13 February 2012 @ 09:29 pm
Kill Six: Iris : I'm not a mean person, I just get paid to do mean things  
[Tex isn't really one for flowers, so when they appear in the house she just throws them out. Only they appear again.

And again. Deciding if the town wanted to decorate her house so much, she left them after the ninth attempt of getting rid of them. Two involving fire and bullets.

She's writing notes down in the room, just ignoring everything while she works. ....flowers smell nice...She finds herself reaching for the phone without even realizing it.]


So I don't usually say crap like this but I guess I should prove that I'm not as mean as I seem all the time. Thanks for putting up with me and being a friend Ken. You too Elsa.

I'd tell Caboose that too if the idiot was still here. They're all idiots. Tucker, Church, Caboose. But they're my idiots I guess.

And yeah. Church isn't that bad of a boyfriend. Even if he is....Church. I guess you could say I love the moron.....

[And here we....go]

....The Hell am I saying this? Fuck!

[And the phone is slammed down.]


Tex is in the park. Shooting bottles. Yeah there's a firing range, yeah it's safer there. Fuck off. Or at least....try not to get in the way as she fires and knocks a bottle down. Muttering all the time about idiots and flowers.]