27 April 2012 @ 03:30 am
(1) let the games begin  
A: 850 Goldberg Street

[There is screaming coming from the master bedroom shortly after dawn. Frantic, incoherent type screaming, apparently by a distressed male.]

Ah! Ah! What's going on? Ahh!

[Yeah, sorry housemates, you might want to check on that.]

B: around town

[Wheatley was supposed to be in space, he knew that much. In space and a core, which certainly not the form he was currently in. He had a body and limbs and hair and, apparently, horrible vision without corrective eyewear. As far as he can tell, he's human. And his housemates make things only minimally better, so he's gone wandering.]

Hi. Yes. You. Can I ask some questions?