30 November 2012 @ 08:26 pm
Rikastel ))  
Warning: Rika sanity breaking )

[ Phone ]
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16 June 2012 @ 01:53 pm
scheming ♥  
[ action ♥ Around Town ]
[ Rika's alone. Aside from her drone family, she is completely and utterly alone in this house. So with Father's Day coming up, she is actually quite miserable. After retreating to her dollhouse and setting up some dolls, Rika leaves her house to escape the drone environment. Feeling completely bitter. She doesn't want to celebrate Father's Day. Not if it's about her drone father. She walks around with a scowl, for once struggling to hide how miserable she is.  ]
I don't care about any of that... This isn't the father I want to be celebrating. [ In a rare moment of Rika anger, she kicks a rock against a tree. But even that doesn't help. All she wants to do now is cry, as she finds a bush to duck behind while she wipes her eyes. ] There is no reason to miss them. I have no reason to miss them!

[ phone ♥ ]
[ And, after venting some steam, Rika is here for a cheerful afternoon phone call. It's as if her grouchiness never happened. ]
mi~i! Good afternoon! Is everyone enjoying their summer vacation? Now that school is out we have very much more free time!
[ She coughes. Oh no! Rika is apparently sick! ] I had wanted to hand out some cookies I have baked to all of the households tomorrow and ask for donations for a summer activity I would like to do...

[ Cough cough! It might be noted that Rika is very good at pretending she's sick. ]

But I do not feel wonderful anymore... Would anyone be willing to help hand out the cookies in my place? I made them yesterday, so they are not infected, but they will stop being super delicious if I wait too long... Could maybe a strong boy deliver them around town and ask for donations in my place? I will appreciate it most greatly.
13 May 2012 @ 02:36 pm
Most Wonderful Time of the Year ☆  
[ It's that time of the year again! Rika woke up excited, ready to spend her day getting stuff done at the expense of boys. She loves Mother's Day! ]

[ Phone ☆ ]
mi~i! Good afternoon, everyone! I am sorry to bother you, but I am going to be selling lemonade today! I would very much appreciate it if you would come by 1762 Beaver Street and buy some lemonade from me! I hope to earn some money to establish a Games Club in Mayfield, so please do not hesitate to buy lots and lots of lemonade!

[ Action ☆ Grocery Store ]
[ Rika was sad to see her family full of drones, but at least the drone dad is good for something. She has a lot of money and can be seen wandering around the grocery store in search of lemonade mix and plastic cups. If you're a boy and you're spotted, Rika will look over at you with a pitiful expression. ]
Mi-... I wonder if I will be able to carry all of this... I wish someone would help me. [ That' your cue. ]

[ Action ☆ Outside 1762 Beaver Street ]
[ And as she said in the phone call, Rika sets up a lemonade stand by the lawn. She's got plenty of lemonade to offer and will wave cheerily to anyone who passe by. Particularly those of the male variety. ]
Good day to you, sir! Please come buy some lemonade! [ The prices are even reasonable! But that's because Rika expects a good turn out. ]