07 August 2012 @ 06:08 am
Noodle Pack 16: Sometimes being responsible means doing the most embarrassing things  
Action A | Outside 1449 Mitchell Road | Open to all

[This morning there's a long, rectangular package by the Gumshoe mailbox! Seeing this, Gumshoe recalls a previous letter and grabs it from a top a nearby end table to open them together. He checks the mailbox, and surprise surprise, there's a third small package in there! It's like Christmas!

Gumshoe opens the envelope first to see what it contains and finds it empty.]

Huh... Well that was anticlimactic...

[Suddenly there's a loud clang sound and Gumshoe jumps slightly as he looks at his driveway, where the sound came from. There, sitting on the pavement, is a typical squad car. Sort of. It's in terrible shape, the front caved in and hood stuck open, as well as two of the tires flat and no hubcaps. It obviously has met a wall or pole of some sort. And it did not end well.]

Now what is that...oh. Okay. I remember that now.

[And as if recalling the memory triggers something, Gumshoe rubs his head as he picks up the longer box and opens it. Inside he finds the frequency detector he built.]

Well this sure brings back memories!! ...I wonder what I'd find if I sweeped Mayfield? Maybe later. Let's see what's in the last one!

[Gumshoe gets out the last package and starts to unwrap it. It's kinda odd, it's pretty small. And the package is rather soft, like it's just covering a plastic bag. If he didn't know any better, Gumshoe would think it's something you got out of a vending machine.

And indeed, as that thought hits him, he finally shakes free from the package half of a specially made Swiss Roll. Gumshoe can only just stare.]

Phone | Shortly after A | Not filtered at all

Um, Kay, you there? You wouldn't believe what I got in the mail today...

Action B | In and around the Pharmacy | Late afternoon

[Gumshoe feels, with what he has to do tonight, that some preparations are in order, and that is why he is buying something at the pharmacy.

He doesn't look too happy about it. In fact, he looks downright embarrassed about it. Gumshoe isn't really the secretive type, but the entire trip he makes to, inside, and back home from the pharmacy has him looking shifty the entire time. Looking around to make sure no one is around, tucking the small brown bag under his arm in his coat, and him shuffling along with his head down all suggests he's doing something he doesn't want others to see him doing. Do you approach?]

((OOC note 1: Please mention if you are approaching Gumshoe as he goes to, comes from, or is inside the Pharmacy.))

Action C | Inside 1449 Mitchell Road | Mostly for housemates, but certain exceptions can be made

[So. Almost time now. Gumshoe left notes for James and Sirius, even gave a heads up to Margot and Rita if they wanted to sit in on this, though he's not sure if he can handle this if they do. Either way, he figures it's his duty as their temporary father to do this. He's got the bag from the pharmacy on a nearby table, he's got the appropriate fruit on hand if needed. He can do this. It might be embarrassing as hell, but it probably would be best to do this now. Especially when Mayfield might pull that Summer event it has in the past.

Gumshoe's skills might be in question sometimes, but he is a detective. He found out a few details (after the fact) about Jame's date. And again, with the possibility of Mayfield shenanigans approaching, Gumshoe feels the sooner he gets this done, the better.

So that's why he's sitting in the living room facing the couch, psyching himself up for when James and Sirius arrive.

Gumshoe is getting ready to give them "The Talk."]

((OOC note 2: This is general for the housemates, but certain characters are invited to chime in if they wish! Character tags will be added for this prompt as needed.))
17 June 2012 @ 09:39 pm
゜゚*❀*゚ ゜ Two  
.: In the Kitchen of 1485 Kramden :.

[Breakfast this time is not a disaster, and nothing has been caught in fire. There is no ominous smoke escaping the window and the backdoor. In fact, the small room is even fragrant with the smell of freshly baked goods and just prepared coffee. It's perhaps too much for two people to enjoy. Lily has yet to meet her darling father and the head of the household, but it doesn't mean that she can't be appreciative of him, anyway.

You might be tempted to peek through the wide open window, if inclined. There is certainly enough to share, especially if you happen to be a lucky man today.

The actual taste of the meal is another matter, of course.]

.: Outside Grey ABC, the liquor store :.

[There's been some complications with the actual act of acquiring an honest to God innocent, if alcoholic Father's Day present from the store. Lily, for one thing, is underage in this town. She's fuming outside, quietly, after being yelled at to leave the first four times.]

This wouldn't have happened if I were home.