in shock and confusion.

Last thing he knew was being shoved into the Powerdizer by Kengo and being forced to fight the Zodiarts, and now he's in a completely unknown place. This isn't even anywhere near school, is it?

JK gets out of the bed, looking at the photos hanging off the wall. There's him, some black guy with an afro and a woman with brightly coloured hair and another kid. Why's he with them? And what's with the boring outfits he's wearing? Does he have a doppelgänger? Where are the other Kamen Rider club-members? This is just confusing, and he doesn't like not having any control of a situation. It sort of freaks him out.

Wrapped in his blanket, he peeks out of the room before starting to explore the house. ]

...Gentarou-san? Prez? ..Anyone from Kamen Rider club here at all? [ The tone of voice sounds a bit scared when he continues to talk. ]  There any monsters in this place?