12 October 2012 @ 10:37 pm
First | Awakening  
[A - Action - 462 Stone Street]

[Ventus awoke in his new bedroom, confused. Last thing he remembered was fighting Vanitas and destroying the X-Blade. Where was he now and why? Was this what happened when your heart was shattered into a million pieces?

He got up and opened the door, realising he wasn't wearing his armour and he couldn't summon his Keyblade. Something was very wrong here.]

H-Hello? Anyone there? Terra? Aqua? Mickey?

[B - Action - Around Town/Park/Wherever]

[After looking around the house, Ven ventured outdoors to see what he could find in the way of answers out there. It didn't look like any world he'd ever seen before and he gathered from the few people, drones, he'd spoken to that it was called Mayfield.]

Mayfield. Strange name for a world.