12 July 2012 @ 10:35 pm
Dai San Wa ☆  
1. [ 436 PEEPERS STREET | Morning ]

[ Woah, Yukko got something in the mail? Awesome!  It's like Christmas in July! 

She quickly swipes the package addressed to her and begins to claw at it frantically. Oh boy oh boy, she wonders what's inside! Finally she manages to get the tape off and throws the cover off to reveal -

A can of wasabi.


[ And Yukko feels really crappy now. It's like receiving a can of wasabi has just ruined her entire day. Or it could be that this whole experience has been a drag and the wasabi just broke the camel's back. She's doesn't even know anymore.

All she knows is that the best thing to do when you're depressed is to stuff your face with food.

Several Prompts under the Cut.  )

3. [ BURGER BONANZA | Afternoon]

[ Yukko has finally arrived at the fast food joint. She has taken a booth by herself.

Along with the wasabi, Yukko has also received a package her summer uniform, a white outfit with blue stripes and a tie. She does not look all that happy about it though. She has her elbows propped on the table, holding her head up with her hands. She's ordered plenty of food, enough burgers to last her an entire week but she doesn't seem to want to eat any of it.

...  [ Sigh. ] It's not the saaaame.

4. [ PHONE ]

Because Yukko is behind with all the recent shenanigans. )
19 June 2012 @ 11:01 am
Dai Ni Wa ☆  
1. [ AROUND TOWN | Morning, backdated to Father's day ]
[ Hello male hooman/nothooman. It's not going to matter who you are, what you are doing, what you look like, whatever. If you are a male, and you have stepped out into public, Yukko will find you.

And she will come up to you.

Selamat Pagiiii! [ Tee hee hee ] Whatcha dooiin'?

[ This is your fault, you've brought this upon yourself. You should have booked it the moment you saw her. ]

[ Yukko can't avoid work forever. She's been trying to put it off for as long as possible, but it is only enivitable that she ends up using all of her sick days. So what's a girl to do?

Yukko used roller skates when she was a little kid! She assumes it's like riding a bike. Once you learn it, there's no way you can just forget! So as much as she doesn't want to put on the waitress garb, she's certainly going to be energetic about it!

So what will Yukko eventually learn during her first day on the job?

... she's secretly awful at this. )

What is there to do in this town?

[ Asked in the most whiney voice possible. ]

Work sucks, but I've got nothing else to do when I take off sick! I don't wanna sit at home... There's no internet...
07 June 2012 @ 09:06 am
Dai Ichi Wa ☆  
1. [ 436 PEEPERS | Starting House, morning ]
Gosh this intro is pretty long! )

2. [ HIGH SCHOOL...? | Daytime ]
[ Okay, yeah, Yukko is still freaking out by the time she runs out the door. And by running, Yukko is actually zooming down the street as fast as she can. Speedy Gonzales ain't got nothing on her.


Wait. Isn't school out for the summer?

Yes. Yes it is.

Cut for several sub-prompts! )

3. [ AROUND TOWN | EARLY AFTERNOON, open to everyone ]
[ ... and of course after Yukko realizes that school is out, she can't find her way back. Everything looks the same, how could she ever find it?

Yukko is thinking that, maybe, if she keeps wandering around aimlessly, the house will suck her in like a blackhole. Even though she isn't sure how that would even work...

So Yukko's going to be wandering around town, anxious, excited, lost and painfully alone.

Do your worst Mayfield.

4. [ PHONE ]

So, it's summer vacation? Great time to be brought here, huh? It could be worse - they could have brought me in during exams! Ha ha, just kidding! But I guess this is kinda cool! The longer I'm out of school, the better!

[ Yes because this totally makes up for getting kidnapped... sob. ]