26 April 2012 @ 04:46 pm
3 Orphans: We don't talk about fight club. [Action+Phone]  
[Phone to everyone!]

[Dualscar has been staring at the phone for quite some time now. He has a question for Mayfield, but he doesn’t know how to ask it. His drone wife is…kind of freaking him out lately. She’s just so happy, and not in a surprisingly pleasant way like The Psionic’s wife. He doesn’t know how to ask it without her hearing, so he’s locked her in the kitchen.
He barely has the speaker to his face when there’s the distinct sound of a door being kicked open in the background. Those familiar with Mindfang will recognise her voice as she yells into the house:]

HONEY! I’m hoooooooome!

[Dualscar drops the phone to the ground, but he doesn’t hand it up, and thus the next parts of the conversation are open for listening.]

Mindfang--! How did you—ugh. Nevermind. Why are you in my—put that down. Oi!

[Now the sounds of a scuffle are very obvious. Actually, it’s starting to sound quite vicious. The sounds of glass shattering and bookcases being knocked over are becoming more constant and the two of them pass the occasional taunt or curse at each other.]

[Action outside 342 Brady Lane]

[At some point it seems like they’ve crashed onto the yard, anyone happening to pass by will see them tussling and anyone in the area could probably hear them swearing up a storm.]

[[ooc: The obnoxious cerulean text is Mindfang and the lovely shade of purple is from Dualscar. Replies will come from both unless you specifiy! Go nuts!]]

21 March 2012 @ 11:43 am
second 8ite; Phone | Action  
A: Phone; Morning

[At first it's just an empty line. And then a chuckle, low and husky. And then a voice, the speaker forming her words like they're purrs] Well well well. I guess you just couldn't let me go, little town. Oh I understand, I'd want me around too. It's a natural desire. And really, this is all more interesting that annoying the Expatriate, or wandering around Alternia till he's old enough to be of interest.

But I do miss my body. You couldn't have given me that at least? This squishy one lacks the advantages I like... But I'll get it back soon, won't I? [A hum.] Now then. Can anyone tell me if Vriska Sekret's still in this place. And then after her, who else. Empress, Highblood, Fishfins, Rebels? And those darling little descendants of course. Whose's still here? And what have I missed?

B: Action; Locked to housemates of 725 Anderson Lane (Anders)

[After her phone call, Mindfang's next thing on her list of things to do is to find that husband she's been given, and find out if he's drone or real. And as far as she remembered she left him in the bed, but hey, she might as well check the whole house]

Come out come out where ever you are, darling~

C: Action; Around town in the afternoon

[You can find her in the park. Or at the shops. Or wandering around the schools, or the public offices. For a moment she's at the florists, and then she's passing the diner. She even makes it up to make up point at one time. Wherever it is, you can find Mindfang there through the day, taking a trip around town to see what she missed]
24 January 2012 @ 10:44 am
One 8ite; Action.  
A. Action: Mayfield High School; Start of the day.

[Having received a call a day or so back about her apparent new job in this town, Mindfang's finally decided to show. It was a waste of her time really, but no one said she ever had to actually stick with the curriculum given to her.

In fact her first act had been to throw that out one of the windows. Mindfang makes her own lesson plans thank you. Lesson plans in kicking ass and not being a loser like a certain douchefins or redeyes. And after that was all done she had taken a seat, chin on her hands as she watched children slowly trickle in, eyes half lidded, her appearance still disturbing despite the 50's clothes, considering her troll body.

When everyone was seated she finally stood, flicking her eyes over the lot]
Well then. This is life skills blah blah blah, it really doesn't matter. The life skills they want you to learn are useless, so we're not doing them, got it? We'll be following my plans, and if anyone has a problem with that you can leave now. If anyone considers them too weak, go too. I don't have time for people who don't want to be the best, and I don't need to sit around talking to idiots about blah blah why did you crush my wiggler, swords aren't appropriate learning materials blah blah he was bleeding everyone blah. Waste of my time. Understand?

[She flicks her eyes over the class again, coming to stand in front of the desk] Now, I'm Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, Captain of the Gamblignants. You will call me Marquise, nothing else unless I allow you.

Now. Introduce yourself because I threw that stupid list of names out too.

B. Phone: After school

I'm looking for a Vriska. If anyone sees her, tell her to come to 952 Beulah Street right away. If I'm not there she can wait.

...And will anyone care to enlighten me about this dairy place.

C. Action: Out the front of 952 Beulah Street

[Dualscar's gone. Dolorosa's gone. Both smile at her with the face of a drone, and the fact that Dualscar smiles at her at all is wrong. Even if he never regained his troll body, the features of this human man are similar enough that it makes her ill. She had missed him, for all the sweeps after his death, missed their battles, missed winning against him, missed the hitting and scratching until both their bloods covered them. He had been a decent kismesis despite his stupidity to try and flip into a red romance, and for a moment she had thought they could regain what they had once had.

And now he's a drone. A drone lying unconscious on the front lawn of their home, Mindfang having finally snapped at the petnames and smiles. Sitting next to him, she takes a swig from a bottle of some alcohol she's found,  before lazily drawing one yellow nail down his his cheeks, sneering at the red blood that comes.

Worse than the real Dualscar really. She should leave him here to die, even if the drone will just return. At least she'll have a night of peace.

Instead she'll just kick the body, rolling it onto his face as the sun starts to set]