18 April 2012 @ 08:53 pm
9th Candelabrum - Action/Phone  
[Returning to Mayfield hadn't been something high on Lucifer's lists of priorities. It had, in fact, been a place he wasn't interested in revisiting at all. So he's less than thrilled to find himself waking up yet again in the bedroom of this place. Annoyed, yet again, to find himself forced into a house full of mindless automatons parading around in flesh. If he was lucky, Nyarlathotep would still at least be a drone. There was otherwise nothing else amusing about the situation.

Or he thought so, until he noticed the family photo for his household. And grins, if just a little.

Alright. There's something a little amusing about it.]

[Action - Locked to 1648 Albright Lane]

[Hello new family. Today you'll notice a young, quiet, grumpy blonde haired boy eating a breakfast of cereal and toast at the table in the kitchen. Nothing really off about the scene, unless you count the smoldering remnants of what had once been one of the dining room chairs thrown in the corner of the room.

Unless you're Cain. Hey Cain.

Someone's standing right above your bed, waiting for you to wake up. Just glaring at you.

Somehow this is your fault.]


[The voice of the little boy speaking over the phone is far more indignant than any child should manage. Not the whining tone of a young boy either but true, adult rage seems to manifest in his voice.]

I should hope being stuck in this place would dissuade anyone from considering the idea of eternal life as desirable. The only thing such an existence could lead too would be something like this: unmovable, silent stagnation. Things die because they need to die, because in the end change is a necessity and that change can only occur once the old has been swept away and the new is allowed to come in. To either build off what had been left behind, or to innovate and build something new entirely. If life was just a collection of all that had ever been and allowed for constant existence unending, old ideas would never become "old" ideas, would never give way to the new.

People fear death, but they seem to think death is a monster. That death is some kind of "ending" because they either refuse to or can't understand it's but another part of the cycle of life. That there is no "end", just links like in a chain looped again and again. You are born, you live, and you die. And it doesn't matter how old you are, or how powerful you are, or what you are. If you draw breath there will come a moment where you no longer do so. It's the ending of one state and the beginning of another and that's all it is. People seem to think there would be some freedom in escaping such a cycle, but to escape it...that is bondage. Freedom is experiencing the cycle, for even though all are caught in the cycle no one's experience in it will be the same as the other. There are boundaries to what your experience might be, this is true, but they are far fewer than you are lead to believe. The only thing that will ever be common, ever not be unique to you alone, is that you are alive and that necessitates death.

It is thought that with infinite time, with time standing still, that there is nothing that can't be accomplished. But in a place where that is the rule, such as here, what has been accomplished other than establishing an entirely stationary existence? Is that what you think of, when you desire to live forever? For it's the inevitable outcome.

This is a foolish place, built on foolish principles that's sole guiding factor is fear of living. The only thing stupider or more foolish then seeking to extend your own life to such an outrageous degree would be someone who thought that escape would be the death of all things. An idiot, capering idea that since all things die all things would be better off dead. Life seeks death, yes, but it does this not out of a sense of destruction as the above believes but out of fulfillment of the end of the life.

I am truly thankful to have been dragged back into this squalid, pointless hole. I certainly hope to demonstrate my thanks to our captor at an opportune time.

[Action - Olney's Tavern]

[If you're at Olney's Tavern today you'll notice there's a blonde man in his 30s at the bar today with small creature perched on his shoulder. It seems to chatter to him, giggling occasionally, in a small voice sometimes in English, other times in what sounds like gibberish. Many times he seems to ignore it, but he occasionally answers.

He's here for a pretty specific person. You damn well better be here still, Crowley.]
26 February 2012 @ 04:29 pm
8th Candelabram - Phone  
What is paradise?

For the person who brought us here, this place is paradise. After all, they can play with their toys all they want, break them all they want, and repair them all they want. The same for their play set. And in a way, I guess that is a valid paradise, isn't it? In the end, comfort is what everyone wants to some degree. And this place must make our captor comfortable, so I suppose that then is paradise.

But what's paradise to one person isn't to another, as we're finding out here. I suppose, then, if you had to design paradise, a perfect world: what would it be?
23 January 2012 @ 04:30 pm
7th Candelabram - Phone/Action  
[Action - The High School]

[Lucifer refused to go to the elementary school he was assigned to, at least as much as he could help it. And with his ability to transform to his different physical forms, it wasn't as if he couldn't just skip it most times, could take an older form. And the high school itself wasn't something he hadn't surveyed much of until now.

So today, anyone at the high school might find a young, blond haired teen around seventeen or eighteen they haven't seen before. He seems to mainly wander the hallways, occasionally going into the classrooms but otherwise steering clear of them.

He spends a lot of time in the music room as well, and seems to take a particular interest in the piano there.]


There are few sayings about the subject of the remark I'm going to make that I like, but considering the situation, and the meaning of the statement itself...I find it possibly fitting: God helps those who help themselves.

And I am rather curious. I've heard a bit about a machine that might be in the Dairy before. No one else would happen to know anything about it, would they? I'd appreciate getting to hear more.