01 June 2012 @ 02:07 pm
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[ACTION: Music Store]

-Well, mostly outside, anyways. Kyouko seems to have strapped on a guitar and grabbed an amplifier. As in stolen. And is just walking out the door with it and the drones be damned. If they want to step up, they'll get an ear-blistering echo wave for their trouble. Approach her and see what's up?-

[ACTION: Mayfield High, as school is letting out]

-Kyouko has set up her amp and guitar, and utilizing the power of her echoes, she has set up an entire band.-


-And she begins to play and sing. Enjoy the free show.-
15 February 2012 @ 11:42 am
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[ Action : 436 Peepers St. : Early Morning ]
I swear I parked it right here... )

[ Phone : Open : Later ]
[ Greetings, Mayfield! You are joining a conversation already in progress. The first voice that pipes up is that of a young lady who sounds very much alive, if very confused. The latter is a younger, perkier girl who has been doing some (read: LOTS) of explaining. ]
—now I just talk into it?
Uh huh, uh huh! Just talk into it and people will talk back!
...how do I hand it to them to let them talk?
You don't need to. The sound travels through the phone. Kinda like one of my echo chambers.
I don't know how those work.

Just trust me, okay? Sound is my specialty.
I trust you but it just seems weird --- aaa!
[ A clatter as the receiver is dropped onto the table, but it doesn't disconnect. ]
... Do you want me to handle introducing you, Yoshika?
I think so. This is all too weird. Too weird!!
[ A sigh. The receiver is picked up once more. ]
Hello everyone! This is Kyouko Kasodani reporting from... apparently my new house! My friend from home is here, though! Her name is Yoshika Miyako! So be sure to give her a friendly Good Morning, okay?
[ From the background: ] Good morning people I can't see!
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[ Action : Around Town ]
[ Yoshika is taking her newly whole body for a test drive!

Literally. If she was any less adept at walking normally and keeping her arms down, she would need a "Student Driver" sign tacked onto her forehead. Or any kind of sign. It's kind of unusual, not having a slip of paper dangling between her eyes perpetually. She is half wondering how she did so for what seems like such a long time (though it really wasn't), and now, how she is going to live without it.

She's shuffling around rather stiffly, and occasionally just sort of hops for no discernible reason. She's so focused on this that she doesn't see who, or what, she might run into. A person, a stop sign, a parked car.

And when she does, she loudly exclaims: ]
Ow! Why did that hurt?!

((OOC: Please put a note if your character is affected by or carrying along the scent of any particular kind of flower(s) for the event. I am open to absolutely everything, even violent stuff! Yoshika will just be an oblivious derp about it all, but she may try to bite characters who get violent.))