25 July 2012 @ 09:02 pm
genius prince 20 - and it's been one year already  
[Action 1; at and around Kramden Road 1488]
[ It’s not like today is really any different from any other days he’s been waking up in Mayfield. But knowing he’s been here for an entire year, he sort of gets why Niou was feeling out of it a while back.

So to make things more fun, and because he feels like it, Bel has put on the pink and white dress he got back not long ago. With the dress, he’s also wearing net stockings and his regular knee-high white boots (and of course the tiara). He knows that he looks good in it.

Wanting to avoid Pinky Pie if he can, he jumps out the window. Well, it won't work if she's in the garden, but he's taking his chances. ]

[Action 2; Anywhere]
[ He’s grinning as he walks around, but there’s a hint of annoyance to it. He’s bugged by the town having been able to hold him here for an entire year, of course, and some of his favourite people to bug has been permanently droned, but he’s not going to let that bug him.

As he passes you, he might do one of the following;
a) if he knows you, he’s definitely going to come up to you. He’s probably playing with his knives, and if you’re not people like Niou or Madoka, he’s going to playfully place it against parts of your body.
b) if he doesn’t know you, there’s definitely more knives, and those knives are sure to be placed against your throat as he approaches you from behind.
c) there might not be any knives involved this time. Instead, he’s going to approach just to see what sort of reaction he’ll get by being dressed the way he is.

But no matter which one, he’s definitely looking like a pretty princess today. There’s nothing about him that looks like a boy. But he is definitely recognizable, considering he hasn't done anything to change his hair. ]

[Action 3; 1249 Williams Road; open to Niou and his housemates]
[ Look who’s come to pay a visit. It’s none other than Niou’s boyfriend, who today happens to be a princess instead of a prince. He comes in through Niou’s bedroom window (as usual), but as he doesn’t find him in there, he comes out of the room and explores the house until he finds the one he’s looking for. ]

Bianco Nata~le? You here~?
23 July 2012 @ 12:26 am
genius prince 19 - backdated to July 13th  
[at and around 1488 Kramden Road - backdated to just before this log Fran]
[ Bel's gotten two new packages today. It's sort of weird that there's two, so he's a bit suspicious.

When he opens the first one, there's a ball of red fire floating inside it. Before his eyes, the fire slowly dissipates and as it turns into nothing, he feels a heat inside of him. A heat that is very familiar to him, and it feels really good to have back.

He raises the hand wearing a ring, and a red flame comes out of it. ]

[Phone - same as above]
[ He sounds so pleased when he speaks into the phone. ]

Guess what the Prince got today~

[John Doe Park - also backdated, but to after]
[ He has summoned Mink out of his box, and now the Mink is sitting perched on his shoulder, flaming tail curled around his neck.

He plays with the ring, making the flame appear and disappear. Raising one of his knives, he coats it with the flame. Yep, it’s great to be back to normal again. ]
02 May 2012 @ 01:06 am
Genius Prince 18  
[ACTION; Backdated to April 29th; anywhere]
[ First Byakuran was brought to Mayfield. Now Fran is here as well. This sucked. So much. Why did he have to meet Fran first thing in the morning?

Annoyed, Bel decides to get as far away from the annoying pea-brained frog, so you can either find him

1) walking around town, going into different shops, or
2) sulking on a bench in the park

It's like a little storm cloud is concentrated above his head, he's just that annoyed. ]

[PHONE; May 2nd]
Hey, you know what~? The fifth is the birthday of someone I know. You should give him a call that day, or pay him a visit. There's a Mexican holiday the same day so it's perfect for a party~ He'd be very pleased, ushishi~

[ He's talking about Hibari of course. Because the guy hates parties, there simply got to be one, right?]
13 April 2012 @ 09:49 pm
Genius Prince 17 - Let's have fun in Ace-kun's body!  
[1; Action; Albright Lane 1647; open to Hibari's not!family]
[ When Bel wakes up he's surprised not to find his bangs tickle his face. And when he opens his eyes, he can see everything around him properly. Who cut his bangs?

He tugs at his hair...and notices that his body's not quite as skinny as it used to. ]

What the...?

[ He sits up, and looks down next to him at the sound of metal. Hey, that's...Hibari's tonfa? He grabs the weapons and walks over to the closet. Like he thought, he finds Namimori Disciplinary Commitee's black gakuran there. He's not going to put that on though, so just walking to the kitchen in Hibari's pajamas.

Hello Hibari's not!family, meet a widely smiling raven. ]

Good morning~

[2; Phone; open to all]
Ace-kun's body taken over~ Ushishishi~

[ Not out of character for Hibari at aaaaall. ]

[3; action; around Mayfield; open to all but Hibari]

[ Oh he's having a blast. Having fun messing with Hibari without the guy even being present. Have a smiling Cloud Guardian come up to anyone who passes by.

He'll wink at you, too. ]
Hey there beautiful. [ Purring. ]

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10 February 2012 @ 01:37 am
Genius Prince 16  
[A; Action; 1488 Kramden Road; reaaaally early in the morning; locked to housemates]
[For the past few days, this young prince has slowly been getting his normal body back. Fingers and eyes regenerating, tail withdrawing....it had felt quite, well, not nice. Actually it had been rather painful. And nothing he'd like to deal with again.

But now, as he comes through the house, finally back completely, there's a happy and wide smile on his face. Not that grin you're used to seeing, but more of that a kid his age should wear when they were truly happy. He doesn't look anything like a pro killer right now.

Plus, he's got his box weapon back. Not the means to open it, but the box is one step closer to getting Mink back. ]
[B; Action; 1249 Williams Road; still insanely early in the morning; locked to Niou]
[Coming in through the window, Bel look around the room. It's still early, really early, so he's not exactly surprised to find Niou in bed.

With a wide grin, he jumps from the window and onto the bed, landing on top of Niou. Hope you don't mind the rude awakening. Besides, he's already busy poking Niou's face and touching it, with his newly regenerated fingers. ]
Hey, wake up!
[ Is it even possible not to wake up from that pounce? ]
[C; Action; all around Mayfield; afternoon; open for all]
[ Bel's been moving around town all afternoon, and if he spots someone he knows, or just talked to once, even those he knows hate him, he comes up to them just to stare beneath his backs, smile wide on his face. And happy as he is to have his fingers back again, he's also going to touch anyone who gets close enough. Nothing inapropriate, but probably unsettling for many. ]
31 January 2012 @ 06:27 pm
Genius Prince 15  
[Action A; just outside Mayfield hospital; 31st Jan; morning]
[ He's not too fond of hospitals (but he likes dentists even less). He's more into putting others in them after all. But yeah, here he is, on the left side of the doors to the hospital. He hasn't left yet, but he will. Soon. In a minute. ]

[Action B; 1488 Kramden Road]
[ He's just gonna rest on the bed for a while. Get some sleep, at least a little.

He only gets as far as the couch in the livingroom though, but that's good enough. ]


[Action C; The park; late afternoon to evening.]
[ Though staying put would probably be the best thing for him to do right now, he can't. He's up and about again. Walking around and... doing his best to concentate on that rather than the pain numbing his hands.

Now you'll find him either
1) walking around quite aimlessly
2) Sitting on a bench and seemingly 'staring' at the ground
3) sitting on the ground, leaning his back against a tree. 'Staring' at his feet this time though. Considering his bangs, you won't tell that there's no eyes there anymore. ]

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19 January 2012 @ 08:54 pm
genius prince 14  
[Action A; school]

[ Well what do you know? There's a prince actually there today. He doesn't find classes very fun though. You read such easy stuff in high school? He hadn't had any idea what you read when, since he had been home-schooled when he lived in his home-country, and once joining Varia...well, let's just say he hasn't exactly attended school (beside that one time at Namimori middle) before. And yes, this was all too easy, and so it didn't interest him.

So during break he's gonna go mess with people. And it seems like one of those people is you. ]

Aren't you looking good~ Want me to make you prettier~?

[ He's playing with a knife here, right in front of your face, as he drapes an arm around your shoulders. ]

[Action B; school; during last period]

[ Yep, skipping last period now, in favour of checking out the school while most people is in class. Out of place? Sure, since he's having some bloodsplatters on his face, hands and shirt that he hasn't bothered to wash off. He went off and found a lone drone-kid a while ago, killing her out of sight. That had been fun! Made the time in school a bit more entertaining. You skipping as well? Then you'll probably run into him.

Are you gonna talk to him? Or try to run, maybe? If you do the latter, he's gonna come after you. ]

[Action C; the park; after school]
[ He's bored again. So now, he's lying flat on the ground (snow? who cares.) in a snow angel he's made earlier when he got there, staring up at the bare branches sbove his head, and the sky seen between them. But you're not seeing that, of course. Question is, do you think he's sleeping or not? Only one way to find out. ]

(ooc: snow can't be gone already, right? or is it? I live in scandinavia, where winter tend to last.)