23 July 2012 @ 03:36 pm
Are you on the other side of this blue sky (Backdated to just after the carnival)  
|A: 846 Goldberg|

[Silence has been fretting for days over the largely unexplained disappearance of both Crowe and Lucas, who are indisputably the most important people to him in the town...as well as the vanishing (through droning, which is at least a familiar occurrence in Mayfield) of several other people he's more distantly fond of. He'd heard the messages over the phones, even if he couldn't answer them, and knows they were spirited away to some other place...though that hadn't really eased his worry at all.

Today, however, Lucas has returned, and it's to be hoped that Crowe has as well. He has the wisdom and patience not to bolt off to the boy's house immediately upon discovering Lucas safe in his bed, however; if Crowe has a similar idea of coming to him, they might wind up missing each other, or winding up having to hold their reunion in the middle of a street somewhere. Better to wait and see.]

|B: Outside|

[...though he's impatient enough to at least go outside to the walk, which is where he discovers several envelopes and a long, thin package from the town in his mailbox. This is a welcome distraction from his anxiousness, so he tears them open curiously right where he is. The package's contents are unsurprising but highly welcome - his beautiful saber, which (after a quick visual inspection of the blade) he promptly slides into his belt. The envelopes contain scraps of paper, the names of familiar spells written on them, and Silence smiles. He knows what that means by now...and they happen to be some of the more useful spells in his repertoire, at that.]
20 May 2012 @ 12:57 pm
Shhh no one sees me breaking hiatus briefly to backtag prom  
[1247 Williams]

[Silence has never been droned before for any length of time; when he wakes up to find that over a week has passed since he last remembers anything, he's more than a little unsettled. But that unease quickly gets replaced by startled alarm; he was aware of the slowly encroaching date of prom before his droning, but 'slowly encroaching' has turned into 'suddenly here'. Prom is tonight, and he and Crowe had every intention of going together...and he doubts Crowe has missed his being droned, so either his boyfriend has assumed the date is off, or he's made other plans. (The latter Silence doesn't think particularly likely, not from Crowe, but he has to be prepared to accept any eventuality when he'd disappeared for over a week.)

He outright skips work for the day, a first for him, and busies himself with a flurry of preparations. His and Crowe's first real date was a dance, and they don't come often in Mayfield; he has no intention of missing any of these dances that he can help.

So, by the time evening rolls around - fairly early evening; Silence wants to give Crowe time to get ready, since he'll be springing this on him - he's knocking on Crowe's door, immaculately dressed and holding a...well, slightly gaudily oversized flower for Crowe's jacket lapel. Silence normally has exquisite (if outdated) fashion sense, but when it comes to flowers, butterfly proclivities take precedence a bit.]
14 April 2012 @ 01:18 am
Make me feel like someone else  
Action - 747 Partridge

[Silence knows something is wrong immediately, because he wakes up lying on his back. This is normally all but impossible with his wings, due to the intense discomfort it causes, but he's perfectly comfortable...which means his wings are gone. It's not the first time he's woken up this way, but it's certainly the first time in a long while.

Also, he feels...alive. Mystics are, technically, dead, and he's been a mystic for centuries so the difference is certainly noticeable. The town has rescinded all their regains before this on at least one occasion, so for a moment that's what he thinks has happened...

Until he raises a hand to his face and realizes the hand doesn't seem that familiar. Or the face he's touching. And that the hair seems to be styled differently when he runs a hand through it.

What on earth...?

He heads straight for the bathroom and actually spends a few long seconds staring at himself in the mirror, utterly nonplussed. This is...definitely one of the stranger tricks the town has played, and he doesn't quite know what to do about it.

It takes a minute or two, but then...a thought occurs. His own body has no voice; but Ken's never had a problem talking. Does that mean...]

Can I speak...?

[The hesitant words actually come out of his mouth, the vibration in his throat almost startling to someone who's never felt such a thing before. To say nothing of the sound of his own - well, Ken's voice, but it's Silence that's saying them. He's utterly fascinated, his heart beating faster in his chest, and all other thoughts and concerns fly out the window for awhile. Residents of 747 Partridge - whether permanent or having been unexpectedly dumped here today as Silence has been - may be able to hear Ken's voice simply talking to himself in tones of awe in the bathroom.]


[It takes awhile, but Silence eventually gets over his own amazement to go to the phone, giddy with the realization that for the first time in his entire life, he can actually use one. Anyone who knows Ken's voice may recognize it...though has Ken always had that gentle French accent...?]

Crowe? Lucas? Are you there? Are you all right? It's Silence. I've been put into someone else's body, and he has a voice. [This is fairly obvious, but Silence is taking almost any excuse to simply listen to himself say things right now. And while he's trying to keep his voice calm and even, there may be a hint of barely suppressed excitement in that statement.] Has anything happened to either of you? Where are you?

Ken, if you're listening...I don't know if you're in my body, but if you are, come to your house and meet me. I know you can't answer. [He pauses briefly.] Please be careful with my wings. And...try not to bite anyone. Despite what my body's instincts may be, it isn't necessary.